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Truck Stops In Wisconsin

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These are the Wisconsin truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ allows you to find truck stops by route, state/province, interstate, or affiliation, and returns you current prices, amenities, maps, reviews, and much more.

These truck stop listings are brought to you courtesy of TruckMaster®, providing industry leading trucking software solutions since 1990.

Costs per gallon are in US dollars, and are for ULSD where available. Click on the hyperlink to view more information on the Wisconsin truck stop.

NameAddressCity, STCPG PkSpRating
Abrams ShellUS41 Ex 185Abrams, WI 10Rate It!
Kwik Trip #774Hwy13Adams, WI  Rate It!
Almena Truck CenterUS8Almena, WI  Rate It!
Draeger North Truck StopUS45 & Hwy64Antigo, WI  Rate It!
Remington's FueltownUS45Antigo, WI  Rate It!
West WisconsinUS41 Ex 138 (Hwy96)Appleton, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #359.Hwy47 & W NorthlandAveAppleton, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #412US41 Ex 138Appleton, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #452US41 Ex 137Appleton, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #685HwyKkAppleton, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #413Hwy93 & Hwy95Arcadia, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-94E MM 263Aztalan, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-94W MM 261Aztalan, WI  Rate It!
Ray's Super StopI-94 Ex 19 (US63)Baldwin, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #696I-94 Ex 19Baldwin, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS12Baraboo, WI  Rate It!
Barron Farmers Union Truck StopUS8Barron, WI  Rate It!
Bear Creek CitgoUS45 & Hwy76Bear Creek, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #346Hwy6Beaver Dam, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #785Hwy30Beaver Dam, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS151 Ex 135Beaver Dam, WI  Rate It!
How-Dea Service CenterI-43 Ex 107 (County HwyD)Belgium, WI  5 of 10
Belmont Travel CenterUS151 Ex 26 (1st Capitol Dr)Belmont, WI 112Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-43 Ex 1a Or I-90/I-39 Ex 185aBeloit, WI3.259 55Rate It!
SuperAmerica #4293I-90/I-39 Ex 185a (Hwy81)Beloit, WI  Rate It!
Rollette Oil #4I-90 Ex 183Beloit, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-39N/I-90Beloit, WI  Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #756I-94 Ex 116 (Hwy54)Black River Falls, WI3.199 150Rate It!
Kwik Trip #648I-94 Ex 116 (Hwy54)Black River Falls, WI  10 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterOld Hwy54Black River Falls, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #328Hwy95 & US53Blair, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #427Hwy53 Ex 110Bloomer, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #621Hwy55 Ex 234 (Hwy117)Bonduel, WI  Rate It!
Railway Junction Fast StopHwy57 & US10Brillion, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #807US10Brillion, WI  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-94E MM 2Burkhardt, WI  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-94 Ex 2Burkhardt, WI  Rate It!
Pacific PrideBurlington, WI  Rate It!
River CountryHwy29 Ex 91 (Hwy27)Cadott, WI 75Rate It!
Camp Douglas BPI-90/I-94 Ex 55Camp Douglas, WI  Rate It!
Welcome CenterUS2Carey, WI  Rate It!
Welcome CenterUS51Carey, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-94E MM 43Cedar Falls, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-94W MM 43Cedar Falls, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #602US53 Ex 126 (Co Hwy1)Chetek, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS53N MM 125Chetek, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #352Chippewa Falls, WI  Rate It!
Super 29 ShellHwy29 Ex 132 (Hwy13)Colby, WI 10Rate It!
Hoops Travel CenterI-39 Ex 124 (Hwy21)Coloma, WI 42Rate It!
Columbus West T/CUS151 Ex 118 (Hwy16)Columbus, WI 55Rate It!
Kwik Trip #846US14/US61Coon Valley, WI  Rate It!
Road RangerI-90 Ex 147Cottage Grove, WI3.259 40Rate It!
