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Truck Stops In Pennsylvania

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These are the Pennsylvania truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ allows you to find truck stops by route, state/province, interstate, or affiliation, and returns you current prices, amenities, maps, reviews, and much more.

These truck stop listings are brought to you courtesy of TruckMaster®, providing industry leading trucking software solutions since 1990.

Costs per gallon are in US dollars, and are for ULSD where available. Click on the hyperlink to view more information on the Pennsylvania truck stop.

NameAddressCity, STCPG PkSpRating
Rest AreaI-81S MM 157Albert, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-22 & Airport RdAllentown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideAllentown, PA  Rate It!
Trexler PlazaI-78/I-78 Ex 49b/49aAllentown, PA 1028 of 10
24/7 Truck StopI-80 Ex 210bAllenwood, PA  Rate It!
Kettle St Gold Star ServI-99 Ex 41 (Hwy764)Altoona, PA  Rate It!
Reighard's Gold Star ServiceHwy764Altoona, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMarket & Bethel StAston, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-95N MM 0.5Aston, PA  Rate It!
Barkeyville Travel CenterI-80 Ex 29 (Hwy8)Barkeyville, PA 112Rate It!
Kwik Fill #229I-80 Ex 29 (Hwy8)Barkeyville, PA  Rate It!
Bartonsville ExxonI-80W Ex 302 (Hwy611) Or I-80E Ex 302bBartonsville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-76 Ex 146Bedford, PA  Rate It!
North Midway Service PlazaI-76W MM 150Bedford, PA2.729  Rate It!
Get and GoI-76/I-99 Ex 146/1Bedford, PA  Rate It!
Sac Shop Incorporated #11I-76/I-70 & US30Bedford, PA  Rate It!
Sac Shop-BedfordI-99 Ex 1 (US220)Bedford, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-70/I-70 Ex 46a/46b (Hwy51)Belle Vernon, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy144/Hwy150Bellefonte, PA  Rate It!
Bellwood 207/ MartinI-99 Ex 41 (Old US220)Bellwood, PA  Rate It!
Bensalem Travel PlazaI-95 Ex 37Bensalem, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-70 Ex 32bBentleyville, PA2.859 90Rate It!
Midway ExxonI-78 Ex 16Bethel, PA  Rate It!
Midway Truck StopI-78 Ex 16Bethel, PA  Rate It!
Bethel ShellI-78 Ex 13 (Hwy501)Bethel, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideBethel Park, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideBethlehem, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS422 & Hwy345Birdsboro, PA  Rate It!
Bloomsburg Travel CenterI-80 Ex 232 (Hwy42)Bloomsburg, PA 190Rate It!
Kwik Fill #390US15 & Hwy2026Blossburg, PA  1 of 10
Blue Mountain Serv. Plaza #7081I-76W MM 203Blue Mountain, PA2.729  Rate It!
Bowmansville Service PlazaI-76E MM 290Bowmansville, PA2.789  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS219Bradford, PA  Rate It!
Breezewood Travel CenterI-76 Ex 161 (Hwy30) Or I-70 & Hwy30Breezewood, PA 200Rate It!
All American (Breezewood) #516I-70 Ex 12 (PATP)Breezewood, PA2.839 280Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79S MM 110Brent, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy50 & Millers Run RdBridgeville, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm StoreHwy74Brogue, PA  Rate It!
Brookville Travel CenterI-80 Ex 78 (Hwy36)Brookville, PA 219Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 78 (Hwy36/Hwy28)Brookville, PA  Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #707I-80 Ex 78 (Hwy36)Brookville, PA2.859 140Rate It!
Weigh StationI-81N MM 132Buck Mountain, PA  Rate It!
CitgoUS422Butler, PA  5 of 10
Pacific PrideUS422Butler, PA  Rate It!
Pump N Pantry #18Hwy14Canton, PA  Rate It!
Gable's of CarlisleI-81 Ex 52 (US11) Or I-76 Ex 226Carlisle, PA 40Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #708I-81 Ex 52a (US11) Or I-76 Ex 226Carlisle, PA2.799 2788 of 10
PetroI-81 Ex 52 (US11) Or I-76 Ex 226Carlisle, PA 380Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #407I-81 Ex 52b Or I-76 Ex 226 (US11)Carlisle, PA2.719 125Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 194Carroll, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 194Carroll, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy30Chambersburg, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm StoreI-81 Ex 14 (Hwy316)Chambersburg, PA  5 of 10
Pacific PrideI-70 Ex 40 (Hwy88)Charleroi, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #16214I-80 Ex 62Clarion, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-70E MM 5Claysville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy879 & 2nd StClearfield, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS322Clearfield, PA  Rate It!
