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Truck Stops In California

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These are the California truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ allows you to find truck stops by route, state/province, interstate, or affiliation, and returns you current prices, amenities, maps, reviews, and much more.

These truck stop listings are brought to you courtesy of TruckMaster®, providing industry leading trucking software solutions since 1990.

Costs per gallon are in US dollars, and are for ULSD where available. Click on the hyperlink to view more information on the California truck stop.

NameAddressCity, STCPG PkSpRating
Jahant Food & FuelHwy99 Ex 271Acampo, CA  Rate It!
Acton Unocal 76 Truck StopHwy14 & Crown ValleyActon, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationHwy14NActon, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHighway 299 & 139Adin, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS395 & 8th StAlturas, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 110a (S Harbor Blvd)Anaheim, CA  Rate It!
Handi Spot MarketI-5 Ex 668Anderson, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101Arroyo Grande, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5N MM 608Artois, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 608Artois, CA  Rate It!
Vally Pacific PetroleumUS101 Ex 218a (Santa Rosa Rd)Atascadero, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 120Auburn, CA  Rate It!
Hillcrest Travel PlazaI-5 Ex 319 (CA269)Avenal, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5NAvenal, CA  Rate It!
A-Z Gas StationAzusa, CA  Rate It!
Rasor Road ServicesI-15 Ex 233 (Rasor Rd)Baker, CA  Rate It!
Bandit ValeroI-15 Ex 245 (Baker Bvd N)Baker, CA  Rate It!
Baker ShellI-15 Ex 245 (Baker Blvd)Baker, CA  Rate It!
Kens TowingI-15N Ex 246 (Hwy127) Or I-15S Ex 248Baker, CA  Rate It!
Flying J #613CA99 Ex 39 (Merced Ave)Bakersfield, CA 250Rate It!
Bruce's Truck StopHwy58 & Hwy184Bakersfield, CA 1404 of 10
Valero #3074Hwy99 Ex 26Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Bear Mountain Truck StopHwy99 Ex 13 (Hwy223)Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Mikuls Pumpkin Center Truck TerminalHwy99 Ex 18 (Hwy119)Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
24/Seven Travel PlazaHwy58 & Weedpatch HwyBakersfield, CA 200Rate It!
Kimber Renegade ShellHwy58 Ex 117 (Hwy184)Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Flyers EnergyHwy99 Ex 3 (Hwy166)Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideBakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 Ex 3Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy99 Ex 21Bakersfield, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-10EBanning, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-10WBanning, CA  Rate It!
Flying J #614I-15 Ex 178Barstow, CA 171Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #282I-15 Ex 178 (Lenwood Rd)Barstow, CA 30Rate It!
TA Barstow #227I-15 Ex 178 (Lenwood Rd)Barstow, CA 3038 of 10
Arc Tires & Repair & TowingI-15N Ex 181 Or I-15S/Barstow Rd/Hwy247Barstow, CA  Rate It!
A&B Desert Truck WashI-15 Ex 181Barstow, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-10WBeaumont, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-710 Ex 13 (Firestone Blvd)Bell, CA  Rate It!
ChevronI-710 Ex 15Bell Gardens, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 656Bend, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-680 Ex 60Benicia, CA  Rate It!
Golden Gate PetroliumI-680 Ex 61 (E 2nd St)Benicia, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy299 & Sawmill & Bieber Dump RdBieber, CA  Rate It!
Hi country MarketHwy395Big Pine, CA  Rate It!
Big Pine ShellHwy395Big Pine, CA  Rate It!
Bishop Shell CarwashHwy395Bishop, CA  Rate It!
Inyo Shell Y-MartUS6 & US395Bishop, CA  Rate It!
TJ's MarketUS6N & Brown Subdivision RDBishop, CA  5 of 10
Pacific PrideUS6/US395Bishop, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRiverside & IndustrialBloomington, CA  Rate It!
B&B Travel CenterI-10 Ex 232 (Mesa Dr)Blythe, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-10W/US95WBlythe, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #200US395 & US58Boron, CA 50Rate It!
