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Truck Stops On Interstate 40

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These are the I-40 truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ database.

Looking for a truck stop? The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator allows you to find a truck stop by entering one or more cities, and it returns all the truck stops on the route, or within 100 airmiles of a single city. You may optionally sort results by route, desired amenities, cost per gallon, etc.

Cost per gallon figures are based on payment in cash for ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) or equivalent. Click the hyperlink to view amenities, map, and reviews for the truck stop.

After you're done checking out these interstate 40 truck stops, please help out our sponsor by requesting a demo of TruckMaster® trucking software.

Arkansas (AR)

TWA Truck Wash5 Van Buren Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter5 Van Buren Rate It!
Weigh Station8YWAlma Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter12 Alma Rate It!
Alma Travel Mart13 Alma Rate It!
Kountry Xpress20 Mulberry Rate It!
The I-40 Travel Center35 Ozark2.349 Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop37 Ozark2.289 Rate It!
Hi-Way 109 Truck Plaza55 Clarksville 4 of 10
Exxon Tigermart55 Clarksville Rate It!
Exit 57 Auto Truck Express.57 Clarksville Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter58 Clarksville Rate It!
Hob Nob Shell84 Russellville Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter84 Russellville Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #60584 Russellville2.299165Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #43084 Russellville2.299130Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop107 Morrilton2.289 1 of 10
Wal-Mart Supercenter108 Morrilton Rate It!
Mapco Express #3059129 Conway Rate It!
Morgan Shell #1032142 Maumelle2.619 Rate It!
Morgan Valero #471142 North Little Rock Rate It!
Flash Market #123157 North Little Rock Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #332161 North Little Rock2.299100Rate It!
Petro161 North Little Rock2.369250Rate It!
Truckomat161 North Little Rock Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop161 North Little Rock2.289 Rate It!
Cracker Box #35175 Lonoke Rate It!
Double B's183 Carlisle 6 of 10
Hazen Superstop193 Hazen Rate It!
Flash Market #49216 Brinkley Rate It!
Pit Stop Diner221 Wheatley Rate It!
Mapco Express #3154221 Wheatley Rate It!
Sweet Peas221 Wheatley 1 of 10
Love's Travel Stop233 Palestine2.289 Rate It!
I-40 Kwik Stop233 Palestine Rate It!
Rest Area235YESlonikers Mill Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter241 Forrest City 1 of 10
Valero Travel Center260 Earle Rate It!
West Memphis Travel Center(TA)260 Earle2.319170Rate It!
Jump Stop271 Marion Rate It!
Weigh Station274YEWest Memphis Rate It!
Welcome Center275YWWylie Spur Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter276 West Memphis Rate It!
Flash Market #11278 West Memphis Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #429280 West Memphis2.299150Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #607280 West Memphis2.299225Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #450280 West Memphis2.289100Rate It!
Petro - W. Memphis280 West Memphis2.319280 Preferred Parking >Rate It!
Blu. Station Cardlock280 West Memphis2.159 Rate It!
Weigh Station284YWWest Memphis Rate It!

Arizona (AZ)

Weigh Station4YWTopock Rate It!
Weigh Station4YETopock Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #2119 Lake Havasu City2.35985Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #3869 Lake Havasu City2.349 Rate It!
Rest Area23YWYucca Rate It!
Rest Area23YEYucca Rate It!
Crazy Fred's T/S44 Kingman50Rate It!
USA Travel Center48 Kingman Rate It!
Hallum Stores Fuel Mart48 Kingman Rate It!
Kingman Travel Center48 Kingman2.379115Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #61053 Kingman2.35995Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop59 Kingman2.349 Rate It!
Blue Beacon Of Kingman66 Kingman Rate It!
Petro66 Kingman2.379205Rate It!
Johnson's Travel Center123 Seligman Rate It!
Love's #553163 Williams Rate It!
Rest Area182YEBellemont 1 of 10
Rest Area183YWBellemont 1 of 10
Bellemont Truck Repair185 Bellemont Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center185 Bellemont2.359 3 of 10
Wal-Mart195 Flagstaff Rate It!
Little America Travel Center198 Flagstaff2.499 Rate It!
Pacific Pride198 Flagstaff Rate It!
Rest Area235YEMoqui Rate It!
Rest Area235YWMoqui Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter253 Winslow Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #612255 Winslow2.399250Rate It!
Pacific Pride255 Winslow Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop277 Joseph City2.349 Rate It!
TA Holbrook #246283 Holbrook2.3991004 of 10
Pacific Pride285 Holbrook Rate It!
Hopi Travel Plaza292 Holbrook 6 of 10
Navajo Travel Center325 Navajo Rate It!
Weigh Station340YESanders Rate It!
Weigh Station340YWSanders Rate It!
Welcome Center359YELupton Rate It!
Speedy's Landmark359 Lupton 5 of 10