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 120Clearfield, PA2.779  9 of 10
Weigh StationI-80E MM 194Clinton County, PA  Rate It!
Exit 141 Truck StopI-79 Ex 141Cochranton, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy523Confluence, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideConshohocken, PA  Rate It!
309 Truck StopPA309Coopersburg, PA  1 of 10
Pacific PrideCoraopolis, PA  Rate It!
American Truck StopUS15 & Mansfield RdCovington, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-79S MM 163Crossingville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-70E MM 153Crystal Spring, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79S MM 50Cuddy, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79N MM 50Cuddy, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-81N MM 38Cumminsville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-81S MM 38Cumminsville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideCurwensville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMain ST & Overbrook AveDallas, PA  Rate It!
Scott FuelI-81 Ex 199 (Hwy524)Dalton, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-76W MM 279Denver, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-70E MM 5Donegal Twp, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 256Drums, PA2.799 60Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS219 & Dubois STDu Bois, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-80 Ex 97 (US219)DuBois, PA2.859 100Rate It!
Liberty Travel PlazaUS11/US15Duncannon, PA2.599  Rate It!
Clarks Ferry All American TravelUS22/US322Duncannon, PA2.839 68Rate It!
Kwik Fill Auto Truck Plaza #249Hwy22Duncansville, PA  5 of 10
PetroI-81 Ex 178b (Hwy315)Dupont, PA 3005 of 10
Pacific PrideDysart, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm StoreHwy234 & Hwy94East Berlin, PA  Rate It!
Martin's Trailside ExpressRt897 & Rt322East Earl, PA2.579 20Rate It!
Sheetz #0169I-99 Ex 23East Freedom, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy447East Stroudsburg, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-78W MM 76Easton, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideEaston, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS422Ebensburg, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79N MM 163Edinboro University, PA  Rate It!
7-11I-70/Hwy519 Ex 25Eighty Four, PA  Rate It!
Peter J. Camiel Service PlazaI-76W MM 305Elverson, PA2.679  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 88Emerickville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 87Emerickville, PA  Rate It!
Emlenton Truck PlazaI-80 Ex 42Emlenton, PA 7510 of 10
Pacific PrideEmmaus, PA  Rate It!
Turn OutI-70W MM 155Emmaville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS322Ephrata, PA  Rate It!
Adeles Store #2I-90 Ex 24Erie, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-90 Ex 27 (Hwy97)Erie, PA2.899 85Rate It!
Adeles Store #1 - GreengardenI-79 Ex 183a (Hwy5/Hwy290)Erie, PA  Rate It!
Crosby's & Tim HortonsI-90 Ex 7Erie, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy290/Hwy5Erie, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideErie, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy291Essington, PA  Rate It!
Devita & Sons (Valero)I-95 Ex 9a (Hwy420)Essington, PA  Rate It!
Valley Green RepairI-83 Ex 34Etters, PA  Rate It!
Urraro Oil Co.(Marathon)I-90 Ex 18 (Hwy832)Fairview, PA  5 of 10
Sheetz #194I-80 Ex 97 (US219)Falls Creek, PA  Rate It!
Sunoco A PlusI-276 Ex 351Feasterville Trevose, PA  Rate It!
Amerada Hess #38411US222 & Hwy662Fleetwood, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-78 Ex 6Fredericksburg, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-90W MM 46Freeport, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideFriedens, PA  Rate It!
ARA Self ServiceRT41Gap, PA  Rate It!
Gettysburg Travel PlazaUS15 & Hwy394Gettysburg, PA 20Rate It!
Wal-MartUS30Gettysburg, PA  Rate It!
Gouldsboro Travel PlazaI-380 Ex 13Gouldsboro, PA2.699  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-81S MM 79Grantville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-81N MM 79Grantville, PA  Rate It!
Great Bend ExxonI-81/Hwy11 Ex 230Great Bend, PA  Rate It!
Great Bend SunocoI-81/Hwy11 Ex 230Great Bend, PA  Rate It!
SunocoI-81 Ex 5 (Hwy16)Greencastle, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-81N MM 7Greencastle, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-81S MM 10Greencastle, PA  Rate It!
Greencastle Travel CenterI-81 Ex 5 (Hwy16)Greencastle, PA 194Rate It!
Pacific PrideRoseytown RdGreensburg, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-84WGreentown, PA  Rate It!