MarathonUS8Crandon, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #339Hwy80Cuba City, WI  Rate It!
Abbyland Truck StopHwy29 Ex 127Curtiss, WI  Rate It!
Darlington Mini MartHwy23 & Hwy81Darlington, WI  Rate It!
New HorizonsHwy23Darlington, WI  Rate It!
Madison Travel CenterI-90/I-94/I-39 Ex 132 (US51)De Forest, WI 118Rate It!
Trucker's InnI-90/I-94/I-39 Ex 132 (US51)De Forest, WI 100+Rate It!
Country ExpressI-43 Ex 180 (Hwy172)De Pere, WI 100Rate It!
DePere SuperStoreUS41 Ex 163De Pere, WI 20Rate It!
Rest AreaI-39N MM 113Dekorra, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-39S/I-90/I-94 MM 113Dekorra, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-43S MM 168Denmark, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy23 & US18Dodgeville, WI  Rate It!
Heartland Coop C-StoreHwy13Dorchester, WI  Rate It!
Road Ranger #236I-43 Ex 38 (Hwy20)East Troy, WI3.259 LTDRate It!
Rest AreaI-43N MM 32East Troy, WI  8 of 10
Rest AreaI-43S MM 32East Troy, WI  Rate It!
Eau Claire Travel CenterHwy29 Ex 69 (Co Rd T)Eau Claire, WI 30Rate It!
Holiday Station Store #16I-94 Ex 59Eau Claire, WI  Rate It!
Mega Mart HolidayI-94 Ex 59Eau Claire, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #389US12 & Oxford AVEEau Claire, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #390US12Eau Claire, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #398US53Eau Claire, WI  Rate It!
Edgar Travel CenterHwy29 & CR HEdgar, WI  Rate It!
Edgerton BP OasisI-90 Ex 160 (US51)Edgerton, WI 125Rate It!
Rolling Meadows Travel PlazaUS41 Ex 97Fond du Lac, WI 10Rate It!
Stretch Truck StopUS41 Ex 101 (CR00)Fond du Lac, WI  Rate It!
Love's #587I-41 Ex 97Fond Du Lac, WI3.129  Rate It!
Francis Creek Travel PlazaI-43 Ex 157Francis Creek, WI 508 of 10
Wal-MartI-94 Ex 320Franklin, WI  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-94 Ex 329 (CRK)Franksville, WI3.339 80Rate It!
Fremont Citgo Travel PlazaHwy110 & Hwy96Fremont, WI 5Rate It!
Northbound Trail Convenience CenterUS10 Ex 119 (Hwy110/Hwy96)Fremont, WI  Rate It!
Friendship CornersHwy21 & Hwy13Friendship, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy175Germantown, WI  Rate It!
Granton C StoreUS10Granton, WI  Rate It!
GCS Lineville Shell Travel PlazaI-43 Ex 178Green Bay, WI 10Rate It!
Maplewood Shell Travel PlazaHwy29Green Bay, WI 15Rate It!
Lineville Travel MartUS41/US141 Ex 173Green Bay, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #365US141/US41 Ex 173/173 (Lineville RD)Green Bay, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41 Ex 167 (Hwy54)Green Bay, WI  Rate It!
GCS Bay Beach ShellI-43 Ex 187Green Bay, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartI-43 Ex 60Greenfield, WI  Rate It!
Addison Station CentralI-41 Ex 68Hartford, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #327US63Hayward, WI  Rate It!
Southwest MartHwy11 & Hwy80Hazel Green, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #841Hwy82/Hwy80Hillsboro, WI  Rate It!
Hixton Travel PlazaI-94 Ex 105Hixton, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #311Hwy35Holmen, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #332Hwy28Horicon, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #740Hwy15Hortonville, WI  Rate It!
Hudson East Travel CenterI-94 Ex 4 (US12)Hudson, WI 816 of 10
Wal-MartI-94 Ex 2Hudson, WI  Rate It!