California (CA)

Kellys Market & Chevron Truck18 Newberry Springs Rate It!
Rest Area106YWFenner Rate It!
Rest Area106YEFenner Rate It!
East Side Chevron144 Needles Rate It!

North Carolina (NC)

Wilco Hess #11222 Winston Salem2.400 Rate It!
Welcome Center10YEFines Creek Rate It!
Rest Area10YWFines Creek Rate It!
Sams Mart #4524 Waynesville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center24 Waynesville2.69960Rate It!
Sandy's Auto/Truck Plaza31 Canton Rate It!
Candler Travel Center37 Candler106Rate It!
Weigh Station40YEAsheville Rate It!
Weigh Station40YWAsheville Rate It!
Wilco Hess #26044 Asheville2.650 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #26150 Asheville2.690 Rate It!
Marion Travel Plaza81 Marion60Rate It!
Rest Area82YWGlenwood Rate It!
Rest Area82YEGlenwood Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop86 Marion2.349 Rate It!
Nebo Truck Stop90 Nebo Rate It!
Wal-Mart103 Morganton Rate It!
Wilco Hess #342103 Morganton2.470 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #33908105 Morganton2.490 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #344123 Hickory2.450 Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter126 Hickory Rate It!
Citgo Fuel Center128 Newton Rate It!
Speedy Mart128 Conover Rate It!
Wilco Hess #308132 McLeansville2.350 4 of 10
Wilco Hess #351133 Conover2.340 1 of 10
Rest Area136YWClaremont Rate It!
Rest Area136YEClaremont Rate It!
Greensboro Travel Center138 Greensboro2.419186Rate It!
Rest Area139YEWestview Rate It!
Rest Area139YWWestview Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter141 Burlington Rate It!
Weigh Station142YEStatesville Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3791148 Graham Rate It!
Flying J #682150 Haw River2.379251Rate It!
Wilco Hess #165150 Haw River2.390 8 of 10
Wilco Hess #349151 Statesville2.790 Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center152 Mebane2.379140Rate It!
Wilco Hess #168154 Mebane2.430 Rate It!
Petro Mebane157 Mebane2.419285Rate It!
Weigh Station158YSHillsborough Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter170 Mocksville Rate It!
Wilco Hess #278170 Mocksville2.330 Rate It!
Pacific Pride170 Mocksville Rate It!
Travel Centers of America #251170 Mocksville Rate It!
Rest Area177YWHillsdale Rate It!
Rest Area177YESmith Grove Rate It!
Wilco Hess #276180 Advance2.650 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #120184 Clemmons2.590 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #111189 Winston Salem2.450 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #101192 Winston Salem2.430 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #102193 Winston Salem2.490 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #108195 Winston Salem2.390 Rate It!
The Pop Shoppe201 Kernersville 1 of 10
Wilco Hess #127203 Kernersville2.390 3 of 10
Wilco Hess #295208 Colfax2.370 Rate It!
Neighbors #9208 Colfax 5 of 10
Wilco Hess #311213 Greensboro2.750 Rate It!
Sheetz #0366213 Greensboro Rate It!
Wilco Hess #195281 Durham2.490 Rate It!
Sheetz #0399285 Morrisville Rate It!
Wilco Hess #215298 Raleigh2.620 Rate It!
Stop & Quick299 Raleigh Rate It!
Wilco Hess #178303 Garner2.400 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #212306a Garner2.620 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #324312 Garner2.460 Rate It!
Wilco Hess #213312 Garner2.460 2 of 10
319 Texaco319 Benson Rate It!
Rest Area325YEBenson Rate It!
Rest Area325YWBenson Rate It!
Rest Area364 Baltic Rate It!
Rest Area364 Baltic Rate It!
Wilco Hess #225364 Warsaw2.39020Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3130364 Warsaw Rate It!
CW's Travel Center408 Rocky Point 4 of 10
Phoenix Travel Plaza408 Rocky Point40Rate It!
Wilco Hess #396408 Rocky Point2.540 Rate It!