Lakewood Oil Co Truck StopI-84 Ex 20Greentown, PA2.679  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-84W MM 26Greentown, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-84E MM 26Greentown, PA  Rate It!
Raceway Whistle StopI-84/Hwy507 Ext 20Greentown, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-81S MM 232Hallstead, PA  Rate It!
Chrome PalaceI-78 Ex 23Hamburg, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHamburg, PA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-78 Ex 23Hamburg, PA2.749  Rate It!
Harborcreek Travel CenterI-90/Hwy531 Ex 35Harborcreek, PA 266Rate It!
Penn-Can Restaurant/Truck StopI-81 Ex 217 (Hwy547)Harford, PA2.639  Rate It!
Liberty Truck CenterI-81 Ex 217 (Hwy547)Harford, PA2.619  Rate It!
Harmony Truck RepairI-79S Ex 88 Or I-79N Ex 87Harmony, PA  Rate It!
Harrisburg Service PlazaI-81 Ex 77 (Hwy39)Harrisburg, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-83 Ex 44bHarrisburg, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-81 Ex 77 (Hwy39)Harrisburg, PA2.799 30Rate It!
Harrisburg Travel CenterI-81 Ex 77 (Hwy39)Harrisburg, PA 178Rate It!
Wilco Hess #7001I-81 Ex 77 (Hwy39)Harrisburg, PA2.770  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS322Harrisburg, PA  Rate It!
Exit 77 Travel PlazaI-81 Ex 77Harrisburg, PA 25Rate It!
GCB Fuel StopI-80 Ex 29Harrisville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 30Harrisville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 30Harrisville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy191Hawley, PA  Rate It!
Humboldt ShellI-81 Ex 143Hazle Township, PA  Rate It!
Fuel On #94346I-81 Ex 143 (Hwy924)Hazleton, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy924 & CRanberry RDHazleton, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaUS30Heidlersburg, PA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy18Hermitage, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy743Hershey, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80W MM 246Hetlerville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 246Hetlerville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 246Hetlerville, PA  Rate It!
Highspire Service PlazaI-76E MM 250Highspire, PA2.789  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy56 & Round Top RdHomer City, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHomer City, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHoutzdale, PA  Rate It!
Prima Marketing #5260I-76 Ex 7Irwin, PA  Rate It!
Jiffy Mini Mart II SunocoI-79 Ex 121 (US62)Jackson Center, PA  Rate It!
Hickory Run Service PlazaI-476 MM 86Jim Thorpe, PA2.919  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #187US219Johnsonburg, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-70W MM 171Johnsons Mill, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideJohnstown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy56Johnstown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific Pride(BP)Johnstown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideJohnstown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy56Johnstown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy403Johnstown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy756Johnstown, PA  Rate It!
Jonestown CitgoUS22 & Racehorse DrJonestown, PA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-81 Ex 90Jonestown, PA2.719  Rate It!
Pacific PrideKane, PA  Rate It!
King of Prussia Service PlazaI-276W MM 328King Of Prussia, PA2.679  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79N MM 6Kirby, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80E MM 56 Or I-80W MM 56Knox, PA  Rate It!
Bandit Truck StopI-78 Ex 45 (Hwy863)Kutztown, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill A/T Plaza #226I-80 Ex 133Kylertown, PA  Rate It!
Mt Cobb Travel PlazaI-84 Ex 8Lake Ariel, PA2.699  Rate It!
Howe's 84 Auto/Truck PlazaI-84 Ex 17Lake Ariel, PA 200Rate It!
Lamar Travel CenterI-80 Ex 173 (Hwy64)Lamar, PA 168Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy72Lancaster, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS222/Hwy272Lancaster, PA  Rate It!
Lancaster Tank & Truck WashHwy283 & Hwy741Lancaster, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS30 & Greenfield RdLancaster, PA  Rate It!
Service PlazaI-276W MM 352Langhorne, PA  Rate It!
North Neshaminy Service Plaza EBI-276E MM 352Langhorne, PA  Rate It!
Lawn Service Plaza #7091I-76W MM 259Lawn, PA2.789  Rate It!
Kwik Fill Auto Truck Plaza #196Hwy287Lawrenceville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideLemoyne, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-81S MM 208Lenoxville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS522Lewistown, PA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS22Lewistown, PA  Rate It!
Liberty ExxonHwy414 & US15Liberty, PA  Rate It!
North Neshaminy Service Plaza WBI-276W MM 351Linconia, PA  Rate It!
Perry Petroleum PlaceUS11/US15Liverpool, PA  Rate It!
Bald Eagle Truck StopLock Haven, PA  Rate It!
