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Truck Stops On Interstate 95

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These are the I-95 truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ database.

Looking for a truck stop? The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator allows you to find a truck stop by entering one or more cities, and it returns all the truck stops on the route, or within 100 airmiles of a single city. You may optionally sort results by route, desired amenities, cost per gallon, etc.

Cost per gallon figures are based on payment in cash for ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) or equivalent. Click the hyperlink to view amenities, map, and reviews for the truck stop.

After you're done checking out these interstate 95 truck stops, please help out our sponsor by requesting a demo of TruckMaster® trucking software.

Connecticut (CT)

Mobil Oil9.5YWDarien Rate It!
Service Plaza10YSChampion International Rate It!
Service Plaza12YNSouth Norwalk Rate It!
Service Plaza22YSBlack Rock Rate It!
Service Plaza22YNBlack Rock Rate It!
Mobil Oil #92739a WMilford Rate It!
Mobil Oil #92739b Milford Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center40 Milford4.259150Rate It!
Secondi Bros Truck Stop40 Milford 5 of 10
Service Plaza41YSWest Haven Rate It!
Service Plaza53YNFair Haven East Rate It!
Service Plaza54YSIndian Neck Rate It!
Leetes Island Fuel56 Branford Rate It!
New Haven Travel Center56 New Haven4.27975Rate It!
Service Plaza62YSKelseytown Rate It!
Service Plaza62YNKelseytown Rate It!
Service Plaza65YNFenwick Rate It!
Weigh Station81YNew London Rate It!
American Auto Stop/Pilot #88293 North Stonington4.259120Rate It!
Spicer Plus Food & Fuel93 North Stonington Rate It!

Delaware (DE)

Delaware Sunoco Plaza & Center2YNewark3.699 Rate It!
Delaware House Service Area5YChristiana Rate It!

Florida (FL)

Hardy Bros Oil36 Pompano Beach Rate It!
Wal-Mart38a Pompano Beach 1 of 10
Rest Area106YNPalm City 8 of 10
Rest Area106YSPalm City Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #90129 Fort Pierce3.669100Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #415129 Fort Pierce3.6591001 of 10
Falcon129 Fort Pierce Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter129 Fort Pierce Rate It!
Flying J #622131 Fort Pierce3.6691567 of 10
Rest Area133YNFort Pierce Rate It!
Rest Area133YSFort Pierce Rate It!
Gator's Truck Stop147 Vero Beach Rate It!
Vero Beach Travel Center147 Vero Beach1625 of 10
Rest Area168YSGrant Valkaria Rate It!
Rest Area168YNPalm Bay West Rate It!
Sunoco Palm Bay #2573173 Palm Bay3.699 1 of 10
Wal-Mart Supercenter176 West Melbourne Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #88201 Cocoa3.899 1 of 10
Sunshine Food Mart #16201 Cocoa Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter215 Titusville Rate It!
Space Shuttle Fuel215 Titusville 1 of 10
Rest Area225YNMims Rate It!
Rest Area227YSMims Rate It!
Stuckey's BP231 Scottsmoor Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter256 Port Orange Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter268 Ormond Beach Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop273 Ormond Beach3.949 Rate It!
Weigh Station286YNPalm Coast Rate It!
Weigh Station286YSPalm Coast Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter289 Palm Coast Rate It!
Rest Area302YNHastings 7 of 10
Rest Area302YSVermont Heights Rate It!
Flying J #626305 Saint Augustine3.899160Rate It!
Jacksonville South Travel Center329 Jacksonville3.919137Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center329 Jacksonville3.899301 of 10
Rest Area331YSSampson Rate It!
Rest Area331YNSampson Rate It!
Gate #1143360 Jacksonville Rate It!
Flash Foods #104373 Yulee Rate It!
Weigh Station377YNYulee Rate It!
Weigh Station377YSYulee Rate It!