Way StationHwy395 & Hwy58Boron, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy58E MM 195Boron, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaSR58W MM 195Boron, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy111/Hwy78Brawley, CA  Rate It!
G G Petroleum/F J Cardlock #936CA4Brentwood, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy20 & Marysville RdBrowns Valley, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS395NBuntingville, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS395SBuntingville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy 299E & SonomaBurney, CA  Rate It!
Buttonwillow Travel CenterI-5 Ex 257 (Hwy58)Buttonwillow, CA 1707 of 10
E Z Trip Auto Truck StopI-5 Ex 253Buttonwillow, CA  Rate It!
Speedy FuelI-5 Ex 257 (Hwy58)Buttonwillow, CA  Rate It!
Jeffries Oasis I-5I-5 Ex 257 (CA58 W)Buttonwillow, CA  Rate It!
Cabazon Truck StopI-10 Ex 106 (Main St)Cabazon, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-15SCajon, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-15N MM 129Cajon, CA  Rate It!
USA Gasoline #870Hwy7Calexico, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy111Calipatria, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-15NCamp Irwin, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-15SCamp Irwin, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5N MM 59Camp Pendleton, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 59Camp Pendleton, CA  Rate It!
Golden Acorn Casino & T/CI-8 Ex 61 (Old Hwy80)Campo, CA  Rate It!
Palomar ShellI-5 Ex 47 (Palomar Rd W)Carlsbad, CA  Rate It!
Carson Mini Truck StopHwy91 & MainCarson, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #372I-5 Ex 176b (Lake Hughes)Castaic, CA 50Rate It!
Castaic Truck StopI-5 Ex 176a (Parker Rd)Castaic, CA  10 of 10
Weigh StationI-5N MM 170Castaic Junction, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy140Catheys Valley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideLassen & MasonChatsworth, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideChester, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy36Chester, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideChico, CA  Rate It!
Hallelujah Junction MarketUS395 & CA70Chilcoot, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy46Cholame, CA  Rate It!
Ahmed'sHwy99 Ex 167Chowchilla, CA  Rate It!
Red Top Truck StopHwy152 & Rd4Chowchilla, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideChowchilla, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationHwy99NChowchilla, CA  Rate It!
World Petrol-Cali MartI-805 Ex 3Chula Vista, CA  Rate It!
Lucky's Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 165Cisco Grove, CA 30Rate It!
Coachella Travel CenterI-10 Ex 146 (Dillon Rd)Coachella, CA 2053 of 10
Love's Travel StopI-10 Ex 146Coachella, CA  Rate It!
Indio Truck StopI-10 Ex 146 (Hwy86) & Ave48Coachella, CA  Rate It!
Jayne Travel CenterI-5 Ex 325 (W Jayne Ave)Coalinga, CA  Rate It!
Valley Colton Truck StopI-10 Ex 71 (Sperry)Colton, CA  3 of 10
Royal Truck StopI-10 Ex 73a (Waterman South)Colton, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideColusa, CA  Rate It!
Commerce Truck StopI-710 Ex 20Commerce, CA  Rate It!
Speedy FuelI-710/Washington Blv Ex 17cCommerce, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideCorcoran, CA  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #410I-5 Ex 630Corning, CA 155Rate It!
Corning Travel CenterI-5 Ex 630 (South Ave)Corning, CA 2547 of 10
PetroI-5 Ex 630 (South Ave)Corning, CA 120Rate It!
Rolling Hills ChevronI-5 Ex 628Corning, CA  3 of 10
Pacific PrideCorona, CA  Rate It!
Cross Country Travel CenterI-5 Ex 662Cottonwood, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 662 (Bowman Rd)Cottonwood, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5SCottonwood, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5NCottonwood, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101Crescent City, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS395SCrestview, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS395Crestview, CA  Rate It!
Mohsen Oil Truck StopI-15 Ex 191 (Ghost Town Rd)Daggett, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 & Mace Blvd/Chiles Rd ExitDavis, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy113 Ex 29Davis, CA  Rate It!