New Mexico (NM)

Weigh Station12YEGallup Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop16 Gallup2.349 Rate It!
USAVE Truck Stop16 Gallup Rate It!
Gallup Travel Center16 Gallup2.36976Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter20 Gallup Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center39 Jamestown2.359450Rate It!
Boss Truck Repair39 Jamestown Rate It!
Petro Milan79 Milan2.359200Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop79 Milan2.349 Rate It!
Rest Area102 McCartys Rate It!
Sky City Travel Center102 Acoma2.329 Rate It!
Rest Area102 McCartys Rate It!
Dancing Eagle Travel Center108 Casa Blanca200Rate It!
Turn Out113YELaguna Rate It!
Turn Out113YWLaguna Rate It!
Route 66 Travel Center140 Rio Puerco320Rate It!
Flying J #689153 Albuquerque2.3591652 of 10
Love's Travel Stop158 Albuquerque2.349 Rate It!
Albuquerque Travel Center159b WAlbuquerque150Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter160 Albuquerque Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter165 Albuquerque Rate It!
TA Moriarty194 Moriarty2.3792451 of 10
Pilot Travel Center #475196 Moriarty2.359 Rate It!
Lisa's Truck Center197 Moriarty 7 of 10
Rest Area207YEClines Corners Rate It!
Rest Area207YWClines Corners Rate It!
Turn Out220YEClines Corners Rate It!
Turn Out220YWClines Corners Rate It!
Rest Area252YEPuerta De Luna Rate It!
Rest Area252YWPuerta De Luna Rate It!
Santa Rosa Travel Center277 Santa Rosa2.359116Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop277 Santa Rosa2.349 Rate It!
Rest Area302YENewkirk Rate It!
Rest Area302YWNewkirk Rate It!
Circle K Truck Stop332 Tucumcari Rate It!
Flying J #691333 Tucumcari2.399136Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop333 Tucumcari2.389 Rate It!
Weigh Station356YESan Jon Rate It!
Russell's Endee Truck & Travel Ctr369 Glenrio2.289 Rate It!

Oklahoma (OK)