Georgia (GA)

Wilco Hess #30601 Kingsland3.690 Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #5751 Saint Marys3.699 Rate It!
Welcome Center1 NKings Bay Rate It!
El Cheapo3 Kingsland Rate It!
Petro3 Kingsland3.699136Rate It!
Patco Energy Express II6 Kingsland Rate It!
Kingsland Travel Plaza6 Kingsland Rate It!
Green Cedar Travel Plaza #186 Kingsland100Rate It!
Flash Foods #1957 Woodbine 8 of 10
Sunshine Travel Plaza14 Woodbine100Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #40529 Brunswick3.689125Rate It!
Flying J #62729 Brunswick3.699150Rate It!
TA Brunswick #25829 Brunswick3.699 Rate It!
Rest Area40YSBroadfield 7 of 10
El Cheapo Fuel Stop #5449 Darien Rate It!
Weigh Station54YNDarien Rate It!
El Cheapo Fuel Stop #5076 Midway Rate It!
Chevron87 Richmond Hill Rate It!
El Cheapo #0487 Hinesville Rate It!
Savannah Travel Center87 Richmond Hill186Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop90 Richmond Hill3.689 Rate It!
El Cheapo #04194 Savannah Rate It!
Gate Petroleum #209102 Pooler Rate It!
Circle K109 Savannah Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center109 Port Wentworth3.6991255 of 10
Weigh Station110YSSavannah Rate It!

Massachusetts (MA)

Sterry St Towing2a Attleboro Rate It!
Turn Out9YSWest Mansfield Rate It!
Welcome Center10YNWest Mansfield Rate It!
Service Plaza38YSNewton Center Rate It!
J&H Auto/Truck Stop(Best)44b NPeabody3.799peabodytruckstop.com3 of 10
J&H Auto/Truck Stop(Best)44 SPeabody3.799peabodytruckstop.com3 of 10
Service Plaza46YNLexington 2 of 10
Welcome Center85YSSalisbury Plains 5 of 10

Maryland (MD)

Weigh Station27 Greenbelt Rate It!
Welcome Center37YNHillsborough Rate It!
Welcome Center37YSScaggsville Rate It!
Baltimore South Travel Center41a Jessup4.0794365 of 10
Baltimore Travel Center57 Baltimore4.079181Rate It!
Maryland House Service Plaza82YAberdeen3.73954Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center93 Perryville4.059231 of 10
Weigh Station93YNPerryville Rate It!
Chesapeake House Service Plaza97YNTheodore100Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #784100a North East4.059200Rate It!
Flying J - Patriot Farms #875109a Elkton4.059 Rate It!
Elkton Travel Center109b Elkton4.079164Rate It!

Maine (ME)

Irving Kittery Bluecanoe2 Kittery3.899 9 of 10
Welcome Center3YKittery Rate It!
Weigh Station4YSKittery Rate It!
Weigh Station5YNKittery Rate It!
Kennebunk Service Plaza25YSKennebunk Rate It!
Kennebunk Service Plaza25YNKennebunk Rate It!
Cicle K32 Biddeford Rate It!
Cumberland Service Plaza58YSCumberland Rate It!
Gray Service Plaza59YNGray Rate It!
Crossroads Market75 Auburn Rate It!
Circle K75 Auburn Rate It!
West Gardiner Service Plaza102 NWest Gardiner 5 of 10
West Gardiner Service Plaza103 SWest Gardiner 5 of 10
Circle K #7037112 Augusta Rate It!
Fairfield Circle K132 Fairfield3.849 Rate It!
Fairfield Irving Big Stop #958133 Fairfield Rate It!
Rest Area145YSCanaan Rate It!
Rest Area145YNCanaan Rate It!
Newport Irving Big Stop #954157 Newport45Rate It!
Welcome Center173YNNorth Newburgh Rate It!
Welcome Center176YSNewburgh Rate It!
Dysart's Truck Stop180 Hermon150Rate It!
Weigh Station199YNOld Town Rate It!
Weigh Station199YSOld Town Rate It!
Rest Area240YSMedway Rate It!
Rest Area240YNMedway Rate It!
Circle K244 Medway Rate It!
Sherman Mobil & Restaurant264 Sherman Mills Rate It!
Circle K264 Sherman Mills Rate It!
Rest Area302 Hodgdon Rate It!
Irving Houlton Big Stop #951302 Houlton75Rate It!
Rest Area302 Hodgdon Rate It!
Weigh Station305YSHoulton Rate It!