Akal Travel PlazaCA99N Ex 61 (Ave24) Or CA99S Ex 60 (Ave16)Delano, CA  Rate It!
Delhi Travel CenterHwy99 Ex 206Delhi, CA  Rate It!
Ramos Oil CoI-80 Ex 66 (Hwy113)Dixon, CA  Rate It!
Gill Sidhu Chevron Truck StopI-80 Ex 67 (Pedrick RD N)Dixon, CA  3 of 10
A & A Shell Food MartHwy65Ducor, CA  Rate It!
Oasis Market & Truck StopDucor, CA  2 of 10
Rest AreaUS395NDunmovin, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS395Dunmovin, CA  7 of 10
Pilot Travel Center #168I-5 Ex 554 (Rd8)Dunnigan, CA 70Rate It!
United Travel PlazaI-5 Ex 554Dunnigan, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideDurham, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 145Dutch Flat, CA  Rate It!
Big B's Travel CenterHwy99 Ex 65Earlimart, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-10WEast Blythe, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-8 & Hwy54El Cajon, CA  Rate It!
Super Stop Travel CenterI-8 Ex 115 (Hwy86)El Centro, CA  Rate It!
Truck Plaza 111I-8 Ex 118b (Hwy111)El Centro, CA  Rate It!
7-11 Food StoreI-8 Ex 115 (4th Ave)El Centro, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideEl Centro, CA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy86El Centro, CA  Rate It!
Nyack TowingI-80 Ex 156 (Nyack Rd)Emigrant Gap, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwyS14Escondido, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-15 Ex 31 (W9th Ave)Escondido, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-15 Ex 31 Or Hwy78 Ex 15Escondido, CA  Rate It!
Humbolt PetroleumUS101 & HighlandEureka, CA  Rate It!
Broadway Gas & DeliUS101Eureka, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101Eureka, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy65Exeter, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideFall River Mills, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwyS13Fallbrook, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-40E MM 106Fenner, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-40W MM 106Fenner, CA  Rate It!
MBP Truck/Auto PlazaI-5 Ex 385 (Nees Ave)Firebaugh, CA  Rate It!
Renos Mega Mart ChevronHwy33Firebaugh, CA  Rate It!
Fontana Truck Stop CenterI-10 Ex 61Fontana, CA  Rate It!
North American Truck StopI-10 Ex 61 (Cherry St)Fontana, CA  1 of 10
Three Sisters Truck StopI-10 Ex 61 (Cherry St)Fontana, CA  Rate It!
Fontana ChevronI-10 Ex 61 (Cherry N)Fontana, CA  Rate It!
Truck Town Truck & Travel PlazaI-10 Ex 61 (Cherry NW Corner)Fontana, CA  5 of 10
76 Truck StopI-10 Ex 63 (Citrus N)Fontana, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideValley BlvdFontana, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideFort Jones, CA  Rate It!
Hansen's Truck StopUS101 & Hwy36Fortuna, CA  Rate It!
Burford's Star Mart #5CA99 Ex 121 (Manning Ave)Fowler, CA  Rate It!
Frazier Park ChevronI-5 Ex 205 (Frazier Park)Frazier Park, CA  Rate It!
Bayside PropertiesI-880 Ex 15 (Automall Pkwy)Fremont, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-880N MM 14Fremont, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-880SFremont, CA  Rate It!
E-Z TripHwy99 Ex 142 (Herndon)Fresno, CA 2649 of 10
Beacon 5th Wheel Truck StopCA99N Ex 127 (Chestnut) Or CA99S Ex 127 (CentFresno, CA  Rate It!
Fleet Card Fuels FresnoHwy99 Ex 130 (Jensen Ave)Fresno, CA  Rate It!
RVJ's Truck StopCA99 Ex 127 (Chestnut/Central)Fresno, CA  Rate It!
Cal Fresno OilCA99 Ex 130 (Jensen Ave E)Fresno, CA  Rate It!