Welcome CenterUS2EItasca, WI  Rate It!
Village MartHwy60Jackson, WI  Rate It!
Janesville Travel CenterI-90 Ex 171c (US14)Janesville, WI 85Rate It!
Mulligan's Truck StopI-90 Ex 171aJanesville, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #384I-90/I-39 Ex 171a (Hwy26)Janesville, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-90/I-39 Ex 171Janesville, WI  Rate It!
Pine Cone Travel PlazaI-94 Ex 267 (Hwy26)Johnson Creek, WI  Rate It!
Olins Juda OasisHwy11Juda, WI  Rate It!
Wild Goose StationHwy33 & Hwy26Juneau, WI  Rate It!
BP Kenosha Truck StopI-94 Ex 340Kenosha, WI  6 of 10
Wal-MartKenosha, WI  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-94 Ex 347Kenosha, WI  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-94S MM 327Kilbournville, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #391US53/rose StLa Crosse, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #750US14/US61La Crosse, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #816Hwy33La Crosse, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #826US14/US61La Crosse, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #829Hwy35La Crosse, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #455US8 & Hwy27Ladysmith, WI  Rate It!
Ladysmith(Citgo)US8Ladysmith, WI  Rate It!
East MartUS8Ladysmith, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy120 & Hwy50Lake Geneva, WI  Rate It!
Lake MillsI-94 Ex 259Lake Mills, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #306I-94 Ex 159Lake Mills, WI  Rate It!
Laona ShellUS8Laona, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-90E MM 74Lemonweir, WI  Rate It!
Moasis Travel PlazaHwy41 Ex 146Little Chute, WI 50Rate It!
Lomira ShellUS41 Ex 85 (Hwy67)Lomira, WI 15Rate It!
Lyndon Station BPI-90/I-94 Ex 79Lyndon Station, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-90W/I-94 MM 75Lyndon Station, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS12 Ex 255Madison, WI  Rate It!
Manitowoc ShellI-43 Ex 149 (US151)Manitowoc, WI 20Rate It!
Fun-N-Fast Travel CenterI-43 Ex 157Manitowoc, WI  5 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-43 Ex 149 (US151)Manitowoc, WI  Rate It!
Sundown Cafe & Truck StopUS2Maple, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-43N MM 168Maribel, WI  Rate It!
River Cities Fuel PlazaUS41 Ex 141Marinette, WI  Rate It!
CenexHwy13/Hwy73 & Hwy80Marshfield, WI  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-90/I-94 Ex 69 (Hwy82)Mauston, WI3.199 95Rate It!
Kwik Trip #775I-90/I-94 Ex 69Mauston, WI  Rate It!
Mauston Interstate BPI-90 Ex 69Mauston, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #351Hwy64 & Hwy13Medford, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #743US10 & Hwy114Menasha, WI  Rate It!
Exit 45 (Cenex)I-94 Ex 45Menomonie, WI  10 of 10
Kwik Trip #674I-94 Ex 45Menomonie, WI  Rate It!
Love's #622I-94 Ex 45Menomonie, WI3.329  Rate It!
Highway 51 Truck StopUS51 Ex 205 (CRQ)Merrill, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS51 Ex 208 (Hwy64)Merrill, WI  Rate It!
MobilUS14Middleton, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-94E MM 124Millston, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-39S MM 168Milton Junction, WI  Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Boden Ct #1002I-94 Ex 319Milwaukee, WI  Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Hampton Ave #1003US45 Ex 45Milwaukee, WI  Rate It!
HolidayUS53 & Hwy77Minong, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #661Hwy69 & 8th StMonroe, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy11Monroe, WI  Rate It!
Francois Oil Convenience CtrHwy69/Hwy39Monticello, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-43 Ex 42Mukwonago, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #399Hwy21 & Hwy80Necedah, WI  Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Cleveland Ave #1001New Berlin, WI  Rate It!