Love's Travel Stop7 Erick2.189 Rate It!
Rest Area10YWErick Rate It!
Welcome Center10YEErick Rate It!
Flying J #70520 Sayre2.199150Rate It!
Sayre Travel Center26 Sayre2.199101Rate It!
Hutch's C-Store #10334 EElk City2.299 Rate It!
Hutch's C-Store #10938 Elk City Rate It!
Hutch's #11940 Elk City2.299 Rate It!
Love's Country Store41 Elk City2.189 Rate It!
Pendleton's Truck Stop53 Foss10Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop71 Clinton2.189 Rate It!
Wal-Mart82 Weatherford Rate It!
Fast Lane Travel Plaza84 Weatherford77Rate It!
Turn Out94YWBridgeport Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop101 Hinton2.189 1 of 10
108 Food & Fuel108 Calumet 8 of 10
Turn Out111YECalumet Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter123 El Reno Rate It!
Love's Country Store125 El Reno2.279 Rate It!
Petro127 Oklahoma City2.219280Rate It!
JRS Travel Center127 Oklahoma City2.159 1 of 10
Weigh Station129YEEl Reno Rate It!
Banner Shell130 El Reno Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter136 Yukon Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center140 Oklahoma City2.199145Rate It!
Flying J #703140 Oklahoma City2.1991721 of 10
Speedco Truck Lube #344140 Oklahoma City Rate It!
Oklahoma City West Travel Center140 Oklahoma City2.219150Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop140 Oklahoma City2.189 Rate It!
Truckomat Of Oklahoma City142 Oklahoma City Rate It!
Oklahoma City East Travel Center142 Oklahoma City2.219175Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter144 Oklahoma City Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter156 Oklahoma City Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #556166 Choctaw2.19975Rate It!
Love's Country Store176 McLoud2.099 Rate It!
Firelake Grand Casino178 Shawnee Rate It!
Expo Stop181 Shawnee Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter185 Shawnee Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter186 Shawnee Rate It!
Biscuit Hill Travel Plaza192 Shawnee 7 of 10
Rest Area197YECenterview Rate It!
Rest Area197YWCenterview Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop200 Seminole2.189 Rate It!
Seminole Nation Truck Plaza200 Seminole Rate It!
Okemah Travel Center221 Okemah Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop221 Okemah2.189 Rate It!
Love's Country Store240b Henryetta2.399 1 of 10
Wal-Mart240 Henryetta Rate It!
Turn Out251YEHitchita Rate It!
Turn Out251YWHitchita Rate It!
Flying J #702264b Checotah2.199150Rate It!
Checotah Stop/ Smiths Truck Repa264b Checotah Rate It!
Kwik-N-EZ Auto/Truck Travel Plaza265 Checotah Rate It!
Fiesta Mart278 Warner Rate It!
Weigh Station283YEWarner Rate It!
Weigh Station283YWWarner Rate It!
Turn Out283YWWarner Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop287 Webbers Falls Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter308 Sallisaw Rate It!
Sallisaw Travel Center308 Sallisaw Rate It!
Ed's Truck Stop311 Sallisaw60Rate It!
Rest Area316YEGans Rate It!
Arena Truck Stop321 Muldrow Rate It!
Cherokee Nation Truckstop325 Roland 1 of 10
Roland Shell325 Roland Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center325 Roland2.199125Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter365 Checotah Rate It!

Tennessee (TN)