Seibert's Fuel CenterCA99 Ex 136b (Princeton Ave)Fresno, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 Ex 130Fresno, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 & Cedar AveFresno, CA  Rate It!
EZ Trip Golden StateHwy99 Ex 142 (Herndon)Fresno, CA  Rate It!
The Garlic Farm CenterHwy101 & Monterey RdGilroy, CA  Rate It!
Rotten Robbie #31US101 & CA152/Lavesley RdGilroy, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 & Leavesley RdGilroy, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5SGrapevine, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy49/Hwy20 Ex 182b/182a (Lower BannerRd)Grass Valley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 & WalnutGreenfield, CA  Rate It!
Three Js Deli & Mini MartI-5 Ex 766Grenada, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideGridley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideGrover Beach, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5NHamburg Farms, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5SHamburg Farms, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy198Hanford, CA  Rate It!
Turn OutI-8W MM 24Harbison Canyon, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80WHarry Floyd Terrace, CA  Rate It!
G/G PetroleumI-880/I-880 Ex 24n/25s (E Indust/Russ Rd)Hayward, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5 MM 786Henley, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 786Henley, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #381I-15 Ex 141 (US395)Hesperia, CA 300Rate It!
Little Sister'S Truck WashI-15 Ex 141 (US395)Hesperia, CA  Rate It!
G & J MarketI-15 Ex 147Hesperia, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy165 & American AveHilmar, CA  Rate It!
Casa de FrutaHwy152Hollister, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy166/Hwy25Hollister, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5S Ex 789Hornbrook, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideImperial, CA  Rate It!
Clark's Travel CenterI-10E Ex 139 (Indio Blvd) Or I-10W Ex 142 (InIndio, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-10E Ex 139 Or I-10W Ex 142Indio, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS101N MM 131Isla Vista, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS101S MM 131Isla Vista, CA  Rate It!
Kit's Corner StoreHwy29 & Soda Bay RdKelseyville, CA  Rate It!
Valero Truck Stop #3006I-5 Ex 309 (Hwy41)Kettleman City, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideNunes RD & 7th STKeyes, CA  Rate It!
ValeroUS101 Ex 278 (Wild Horse Rd)King City, CA  Rate It!
Shop & Go #611Hwy99 Ex 109 (Ave384)Kingsburg, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS99 Ex 109Kingsburg, CA  Rate It!
Pollard Flat USAI-5 Ex 712 (Eagles Roost Rd)Lakehead, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 705Lakehead, CA  Rate It!
Westgate PetroleumHwy29/Highland SprgLakeport, CA  Rate It!
Rotten Robbie2725S Main StLakeport, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideLakeport, CA  Rate It!
Lakeview ValeroRamona Expwy W & Lakeview AveLakeview, CA  Rate It!
Sierra Gas & ScalesLancaster, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideW Ave J & Division StLancaster, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy14 Ex 44Lancaster, CA  Rate It!
Joe's Travel PlazaI-5 Ex 463 (Lathrop Rd)Lathrop, CA  5 of 10
Flying J #616I-5 Ex 205Lebec, CA 2857 of 10
PetroI-5 Ex 219b (Laval Rd)Lebec, CA 4158 of 10
Rest AreaI-5N MM 208Lebec, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 207Lebec, CA  1 of 10
Lee Vining ChevronUS395Lee Vining, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy41 & W Brush & W DLemoore, CA  Rate It!
Lindsay Food MartHwy65Lindsay, CA  Rate It!
Pacific Petroleum/ Pacific PrideHwy20 & Market stLive Oak, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-580E Ex 56Livermore, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-580W MM 57Livermore, CA  Rate It!
Livingston Travel CenterHwy99 Ex 203 (Winton Parkway)Livingston, CA 110Rate It!
Flying J #617I-5 Ex 485 (Hwy12)Lodi, CA 187Rate It!
3B's Truck/Auto PlazaI-5 Ex 485 (Hwy12)Lodi, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 485 (Hwy12)Lodi, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 Ex 276a (Hwy12)Lodi, CA  Rate It!