Minnesota (MN)

Holiday Station Store193 Monticello Rate It!

North Carolina (NC)

Rest Area5YNRowland Rate It!
Wilco Hess #188617 Lumberton3.670 Rate It!
Happy Mart22 Lumberton Rate It!
Weigh Station24YNLumberton Rate It!
Poco #231 Saint Pauls Rate It!
Rest Area48YSFayetteville Rate It!
Rest Area48YNFayetteville Rate It!
Fort Bragg Travel Center58 Fayetteville10010 of 10
61 Truck Stop61 Wade Rate It!
The Pantry / Pilot #88571 Dunn3.69942Rate It!
Wilco Hess #36173 Dunn3.670 Rate It!
Sadler Travel Plaza-Pilot #90075 Dunn3.699 Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #41277 Dunn3.689752 of 10
Wilco Hess #190887 Four Oaks3.680 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #180493 Smithfield3.650 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #17795 Smithfield3.610 Rate It!
Sunoco95 Smithfield Rate It!
Rest Area99YSPine Level Rate It!
Rest Area99YNPine Level Rate It!
Big Boy's Truck Stop105 Kenly3.599100Rate It!
Wilco Hess #218106 Kenly3.680 Rate It!
Flying J #683106 Kenly3.699145Rate It!
Petro #93106 Kenly3.6992501 of 10
Kangaroo Express107 Kenly Rate It!
Kangaroo Express121 Wilson Rate It!
Rest Area142YSGold Rock Rate It!
Rest Area142YNRed Oak Rate It!
Weigh Station151YNRocky Mount Rate It!
Oasis Travel Center168 Halifax 5 of 10
Wal-Mart Supercenter173 Roanoke Rapids Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center180 Pleasant Hill3.89925Rate It!
Welcome Center181YSBrewers Crossroads Rate It!

New Hampshire (NH)

Rest Area0.5YNFogg Corners Rate It!
Seabrook One-Stop1 Seabrook Rate It!
Greenland Travel Center3b SGreenland3.9291055 of 10
Greenland Travel Center3 NGreenland3.9291055 of 10
Exit 3 Travel Stop3b SGreenland Rate It!
Exit 3 Travel Stop3 NGreenland Rate It!
Hanscom's Truck Stop(North)5 NPortsmouth Rate It!
Hanscom's Truck Stop(North)7 SPortsmouth Rate It!
Hanscom's Truck Stop7 SPortsmouth Rate It!

New Jersey (NJ)

Clara Barton Service Area5YSOldmans Rate It!
John Fenwick Service Area5YNOldmans Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #4047 Bordentown3.849100Rate It!
Valero7 Bordentown 3 of 10
Hess Exp #3026810 Edison Rate It!
Metro 1 Fuel12 Avenel 10 of 10
Hess Exp #3051813a Elizabeth Rate It!
Ultra Truck Auto Plaza15 EJersey City Rate It!
New Jersey Truck Stop15e Kearny Rate It!
Tullo Truck Stop15e Kearny Rate It!
Gulf15e Jersey City Rate It!
B & S Fuel16 North Bergen Rate It!
Putnam Truck Stop16e Jersey City Rate It!
Walt Whitman Service Area30YSCherry Hill Rate It!
James Cooper Service Area39YNMount Laurel Rate It!
Woodrow Wilson Service Area58YNHamilton Rate It!
Richard Stockton Service Area58YSHamilton Rate It!
Molly Pitcher Service Area71YSCranbury Rate It!
Joyce Kilmer Service Area78YNEast Brunswick Rate It!
Thomas Edison Service Area92YSWoodbridge Rate It!
Grover Cleveland Service Area92 NWoodbridge Rate It!
Alexander Hamilton Service Area111YSSecaucus Rate It!
Vince Lombardi Service Area115YSRidgefield Rate It!
Vince Lombardi Service Area116YNRidgefield Rate It!