Bunkhouse Enterprises IncI-90/I-94 Ex 61 (Hwy80)New Lisbon, WI 70Rate It!
New London Travel PlazaHwy54New London, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip SouthUS45 & US45New London, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS45New London, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #337Hwy65New Richmond, WI  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #432I-94 Ex 322 (Hwy100)Oak Creek, WI3.329  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-94 Ex 322 (Hwy100)Oak Creek, WI3.339 150Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-90`/I-94 Ex 48Oakdale, WI3.189  Rate It!
Road RangerI-90/I-94 Ex 48Oakdale, WI3.199 60Rate It!
Ez StopUS141Oconto, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #767Hwy35Onalaska, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #383US53 & Main StOnalaska, WI  Rate It!
Planeview Travel PlazaUS41 Ex 113 (Hwy26)Oshkosh, WI 150Rate It!
Kwik Trip #871US41 Ex 124Oshkosh, WI  2 of 10
Kwik Trip #457US41 Ex 116 (Hwy44)Oshkosh, WI  Rate It!
Collins Truck StopUS41Oshkosh, WI  Rate It!
Speedway Truck Stop #2083US41 Ex 120Oshkosh, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS41 Ex 117Oshkosh, WI  Rate It!
Golden Express T/PI-94 Ex 88Osseo, WI 125Rate It!
SuperamericaI-94 Ex 88Osseo, WI  Rate It!
Oxford Travel PlazaI-39/US51 Ex 106 (Hwy82)Oxford, WI  Rate It!
Pembine Fuels IncorporatedW8130 Us Highway 8Pembine, WI  Rate It!
Eagle Express T/SHwy41Peshtigo, WI 100Rate It!
Kwik Trip #396I-94 Ex 295Pewaukee, WI  Rate It!
Plainfield Travel PlazaI-39 Ex 136 (Hwy73)Plainfield, WI 5010 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS151Platteville, WI  Rate It!
Super 39 ShellI-39 Ex 151 (Hwy54)Plover, WI 125Rate It!
Weber Family StationHwy57 & CRPPPlymouth, WI 30Rate It!
Petro PortageI-90/I-94 Ex 108a (Hwy78)Portage, WI3.199 3009 of 10
Kwik Trip #683I-39 Ex 92 (US51)Portage, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #653US51Portage, WI  Rate It!
R-StoreHwy64Pound, WI  Rate It!
North Point PlazaI-90 Ex 115Poynette, WI  7 of 10
Love's #637I-90 Ex 115 (CR CS)Poynette, WI 73Rate It!
Krachey's BP Truck StopUS18 & Hwy35Prairie du Chien, WI 20+Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS18Prairie Du Chien, WI  Rate It!
Prentice Truck & Travel CenterUS8 & Hwy13Prentice, WI  Rate It!
Oneida Casino & Travel CenterHwy29 Ex 32 (Hwy32)Pulaski, WI  Rate It!
Petro RacineI-94 Ex 333 (Hwy20)Racine, WI3.339 185Rate It!
Kwik Trip #781Hwy21Redgranite, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #838Hwy33Reedsburg, WI  Rate It!
Crescent BPUS8Rhinelander, WI  Rate It!
Remington Oil CompanyUS8Rhinelander, WI  Rate It!
Draeger OilRhinelander, WI  Rate It!
Kum & Go #54US53 Ex 143 (Hwy48)Rice Lake, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #426Hwy48Rice Lake, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS53 Ex 143Rice Lake, WI  Rate It!
Richfield Truck StopHwy41 & Hwy167Richfield, WI 80Rate It!
Pioneer PlazaUS41Richfield, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #363US14 & Co HwyORichland Center, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS14Richland Center, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #392Hwy23Ripon, WI  Rate It!
Flying J Travel Center #470I-94 Ex 10Roberts, WI3.339 86Rate It!