Pit Stop Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 192Loganton, PA  Rate It!
Bressler's Truck PlazaI-80 Ex 192 (Hwy254)Loganton, PA  Rate It!
Keystone Truck StopUS22 & Hwy164Loretto, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS22 & PA164Loretto, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideLoyalhanna, PA  Rate It!
Hess #38429I-76 Ex 266 (Hwy72)Manheim, PA  Rate It!
Rt 15 ExxonRt15Mansfield, PA  Rate It!
Eddie's Truck StopRT15Mansfield, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm StoreUS30 & Cools Sprgs RdMarietta, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy403Marion Center, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRoute 21 & 166Masontown, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy28 & Hwy536Mayport, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS19McMurray, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #173I-79 Ex 147b (US19)Meadville, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill Auto Truck Plaza #259US11Mechanicsburg, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 15 (Hwy19)Mercer, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS219Meyersdale, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMiddletown, PA  Rate It!
Love's #535Hwy283Middletown, PA2.749  Rate It!
South Midway Service PlazaI-76E MM 148Midway, PA2.729  Rate It!
Tom's MifflintownUS322Mifflintown, PA  Rate It!
Mifflinville Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 242 (Hwy339)Mifflinville, PA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-80 Ex 242 (SR339)Mifflinville, PA2.749  Rate It!
Bestway Travel CenterI-80 Ex 158 (PA150)Milesburg, PA  Rate It!
Milesburg Travel CenterI-80 Ex 158 (Hwy150)Milesburg, PA 122Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #709I-80 Ex 173 (Hwy64)Mill Hall, PA2.799 155Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-80/Hwy64 Ex 173Mill Hall, PA2.799 701 of 10
Tom's Travel Center #49US322Milroy, PA 1005 of 10
Bressler's Truck PlazaI-80 Ex 215 (Hwy254)Milton, PA  Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #555I-80 Ex 215 (Hwy254)Milton, PA2.799 3504 of 10
Pacific PrideUS22Monroeville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMontoursville, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79N MM 107Moores Corners, PA  Rate It!
Montage ExxonI-81 Ex 182aMoosic, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRte 53 & Deer Creek RdMorrisdale, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy230 & OrchardMount Joy, PA  Rate It!
BFS Truck/Auto PlazaI-79 Ex 1Mount Morris, PA  7 of 10
Blue Ridge PlazaI-81 Ex 155Mountain Top, PA  Rate It!
Dorrance SunocoI-81 Ex 155Mountain Top, PA  Rate It!
Muncy Truck StopI-180 Ex 15Muncy, PA2.659  Rate It!
Frystown All Amer- Flying J #518I-78 Ex 10 (Hwy645)Myerstown, PA2.799 1505 of 10
Sheetz Incorporated #48US22 & Hwy271Nanty Glo, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-81N MM 156Nescopeck Pass, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy66/Hwy28New Bethlehem, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy108 & Hwy18New Castle, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm StoreI-83 Ex 39a (Hwy114)New Cumberland, PA  Rate It!
Tom's ShrewsburyI-83 Ex 4 (Hwy851)New Freedom, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-83N MM 2New Freedom, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationHwy41New Garden, PA  Rate It!
Gibson ExxonI-81 Ex 219New Milford, PA  Rate It!
Gibson Travel PlazaI-81 Ex 219New Milford, PA2.619  Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #710I-81 Ex 219 (Hwy848)New Milford, PA2.799 125Rate It!
New Stanton Service Plaza #7089I-76W MM 77.6New Stanton, PA2.769  Rate It!
New Tripoli PlazaNew Tripoli, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm Store #53I-83 Ex 32Newberrytown, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #228I-90 Ex 45North East, PA  Rate It!
Stateline BPI-90 Ex 45 (US20)North East, PA  Rate It!
Buy N Fly #3US30 & Hwy48North Versailles, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-81S MM 158Nuangola, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-81N MM 156Nuangola, PA  Rate It!
Oakmont Plum Service PlazaI-76E MM 49Oakmont, PA2.768  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy10Parkesburg, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePatton, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS322 & IrwinPhilipsburg, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePhilipsburg, PA  Rate It!
Pine Grove Travel - Pilot #522I-81 Ex 100 (Hwy443)Pine Grove, PA2.799 155Rate It!
Empire Fuel Stop - Pilot #871I-81 Ex 100 (Hwy443)Pine Grove, PA2.799 10Rate It!
Raceway Truck StopI-81 Ex 104Pine Grove, PA2.679  Rate It!