Love's #538I-5 Ex 485Lodi, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideLompoc, CA  Rate It!
Harbor Truck StopI-710 Ex 2 (Hwy1)Long Beach, CA  Rate It!
Speedy FuelI-710 Ex 1Long Beach, CA  Rate It!
Long Beach Travel CenterI-710 Ex 2 (Hwy1)Long Beach, CA  Rate It!
Loren ScalesI-710 Ex 2Long Beach, CA  Rate It!
Port PetroleumI-710 Ex 1b (Pico Ave)Long Beach, CA  10 of 10
Pacific PrideI-710 Ex 2 (Hwy1)Long Beach, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy91 Ex 14aLong Beach, CA  Rate It!
Bandini Truck TerminalI-710 & BandiniLos Angeles, CA  Rate It!
Super FineI-10 Ex 15b (Alameda St)Los Angeles, CA  Rate It!
Speedy FuelI-5E Ex 133 (Grande Vista Ave)Los Angeles, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideLong Beach Ave & E 20thLOS ANGELES, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-110 Ex 13LOS ANGELES, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #154I-5 Ex 278 (Hwy46)Lost Hills, CA 70Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-5 Ex 278 (Hwy46)Lost Hills, CA  Rate It!
Lost Hills Travel CenterI-5 Ex 278 (Hwy46)Lost Hills, CA  3 of 10
Pacific PrideUS97Macdoel, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #365I-99 Ex 159 (Ave 18.5)Madera, CA 15010 of 10
Family Food MartHwy99 Ex 151 (Ave12)Madera, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy145Madera, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy99 Ex 155Madera, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy49Mariposa, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy88Martell, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMarysville, CA  Rate It!
Arco Travel PlazaHwy111 & 66th AveMecca, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy59Merced, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99/Hwy59 Ex 188/188Merced, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-680N MM 19Mission Grade, CA  Rate It!
Modesto Travel PlazaI-99 Ex 223 (E Hatch Rd)Modesto, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 Ex 222 (E Whittmore Ave)Modesto, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy132Modesto, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideModesto, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartModesto, CA  Rate It!
Speedway Travel CenterHwy14/Hwy58Mojave, CA  Rate It!
Oasis Truck StopHwy14/Hwy58Mojave, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSierra & BelshawMojave, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS97Montague, CA  Rate It!
Montebello Public ScalesI-5/Washington BlvMontebello, CA  Rate It!
ValeroI-5 Ex 128bMontebello, CA  Rate It!
Dewitt PetroleumI-5 Ex 126b (Slausen E/N on Chapin)Montebello, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMoorpark, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 & Mt Shasta BlvdMount Shasta, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5S MM 734Mt. Shasta, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #307I-10 Ex 120 (Garnet Ave/Indian Ave)N. Palm Springs, CA 80Rate It!
Southern California Truck StopI-5 Ex 10 (24th St)National City, CA  Rate It!
East Side ChevronI-40 Ex 144 (E Broadway)Needles, CA  Rate It!
Kellys Market & Chevron TruckI-40 Ex 18Newberry Springs, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 93North Highlands, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy49Oakhurst, CA  Rate It!
G G Petroleum/FJ Cardlock #9395th St & Adeline StOakland, CA  Rate It!
SF/Oakland Auto/Truck PlazaI-880 Ex 37 (E to San Leandro S)Oakland, CA  1 of 10
Golden Gate PetroleumI-880 Ex 39aOakland, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-880 & AdelineOakland, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5N MM 694Obrien, CA  Rate It!
Turn OutI-8E MM 75Ocotillo, CA  Rate It!
Olancha Mobil MartUS395Olancha, CA  Rate It!
PetroI-10E Ex 57 (Milliken Ave)Ontario, CA 559 Preferred Parking >Rate It!
Ontario West Travel CenterI-10W Ex 57 (Milliken Ave)Ontario, CA 5498 of 10
USA Fuel StopI-5 Ex 618 (South St E)Orland, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #1019I-5 Ex 619Orland, CA  Rate It!
