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Welcome to the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ Truck Stop Locator

Looking for that "truck stop near [insert here]", or that "truck stop in [you name it]", we can help! Not only that, we will find you the cheapest truck stop!

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Unsure if it's worth your time to try out? View a sample of what is returned from a truck stop search. If you would rather manually search our truck stop database, feel free to find a truck stop by state/province, find a truck stop by chain affiliation, or find a truck stop by interstate. We also have a nice list of transportation industry websites that you are free to browse through.

We have 7265 truck stops in our database. We last checked truck stop web sites on 07/12/24 at 22:00 MT (Idaho). At this time, we retrieved fuel prices for 14 truck stops, at an average price of $3.75 per gallon (low=$3.499 , high=$4.199 ). We also have 1723 rest areas, 509 ports of entry, and 1730 stores with overnight parking (including Walmart).

Ready To Find A Truck Stop?
To get started, enter an origin city and state, a destination city and state, choose your sort order, and press the Search button.
Omitting the destination will return every truck stop within a 100 mile radius of the origin.
If you are taking a route other than what we return, enter a Via city to change to your routing.
You may omit city and state and just enter the zip code.
Check the "Allow No Fuel" box to also see truck / RV friendly stores, rest areas, and more.

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Advanced Query: Plan trips and save queries with selected fuel stops.
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About the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ Truck Stop Locator

This free tool lists the cheapest diesel fuel prices at truck stops between any two points in the United States, or every truck stop in a 100 mile radius around a specified city. You can follow the link from the truck stop results to a page with the amenities, map, and other details for the truck stop.

Interested in helping us promote this tool, and make it even better? Read how you can be a friend to the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

Mobile phone users that are familiar with how this tool works may try out our mobile optimized version, although it's still in beta testing mode.

FuelFinder Lite (beta): Also try the "Lite" version of FuelFinder designed for easier use with mobile devices.

We regularly monitor the diesel fuel prices at Flying J, Pilot, Loves, TA, and many more national truck stop chains, as well as hundreds of independents.

Are you a truck stop that wants to be added to the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™? It's free for you, too. Create a truck stop account to get started.

Is there a truck stop that you frequent that is not listed in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™? No problem, registered users may suggest a truck stop to be added.

We have launched a new TruckMaster® Fuel Finder blog, where you can leave feedback on the fuel finder, and suggest new features you'd like to see. Subscribe via email or RSS Feed RSS Feed to keep yourself updated!

We've provided the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator to you at no charge. Why?

  1. We want you, as a part of the trucking industry, to succeed. To that end we will help you by finding you the cheapest diesel fuel prices available at the truck stops we monitor.
  2. We would like you to take a look at TruckMaster® trucking software while you're here. If we can help you save money by finding you the cheapest truck stop, think what we can do if you were using all of our trucking software products!

A more powerful version of this free fuel optimization tool is included in the TruckMaster® 2000 Trucking Software system. It also allows you to email or send via mobile communication device the cheapest fuel stops directly to your truck, in the same click as sending dispatch information. Via macro-equipped mobile communications device, a driver may at any point request a fuel solution listing the cheapest truck stops for his assigned route.

We have other features that we are looking at implementing in the future for this free fuel optimizer tool to make it even easier to find the right truck stop, as well as other tools that we feel would be important to you. We welcome your suggestions and comments. While you are here, check out what the industry is saying about this new free fuel optimizer.

Bookmark this site and check back often! We have also added a page with easy methods of linking to the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ free fuel Optimization tool from your web site, if you are so inclined. Linking to us will assure that you will be able to find the cheapest truck stop at any time, even if you cannot find our ad again! Please visit our favorite transportation industry websites page, where you are sure to find some valuable information.

After using this free fuel optimizer tool a few times, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take a minute and answer a few questions on our survey, and let us know what you think of the tool, and what you think we could make better. You don't need to supply personal information unless you choose to. We rely on your input to determine the priority of new features that we will add.


The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ fuel optimization tool is offered for free as a courtesy to the trucking industry. While the free fuel optimizer information provided is derived from sources deemed reliable, TruckMaster® Logistics Systems, Inc. does not guaranty its accuracy. TruckMaster® Logistics Systems, Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that the data supplied by the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator is suitable for any particular purpose, or that it is up to date or correct.

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How The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder Amenity Score Works

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder amenity score gives you a "high level" method of favoring truck stops that have the amenities that you indicate you are looking for. We have collected a multitude of data points for each truck stop, and grouped those data points into categories so that it is not cumbersome for you to use.