Express Gas2a Memphis Rate It!
Mapco #314412a Memphis Rate It!
Mapco #314412b Memphis Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter18 Bartlett Rate It!
American Travel Center20 Lakeland Rate It!
Longtown BP Travel Plaza35 Mason60Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center42 Stanton2.29950Rate It!
Exit 47 Plaza47 Stanton Rate It!
Weigh Station49YWSpring Hill Rate It!
Weigh Station50YESpring Hill Rate It!
Bells Truck Stop66 Bells Rate It!
TA Travel Center - Denmark #14068 Denmark2.259100Rate It!
Rest Area73YEHuntersville Rate It!
Rest Area73YWHuntersville Rate It!
Ash BP79 Jackson Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter80 Jackson Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center85 Jackson2.24995Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop87 Jackson2.239 Rate It!
BP93 Jackson Rate It!
101 Travel Stop101 Cedar Grove Rate It!
Turn Out102YWBargerton Rate It!
Turn Out103YEBargerton Rate It!
I-Mart #108108 Wildersville Rate It!
Flash Market #196108 Wildersville Rate It!
Shell Food Mart126 Holladay Rate It!
North Forty Truck Stop126 Holladay 10 of 10
Rest Area130YESugar Tree Rate It!
Rest Area130YWSugar Tree Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center143 Hurricane Mills2.249180Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #369163 Dickson2.219 Rate It!
Rest Area170YWTidwell Rate It!
Rest Area170YETidwell Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center172 Dickson2.24990Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #720182 Fairview2.2491509 of 10
J-Mart182 Burns Rate It!
Petro188 Kingston Springs2.25968Rate It!
Mapco #3328199 Nashville Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter201 Nashville Rate It!
Mapco #1012208 Nashville Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Nashville #2701210c Nashville Rate It!
Speedway #7136212 Nashville Rate It!
Dailys #6604212 Nashville2.299 1 of 10
Daily's #7218221 Hermitage Rate It!
Mapco #3313226 Mount Juliet Rate It!
Mapco #3064232 Lebanon Rate It!
Daily's #8087238 Lebanon2.269 Rate It!
Daily Shell238 Lebanon Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center238 Lebanon2.2291502 of 10
Uncle Pete's Truck Stop239 Lebanon Rate It!
Weigh Station252YEGordonsville Rate It!
Turn Out252YECommerce Rate It!
Wilco Hess #4005258 Gordonsville2.210304 of 10
Welcome Center267YELancaster Rate It!
Welcome Center267YWLancaster Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop280 Baxter2.219 Rate It!
Raceway286 Cookeville Rate It!
South Willow Exxon286 Cookeville Rate It!
On The Run CMG #108287 Cookeville Rate It!
Minit Mart #138287 Cookeville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center287 Cookeville2.22910Rate It!
Super Truck & Travel Plaza288 Cookeville Rate It!
Middle TN Auto Truck Plaza288 Cookeville Rate It!
Turn Out306YWMayland Rate It!
Turn Out306YEMayland Rate It!
Eco Travel Plaza320 Crossville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center320 Crossville2.229 Rate It!
Rest Area324YEDorton Rate It!
Rest Area327YWDorton Rate It!
Weigh Station336YEOzone Rate It!
Turn Out336YEDaysville Rate It!
Greenwave Service Plaza338 Rockwood Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart355 Kingston Rate It!
Turn Out362YEOral Rate It!
Turn Out363YWOral Rate It!
Knoxville West Travel Center369 Knoxville2.299176Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #722369 Knoxville2.2991875 of 10
Petro369 Knoxville2.319265Rate It!
Weigh Station372YEFarragut Rate It!
Weigh Station372YWFarragut Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart373 Knoxville Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart374 Knoxville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center374 Knoxville2.29980Rate It!
TA Knoxville Travel Center374 Knoxville2.319128Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart378 Knoxville Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart379 Knoxville Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart383 Knoxville Rate It!
Pilot Food Mart387a Knoxville Rate It!
Thums Up Exxon390 Knoxville Rate It!
Mapco #3700390 Knoxville Rate It!
Aztex #104398 Knoxville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center398 Knoxville2.259100Rate It!
Lee's Travel Center #1398398 Knoxville Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop412 Dandridge2.249 Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center417 Dandridge2.25980Rate It!
Rest Area420YELake View Park Rate It!
Fastrax BP424 White Pine Rate It!
Rest Area426YWDouglas Estates Rate It!
Timeout Travel Center432a ENewport30Rate It!
Timeout Travel Center432b WNewport30Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter435 Newport Rate It!
Weigh Station441YWWilton Springs Rate It!
Downtown Hartford Citgo447 Hartford Rate It!

Texas (TX)

Turn Out13YWAdrian Rate It!
Turn Out13YEAdrian Rate It!
Turn Out32YWVega Rate It!
Turn Out32YEVega Rate It!
Kevin's Texas Quick Stop36 Vega Rate It!
Turn Out53YEWildorado Rate It!
Turn Out55YWBushland Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter72 Amarillo Rate It!
Amarillo West Travel Center74 Amarillo243Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop74a Amarillo2.349 6 of 10
Petro75 Amarillo240Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center75 Amarillo2.35990Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #723e76 Amarillo2.359200Rate It!
Welcome Center76YEPullman Rate It!
Welcome Center76YWPullman Rate It!
RK Travel Center81 Amarillo Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop96 Claude2.349 Rate It!
Turn Out107YWGroom Rate It!
Rest Area129YEAlanreed Rate It!
Rest Area129YWAlanreed Rate It!
Midway Truck & Travel Center163 Shamrock 1 of 10
Crossroads Conoco163 Shamrock Rate It!
Welcome Center373YWGlenrio Rate It!