Royal Mini Mart #2670Hwy70Oroville, CA  Rate It!
Oroville ScalesHwy70Oroville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy70 Ex 44 (Hwy162)Oroville, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-905NOtay Mesa, CA  Rate It!
Macvalley OilUS101 & Del Norte BlvdOxnard, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy232Oxnard, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-710 Ex 10 (Rosecrans Ave)Paramount, CA  Rate It!
San Paso Truck & AutoUS101Paso Robles, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 & 10thPaso Robles, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy46 & Golden Hill RdPaso Robles, CA  Rate It!
Westley Triangle Truck StopI-5 Ex 441Patterson, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePatterson, CA  Rate It!
Pearblossom ChevronHwy138Pearblossom, CA  Rate It!
Pearsonville Truck StopUS395 & N Pearson RdPearsonville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS395Pearsonville, CA  Rate It!
Penryn 76I-80 Ex 112Penryn, CA  Rate It!
Arco Travel Zone CenterI-215 & Cajalco ExpyPerris, CA  Rate It!
Riverside County Travel CenterI-215 Ex 22 (Cajalco Expwy W)Perris, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-8 Ex 51Pine Valley, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy4 Ex 23Pittsburg, CA  Rate It!
TexacoHwy99 Ex 70b (Court St)Pixley, CA  Rate It!
Bob's Truck StopHwy99 Ex 70b (Court St E)Pixley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePlacerville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePorterville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy67 & Scripps PkwyPoway, CA  Rate It!
Mikuls Pumpkin Center Truck TerminaCA99 Ex 18 (Ca119 W)Pumpkin Center, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy70/Hwy89Quincy, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy78Ramona, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRancho Cordova, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS395SRavendale, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartI-5 Ex 647bRed Bluff, CA  Rate It!
Redding Travel CenterI-5 Ex 673 (Knighton Rd)Redding, CA 196Rate It!
KC's Corner MartI-5 Ex 687 (Old Oregon Trl)Redding, CA  Rate It!
North Redding 76I-5 & N Market StRedding, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRedding, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 Ex 408Redwood City, CA  Rate It!
I-10 Truck StopI-10 Ex 68 (Riverside)Rialto, CA  Rate It!
Rialto Travel CenterI-10 Ex 68 (Riverside Ave)Rialto, CA  10 of 10
G G Petroleum/FJ Cardlock #941I-580 Ex 10b (Regatta/Erlandson)Richmond, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS395Ridgecrest, CA  Rate It!
Flying J #618Hwy99 Ex 237bRipon, CA 197Rate It!
Love's Travel StopHwy99 Ex 237bRipon, CA  Rate It!
Jimco Truck PlazaHwy99 Ex 237b (Jack Tone Rd)Ripon, CA  5 of 10
Pacific PrideHwy99Ripon, CA  Rate It!
ArcoHwy60E Ex 42 Or Hwy60W Ex 43Riverside, CA  Rate It!
MGM ShellHwy60Riverside, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideQuail & Box SpringsRiverside, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-215 Ex 33Riverside, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRocklin, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 102Roseville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80S/Eureka Rd/Taylor Rd Or I-80N Ex 105aRoseville, CA  Rate It!
Sacramento 49'er Pilot #879I-80 Ex 85Sacramento, CA 2753 of 10
Sac Valley Truck StopHwy99S/Stockton Blvd Or Hwy99N & MackSacramento, CA  1 of 10
Pacific PrideSacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS50 Ex 13Sacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 91Sacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideWatt & OsageSacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy160Sacramento, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5SSacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 Ex 233Salida, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #237US101 Ex 326 (Sanborn)Salinas, CA 75Rate It!
Valley Truck StopUS101N Ex 326 Or US101S Ex 326bSalinas, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSalinas, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideVertin & TervenSalinas, CA  Rate It!
Salton Sea Truck StopHwy86 & Marina DrSalton City, CA  Rate It!