Pennsylvania (PA)

Welcome Center0.5YNAston Rate It!
Devita & Sons (Valero)9a Essington Rate It!
Bensalem Travel Plaza37 Bensalem Rate It!
Weigh Station49YSYardley Rate It!
Rest Area50YSYardley Rate It!

Rhode Island (RI)

Travel Centers of America #2535b West Greenwich3.9993501 of 10
Fleet Masters Cardlock18 Providence Rate It!
Welcome Center110YSWhite Rock Rate It!

South Carolina (SC)

Porky's T/S - South of the Border1 Dillon Rate It!
Weigh Station4YSHardeeeville Rate It!
Weigh Station4YNHardeeville Rate It!
Welcome Center4YNMorgan Rate It!
Sunoco Hardeeville #26565 Hardeeville3.499 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #9085 Hardeeville Rate It!
Joker Joe's Truck Stop8 Hardeeville Rate It!
Turn Out17YSSwitzerland Rate It!
Turn Out17YNSwitzerland Rate It!
Tiger Express #1128 Coosawhatchie35Rate It!
Tiger Express #1128 Ridgeland Rate It!
Simmon's Truck Stop38 Yemassee Rate It!
Rest Area47YSHendersonville Rate It!
Rest Area47YNHendersonville Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #387853 Walterboro Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter57 Walterboro Rate It!
Circle C Auto/Truck Stop68 Walterboro801 of 10
Weigh Station74YNCanadys Rate It!
Flying J #49377 Saint George3.659 Rate It!
Rainbow Gas Garden #877 Saint George Rate It!
Wilco Hess #93082 Saint George3.510 Rate It!
Rest Area99YNParlersville Rate It!
Welcome Center99YSParlersville Rate It!
Manning Travel Center119 Manning84Rate It!
Rest Area139YSTurbeville Rate It!
Rest Area139YNTurbeville Rate It!
Florence Travel Plaza150 Timmonsville Rate It!
Wal-Mart160b Florence Rate It!
Florence Travel Center164 Florence773 of 10
Pilot Travel Center164 Florence3.66990Rate It!
Petro #104169 Florence3.6692103 of 10
Pilot Travel Center170 Florence3.66975Rate It!
Rest Area172YSBack Swamp Rate It!
Rest Area172YNBack Swamp Rate It!
Wilco Hess #938181 Latta3.650 Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #713181a Latta3.6692006 of 10
Love's Travel Stop190 Dillon3.659 4 of 10
Wal-Mart Supercenter193 Dillon Rate It!
Welcome Center195YSBronson Crossroads Rate It!

Virginia (VA)

Love's Travel Stop4 Skippers3.589 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #7504 Skippers Rate It!
Simmons Travel Center(Exxon)8 Emporia Rate It!
MS 58 Plaza11 Emporia Rate It!
Sadler Travel Plaza/Pilot #89811b Emporia3.5993008 of 10
Davis Travel Center33 Stony Creek3.579 Rate It!
Rest Area37YNCarson Rate It!
Weigh Station39YNCarson Rate It!
U.S. Gas41 Petersburg Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter53 Colonial Heights Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center58 Colonial Heights3.599110Rate It!
Chester Chubby's61 Chester Rate It!
Mapco #401673 Richmond Rate It!
Mapco #404083 Glen Allen Rate It!
Richmond Travel Center89 Ashland158Rate It!
Mapco92b Ashland Rate It!
Ashland Travel Center92 Ashland183Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #435104 Ruther Glen3.58960Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #749104 Ruther Glen3.5992397 of 10
Mr Fuel #2 - Pilot #753104 Ruther Glen3.579 Rate It!
Flying J-Patriot Farms #876104 Ruther Glen3.599250Rate It!
Rest Area107YSGolansville Rate It!
Rest Area107YNGolansville Rate It!
Welcome Center131YSBraehead Woods Rate It!
Mapco Express #4050133 Fredericksburg Rate It!
Rest Area153YSMontclair Rate It!
Rest Area153YNMontclair Rate It!
Weigh Station154YSDumfries Rate It!
Weigh Station154YNDumfries Rate It!
Rest Area155YNMarumsco Acres Rate It!
Rest Area156YSMarumsco Acres Rate It!