The score returned will be from 0-100, where 0 indicates that we do not show any of your desired amenities for that truck stop, and 100 indicates that we found every possible amenity in the categories you selected.

While we are beta testing this new feature, always be sure to click on the link for the listed truck stop to ensure that the specific amenity you desire is listed on their page.

Here is a complete list of TruckMaster® Fuel Finder Amenity Categories, and the data points under each category.

The truck stop chains we currently have implemented amenity searching for are:

The others are coming soon, but in the meantime will always show 0 for the amenity score.

* Although we still cannot provide diesel pricing for these truck stops. You must search with the "Allow Missing Cost" option checked.

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Diesel Fuel Price Providers
Truck Stops By Chain Affiliation

The following truck stops are included in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator diesel fuel prices database. Each truck stop posts its prices on their web site, which allows us to keep our overhead down for this free fuel optimizer tool.

If you own or manage a truck stop that is not listed, TruckMaster® can add you, and give you access to a secure website where you can update your prices as often as you would like. We do not charge you for this service. Contact TruckMaster® to get started.

* Although we still cannot provide diesel pricing for these truck stops. You must search with the "Allow Missing Cost" option checked.

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Coming Soon

The following are features that we are either working on, or are slated to be added to the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ free fuel optimization and truck stop locator tool over the coming months, so that we can make it even easier for you to find the cheapest truck stop:

  • The ability for users to send us their daily fuel purchases. Contributions will be anonymous, and will allow us to have a larger pool of stops to choose from. You can help us locate the cheapest fuel prices at the fuel stops you utilize
  • Accepted fuel card information (the fuel card systems accepted by listed truck stops)

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What The Industry Is Saying About The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ tool for finding truck stops

We'll be posting links to industry articles about the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ free fuel optimization tool as we're alerted to their existence.
Want to have a link to your article on this page? Drop TruckMaster® a line!

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Regions Covered By The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder
Truck Stops By State/Province

United States Canada
(AL) Alabama Truck Stops(MT) Montana Truck Stop(AB) Alberta Truck Stops
(AK) Alaska Truck Stops(NE) Nebraska Truck Stop(BC) British Columbia Truck Stops
(AZ) Arizona Truck Stops(NV) Nevada Truck Stop(MB) Manitoba Truck Stops
(AR) Arkansas Truck Stops(NH) New Hampshire Truck Stop(NB) New Brunswick Truck Stops
(CA) California Truck Stops(NJ) New Jersey Truck Stop(NL) Newfoundland Truck Stops
(CO) Colorado Truck Stops(NM) New Mexico Truck Stop(NT) Northwest Territories Truck Stops
(CT) Connecticut Truck Stops(NY) New York Truck Stop(NS) Nova Scotia Truck Stops
(DE) Delaware Truck Stops(NC) North Carolina Truck Stop(NU) Nunavut Truck Stops
(DC) District Of Columbia Truck Stops(ND) North Dakota Truck Stop(ON) Ontario Truck Stops
(FL) Florida Truck Stops(OH) Ohio Truck Stop(PE) Prince Edward Island Truck Stops
(GA) Georgia Truck Stops(OK) Oklahoma Truck Stop(QC) Quebec Truck Stops
(ID) Idaho Truck Stops(OR) Oregon Truck Stop(SK) Saskatchewan Truck Stops
(IL) Illinois Truck Stops(PA) Pennsylvania Truck Stop(YT) Yukon Truck Stops
(IN) Indiana Truck Stops(RI) Rhode Island Truck Stop
(IA) Iowa Truck Stops(SC) South Carolina Truck Stop
(KS) Kansas Truck Stops(SD) South Dakota Truck Stop
(KY) Kentucky Truck Stops(TN) Tennessee Truck Stop
(LA) Louisiana Truck Stops(TX) Texas Truck Stop
(ME) Maine Truck Stops(UT) Utah Truck Stop
(MD) Maryland Truck Stops(VT) Vermont Truck Stop
(MA) Massachusetts Truck Stops(VA) Virginia Truck Stop
(MI) Michigan Truck Stops(WA) Washington Truck Stop
(MN) Minnesota Truck Stops(WV) West Virginia Truck Stop
(MS) Mississippi Truck Stops(WI) Wisconsin Truck Stop
(MO) Missouri Truck Stops(WY) Wyoming Truck Stop
**(HI) Hawaii not included at this time

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Interstates With Truck Stops
Truck Stops By Interstate/Highway

I-15 NI-240I-376I-456I-565I-680I-78I-84
I-15 SI-244I-380I-465I-57I-684I-787I-85

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