Torres Martinez Travel CenterHwy86Salton Sea Beach, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy299Salyer, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSan Bernardino, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #343Hwy905 & Piper Ranch RdSan Diego, CA 80Rate It!
Truck Net Truck StopHwy905 Ex 7San Diego, CA  10 of 10
Autoport Unocal 76I-805 Ex 25b (Miramar 1 Ml East)San Diego, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMiramar RDSan Diego, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 15bSan Diego, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSan Diego, CA  Rate It!
Cosby OilFairmont Ave/Sheridan LnSan Diego, CA  Rate It!
Truman FuelSan Fernando, CA  Rate It!
Western States OilI-280 Ex 1 (10th St)San Jose, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSan Jose, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-280 Ex 1 (10th St)San Jose, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-880N Ex 5 Or I-880S/Montague Expy Ex 4San Jose, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-680 Or US101 & Hwy130San Jose, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy87 Ex 7 Or I-280 10th St extSan Jose, CA  Rate It!
Western States OilI-880 Ex 33 (Marina E)San Leandro, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 & PradoSan Luis Obispo, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy78San Marcos, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS101NSan Martin, CA  Rate It!
World Petrol-Cali MartI-805 Or I-5 Ex 1San Ysidro, CA  Rate It!
Rotten Robbie #33US101 & LafayetteSanta Clara, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSanta Clara, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSanta Fe Springs, CA  Rate It!
Cosby OilTelegraph RD/Shoemaker AveSanta Fe Springs, CA  Rate It!
Valley Pacific Petroleum ServiceUS101 Ex 169 (Betteravia Rd)Santa Maria, CA  1 of 10
Pacific PrideSanta Maria, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy135 & W Bettervia RdSanta Maria, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSanta Maria, CA  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #441I-5 Ex 407 (Hwy33)Santa Nella, CA 75Rate It!
Santa Nella Travel CenterI-5 Ex 407 (Hwy33)Santa Nella, CA 2167 of 10
PetroI-5 Ex 403b Or Hwy152 & Hwy33Santa Nella, CA 125Rate It!
Rotten RobbieI-5 Ex 407 (Hwy33)Santa Nella, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5SSanta Nella, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-5NSanta Nella, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSanta Paula, CA  Rate It!
Rotten Robbie #60US101 & E Todd RdSanta Rosa, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 & Todd RdSanta Rosa, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101Santa Rosa, CA  Rate It!
Dion & SonsHwy67 Ex 4Santee, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy67 Ex 4 (Woodside Ave)Santee, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSeaside, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-8W MM 109Seeley, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-8E MM 109Seeley, CA  Rate It!
Selma ValeroHwy99 Ex 115 (Mountian View Ave)Selma, CA  Rate It!
ShellCa99 Ex 115Selma, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS50 Ex 37Shingle Springs, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMadera RD & W Easy StSimi Valley, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-10WSnow Creek, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80ESoda Springs, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80WSoda Springs, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSonora, CA  Rate It!
Santa Anita CheveronCa60 & Santa Anita Ave NSouth El Monte, CA  Rate It!
Flyers Auto/Truck CenterUS101 Ex 424 (Grand Ave)South San Francisco, CA  Rate It!
G G Petroleum/FJ Cardlock #945Grand & Harbor WaySouth San Francisco, CA  Rate It!
Vanco Truck & Auto PlazaI-5 Ex 471 (CA4)Stockton, CA  1 of 10
Shane & Dave's Truck ShopHwy99N Ex 251Stockton, CA  Rate It!
76 ExpressI-5 Ex 468 (French Camp Rd)Stockton, CA  1 of 10
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 471 (ca4)Stockton, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 468Stockton, CA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS99 Ex 258Stockton, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80E MM 41Suison, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80W MM 41Suison, CA  Rate It!
Super Fine Truck StopI-5 Ex 152 (Lankershim Blvd)Sun Valley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideSun Valley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideCoHwyA27Susanville, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy36Susanville, CA  Rate It!
Bogard Rest AreaHwy44 MM 14Susanville, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy20 & Acacia AveSutter, CA  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #392Hwy58 Ex 151Tehachapi, CA  Rate It!