Pacific PridePittsburgh, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-376 Ex 5c (Hwy837)Pittsburgh, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePittsburgh, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-81N Ex 175b Or I-47 Ex 115Pittston, PA2.799 80Rate It!
Hi-Way Auto & Truck ServiceI-81 Ex 175b (Hwy315)Pittston, PA  Rate It!
Cumberland Service Plaza #7082I-76E MM 219Plainfield, PA2.789  Rate It!
Pacific PrideMorgantown Rd & Alleghnany RDPlowville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS6Port Allegany, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS19Portersville, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-79 Ex 99 (US422)Portersville, PA2.859 506 of 10
Rest AreaI-80E MM 219Pottsgrove, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 220Pottsgrove, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideW High StPottstown, PA  Rate It!
GasWayI-81 Ex 124a (Hwy61)Pottsville, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #282US422Prospect, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy372Quarryville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS422 & E Lancaster AveReading, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy61 & WhitmanReading, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy12 & Wayne StReading, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #175Hwy8Reno, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideRidgway, PA  Rate It!
Lancaster Travel PlazaUS30/Lincoln HwyRonks, PA2.599  Rate It!
Dandy Mini Mart #19Hwy17 Ex 59a (Hwy56)Sayre, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79N MM 135Schofield Corners, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 295Scotrun, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-79S MM 135Sheakleyville, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-81N MM 78Shellsville, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-81 Ex 24Shippensburg, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideShippensburg, PA  Rate It!
USA Gas MartHwy61Shoemakersville, PA  Rate It!
Sideling Hill Serv. Plaza #7080I-76 MM 172Sideling Hill, PA2.729  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS6Smethport, PA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #620I-70 Ex 49Smithton, PA2.859 145Rate It!
Smithton Truck StopI-70 Ex 49Smithton, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 146Snow Shoe, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 146Snow Shoe, PA  Rate It!
Rees Truck StopI-80 Ex 147 (Hwy144)Snow Shoe, PA  Rate It!
Snow Shoe Auto Truck PlazaI-80 Ex 147Snow Shoe, PA  Rate It!
N. Somerset Service Plaza #7077I-70W/I-76 MM 112Somerset, PA2.769  Rate It!
Somerset Travel CenterI-76 Ex 110Somerset, PA 70Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy31 & NeilanSomerset, PA  Rate It!
S. Summerset Service Plaza #7076I-70E/I-76 MM 112Somerset, PA2.769  Rate It!
Pacific PrideState College, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-81N MM 2State Line, PA  Rate It!
Promised Land Fuel StopI-84 Ex 26 (Hwy390)Tafton, PA2.679  Rate It!
Liberty Express TannersvilleI-80 Ex 299Tannersville, PA  Rate It!
Liberty Express - TobyhannaTobyhanna, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-81N MM 203Tompkinsville, PA  Rate It!
Steam Valley Truck StopHwy14 & US15Trout run, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS220 & Hwy350Tyrone, PA  Rate It!
Valley Forge Service PlazaI-76 MM 380Valley Forge, PA2.679  Rate It!
Town Hill Truck StopI-70 Ex 156 (Old126/Hwy643)Warfordsburg, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #371US62Warren, PA  Rate It!
Kwik Fill #295US6Warren, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-76 & Thorn Hill RDWarrendale, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-70 Ex 17Washington, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-79S MM 30Washington, PA  Rate It!
Allentown Service PlazaI-476N/I-476S MM 55/55Wescosville, PA2.919  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS202/US322 & Lincoln AveWest Chester, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 1West Middlesex, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy885West Mifflin, PA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-90E MM 2West Springfield, PA  Rate It!
BP Stateline Exit 3 Travel CenterI-90 Ex 3West Springfield, PA  3 of 10
Hickory Run Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 274 (Hwy534)White Haven, PA2.799  Rate It!
E-FuelI-80 Ex 274 (Hwy534)White Haven, PA 50Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 270White Haven, PA  Rate It!
Wilkes Barre ExxonI-81/Hwy115 Ex 170aWilkes Barre, PA  Rate It!
Kidders Street SunocoI-81 Ex 170bWilkes Barre, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-180/US220Williamsport, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-80 Ex 123 (Hwy970)Woodland, PA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-95S MM 49Yardley, PA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-95S MM 50Yardley, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-83 Ex 21b (US30)York, PA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy462York, PA  Rate It!
Rutter's Farm StoreUS30 & Hwy116York, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideYork, PA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-83 Ex 18 (Hwy124)York, PA  Rate It!
Shell Truck StopUS15York Springs, PA  Rate It!