Cr'SUS8 & Hwy35Saint Croix Falls, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS53S MM 122Sand Creek, WI  Rate It!
Western Shores Truck StopI-43 Ex 120Sheboygan, WI 155 of 10
Primary Interstate PlazaI-43 Ex 128 (Hwy42)Sheboygan, WI  Rate It!
Joc's Citgo OasisI-43 Ex 128Sheboygan, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-43 Ex 123Sheboygan, WI  Rate It!
Love's #640I-43 Ex 120 (CR V)Sheboygan, WI 51Rate It!
Rest AreaI-94W MM 122Sheppard, WI  Rate It!
Minertowne MartHwy11Shullsburg, WI  Rate It!
Siren Auto StopWI35Siren, WI  Rate It!
SuperAmericaSomerset, WI  Rate It!
Sparta Travel CenterI-90/Hwy16 Ex 28Sparta, WI 65Rate It!
Kwik Trip #317Hwy16 & Hwy71Sparta, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #318Hwy16 & Hwy27Sparta, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy16Sparta, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #319Hwy13Spencer, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #329Hwy70 & US63Spooner, WI  Rate It!
River Valley OilHwy14Spring Green, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-39N MM 118Springfield Corners, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-39S MM 120Springfield Corners, WI  Rate It!
SuperAmericaUS8St Croix Falls, WI  Rate It!
Stanley Travel StopHwy29 Ex 101Stanley, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #342I-39 Ex 159 (Hwy66)Stevens Point, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS51Stoughton, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartSturgeon Bay, WI  Rate It!
Citgo Auto Travel PlazaI-94/Hwy20 Ex 333Sturtevant, WI 40Rate It!
I-94-20 Shell PlazaI-94 Ex 333Sturtevant, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #686I-94/US41Sturtevant, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #395Hwy11Sturtevant, WI  Rate It!
Suamico CitgoUS141/US41 Ex 176/176Suamico, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS151 Ex 101Sun Prairie, WI  Rate It!
Holiday Station Store #229US53/US2Superior, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy35Superior, WI  Rate It!
Rhodes JunctionHwy32/Hwy64Suring, WI  Rate It!
Quarry Mart MobilHwy74 & LIsbon RdSussex, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS41NTheresa Station, WI  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS41STheresa Station, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #796I-90 Ex 143 (Hwy21) & US12Tomah, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #718US12Tomah, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-94 Ex 143 (Hwy21)Tomah, WI  Rate It!
Trego Travel CenterUS53/US63 & CRETrego, WI  Rate It!
Tripoli AutoUS8Tripoli, WI  Rate It!
SSG HolidayUS8/US63Turtle Lake, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #847Hwy33Union Center, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS14/US61Viroqua, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #354Hwy26Watertown, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #425I-94 Ex 293 (Grandview Blvd)Waukesha, WI  Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Pearl St #1005Hwy164Waukesha, WI  Rate It!
Waupaca Mobil Travel CenterUS10 Ex 59wWaupaca, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #651Hwy49Waupun, WI  Rate It!
Rib Mountain Travel CenterUS51/Hwy29 Ex 188Wausau, WI  Rate It!
I-90 CenexI-90 Ex 12West Salem, WI  Rate It!
Lloyd's Travel PlazaI-90 Ex 12West Salem, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #684Hwy16West Salem, WI  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-90E MM 10West Salem, WI  Rate It!
Weyerhaeuser Equity Co-OpUS8Weyerhaeuser, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #729US53Whitehall, WI  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS12Whitewater, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #603I-94 Ex 28 (Hwy128)Wilson, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #673I-39/I-90 Ex 131 (Hwy19)Windsor, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #612Hwy116Winneconne, WI  Rate It!
Kwik Trip #310Hwy13Wisconsin Rapids, WI  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS13Wisconsin Rapids, WI  Rate It!
Wilderness Crossing T/CHwy29/US45 Ex 198Wittenberg, WI 70Rate It!