Jefferson Ave CheveronI-15 Ex 61 (CA79)Temecula, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-15 & Winchester DrTemecula, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-15NTemecula, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideTerminal Island, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS101SThousand Oaks, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS101NThousand Oaks, CA  Rate It!
Flying J #765I-10 Ex 130Thousand Palms, CA 88Rate It!
Town & Country MarketUS99 & CA190Tipton, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy99Tipton, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy99S MM 80Tipton, CA  Rate It!
Country MartI-580 Ex 76b (Hwy132)Tracy, CA  Rate It!
Tracy Truck & Auto StopI-205 Ex 8 (Tracy Blvd)Tracy, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 457 (S Kasson Rd)Tracy, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-580 Ex 76b (Hwy132)Tracy, CA  Rate It!
RJ Travel CenterHwy99 Ex 106Traver, CA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80WTruckee, CA  Rate It!
C Roche Truck StopHwy99 Ex 85Tulare, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 Ex 86Tulare, CA  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #382Hwy99 Ex 85Tulare, CA  Rate It!
G&S(CFN Cardlock)CA99 Ex 213 (Main St E)Turlock, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 & Golden St BlvdTurlock, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 & Main StTurlock, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy99N MM 212Turlock, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy99S MM 212Turlock, CA  Rate It!
Jensen's Truck StopUS101 Ex 551 (N State St)Ukiah, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 Ex 351Ukiah, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 57 Or I-505/Vaca Val ExtVacaville, CA  Rate It!
Vaca Valley Travel CenterI-505 Ex 1Vacaville, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS101N MM 246Valleton, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS101S MM 246Valleton, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideCo HwyS6Valley Center, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideVan Nuys, CA  1 of 10
Rest AreaI-5N MM 447Vernalis, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-5S MM 447Vernalis, CA  Rate It!
Vernon Truck WashI-710 Ex 17a Or I-710 Ex 17bVernon, CA  Rate It!
Wal-MartI-15 Ex 147Victorville, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaHwy44Viola, CA  Rate It!
Goshen Arco Travel PlazaHwy99 Ex 98bVisalia, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy198 Ex 1078Visalia, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy78 & Escondido AveVista, CA  Rate It!
Walmart SupercenterWasco, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy1 & Cabrillo HwyWatsonville, CA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #137I-5 Ex 745 (Vista Dr)Weed, CA 6510 of 10
Rest AreaI-5S MM 753Weed, CA  Rate It!
West Sacramento Truck StopI-80 Ex 81 (W Capitol)West Sacramento, CA  1 of 10
Pacific PrideWest Sacramento, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS50 & Harbor ExitWest Sacramento, CA  Rate It!
Joe's Travel Plaza III-5 Ex 441Westley, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy86/Hwy78Westmorland, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHighway 36 & A-21Westwood, CA  Rate It!
Wheeler Ridge Travel Center #38I-5 Ex 219 (Laval Rd)Wheeler Ridge, CA 130Rate It!
Rest AreaI-10EWhite Water, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS101 & Shell LNWillits, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy162 & Co RD 99WWillows, CA  Rate It!
Speedy FuelAlameda & Eubank AveWilmington, CA  Rate It!
Sunshine Truck StopHwy1Wilmington, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-8EWinterhaven, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-8 MM 156Winterhaven, CA  Rate It!
Valero Food StopI-5 Ex 537 (CA113)Woodland, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideWoodland, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideWoodland, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-5 Ex 538Woodland, CA  Rate It!
Yermo Shell & Truck StopI-15 Ex 191 (Ghost Town Rd)Yermo, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideYreka, CA  Rate It!
Hwy 99 Truck StopHwy99 & Hwy20Yuba City, CA  Rate It!
76 Food MartCA99 Ex 341 (CA20)Yuba City, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy20 & Market StYuba City, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideColusa HwyYuba City, CA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy99 & BogueYuba City, CA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-10EYucaipa, CA  Rate It!