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Truck Stops In Nebraska

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These are the Nebraska truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ allows you to find truck stops by route, state/province, interstate, or affiliation, and returns you current prices, amenities, maps, reviews, and much more.

These truck stop listings are brought to you courtesy of TruckMaster®, providing industry leading trucking software solutions since 1990.

Costs per gallon are in US dollars, and are for ULSD where available. Click on the hyperlink to view more information on the Nebraska truck stop.

NameAddressCity, STCPG PkSpRating
Road RunnerUS20Ainsworth, NE  Rate It!
Grand Island Travel CenterI-80 Ex 305Alda, NE2.399 8210 of 10
Pump & Pantry #35US183Alma, NE2.399  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-80 Ex 332 (Hwy14)Aurora, NE2.349  Rate It!
HomesteadUS77Beatrice, NE  Rate It!
One Stop Country StoreUS136Beatrice, NE  Rate It!
Flying JI-80 Ex 107Big Springs, NE2.399 500Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 194Brady, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 194Brady, NE  Rate It!
Pump and Pantry #14 - Broken BowUS2Broken Bow, NE2.299  Rate It!
Happy Jacks C-StoreI-80 Ex 117Brule, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 9Bushnell, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 51Cabelas Inc, NE  Rate It!
Pump and Pantry #4 - CairoHwy2/Hwy11Cairo, NE2.299  Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #29Hwy30Central City, NE2.399  Rate It!
Big Bat's ShellUS20Chadron, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 82Chappell, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 87Chappell, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 61Colton, NE  Rate It!
T-Bone Truck PlazaUS30 & US81Columbus, NE  Rate It!
Cubbys ColumbusUS30/US81Columbus, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS30Columbus, NE  Rate It!
Sapp BrosHwy30Columbus, NE2.329  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 226Darr, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 227Darr, NE  Rate It!
Elgin One StopHwy14Elgin, NE 20Rate It!
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 263 (Odessa Rd)Elm Creek, NE2.349  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #901I-80 Ex 257 (US183)Elm Creek, NE2.399 75Rate It!
Maatsch Food & FuelHwy136Fairbury, NE  1 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy15Fairbury, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 159Flats, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 159Flats, NE  Rate It!
Sapp BrosUS77 & US275/US30Fremont, NE2.329  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS275Fremont, NE  Rate It!
Pappy's PlaceHwy14 & Hwy22Fullerton, NE  Rate It!
Cyclone Express MartHwy71Gering, NE  Rate It!
Fort Kearney Trading PostI-80 Ex 279 (Hwy10)Gibbon, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 375Goehner, NE  Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #34US20 & Hwy27Gordon, NE2.399  Rate It!
Plaza ShellI-80 Ex 211 (Hwy47)Gothenburg, NE  Rate It!
I-80 Pit StopI-80 Ex 211 (Hwy47)Gothenburg, NE  Rate It!
Casey's General Store #2732US30Grand Island, NE  Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #2US30/US281Grand Island, NE2.299  Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #15US30Grand Island, NE2.299 50Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS281Grand Island, NE  Rate It!
Bosselman Travel CenterI-80 Ex 312 (US281)Grand Island, NE2.399 400Rate It!
Cubby's Greenwood T/PI-80 Ex 420 (Hwy63)Greenwood, NE  Rate It!
Flying J #686I-80 Ex 432Gretna, NE2.399 150Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #24US6Hastings, NE2.399 50Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS34Hastings, NE  Rate It!
Ampride Convience StoreUS6/US34/US281/S Baltimore AveHastings, NE  Rate It!
Fuel Mart #791I-80 Ex 342 (Hwy93a)Henderson, NE  Rate It!
Western Gas & ConvenienceI-80 Ex 164Hershey, NE  Rate It!
Pump and Pantry #23 - HoldregeUS6/Hwy183Holdrege, NE2.450  Rate It!
Club 81 ServiceUS81 & Hwy91Humphrey, NE  Rate It!
Red's CornerHwy2 & Hwy61Hyannis, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy10Kearney, NE  Rate It!
Turn OutI-80E MM 18Kimball, NE  Rate It!
Kwik StopHwy71Kimball, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 25Kimball, NE  Rate It!
Nebraskaland Tire / Truck CenterI-80 Ex 237 (US283)Lexington, NE 60Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-80 Ex 237 (US283)Lexington, NE  Rate It!
Shoemaker's Truck StationI-80 Ex 395Lincoln, NE2.349  6 of 10
Sapp BrosUS6Lincoln, NE2.349  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS81Lincoln, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 431Linoma Beach, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS6McCook, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 381Milford, NE  Rate It!
Weigh StationHwy2Nebraska City, NE  Rate It!
Tags 1 StopUS73/US75Nebraska City, NE  Rate It!
Sunny'sUS20 & Hwy137Newport, NE  Rate It!
Prime Stop NorthUS81Norfolk, NE  Rate It!
Cubby's Norfolk T/PUS81Norfolk, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS275Norfolk, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterNorth Platte, NE  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80E MM 180North Platte, NE  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #390I-80 Ex 179North Platte, NE2.389  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-80W MM 180North Platte, NE  Rate It!
Flying J #687I-80 Ex 179North Platte, NE2.399 1233 of 10
Cubby's O'NeillUS20O'Neill, NE 15Rate It!
Oakland One StopHwy77 & Hwy32Oakland, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 269Odessa, NE  Rate It!
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 126Ogallala, NE2.349  Rate It!
Ogallala Travel CenterI-80 Ex 126 (US26/Hwy61)Ogallala, NE 94Rate It!
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 440 (Hwy50)Omaha, NE2.349  7 of 10
Trans/Mid-AmericaUS6Omaha, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-29N MM 38Pacific City, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-29S MM 38Pacific City, NE  Rate It!
Casey's General Store #2743Hwy2Palmyra, NE  Rate It!
Shoemakers South T/SUS77Roca, NE2.349  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 124Roscoe, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 132Roscoe, NE  Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #13Hwy281Saint Paul, NE2.399  Rate It!
Jims Truck StopUS281Saint Paul, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy26Scottsbluff, NE  Rate It!
Western Travel TerminalHwy71Scottsbluff, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy15Seward, NE  Rate It!
Love's #625I-80 Ex 59Sidney, NE2.349  Rate It!
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 59Sidney, NE2.349  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 425South Bend, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80E MM 314South Platte, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 316South Platte, NE  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS75South Sioux City, NE  Rate It!
Crystal Oil CompanyI-129 Ex 2South Sioux City, NE  5 of 10
Nutcracker BPSyracuse, NE  3 of 10
The NutcrakerHwy50Syracuse, NE  Rate It!
Trails WestHwy25 & US34Trenton, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 270University Nebraska Kearney, NE  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 405University Place, NE  1 of 10
Midway Oil CoUS20/US83Valentine, NE  Rate It!
ShellUS83/Hwy20Valentine, NE  Rate It!
Rosebud Casino Fuel PlazaHwy83Valentine, NE  Rate It!
Love's #631Hwy275Valley, NE2.329  Rate It!
Satnam Fuel ExpressI-80 Ex 360 (Hwy93B)Waco, NE  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS6 MM 327Waverly, NE  Rate It!
Wayne East Prime StopHwy35 & Centennial RdWayne, NE  Rate It!
West Point Travel PlazaUS275 & Hwy9West Point, NE  Rate It!
Get N SplitI-80 Ex 305Wood River, NE  Rate It!
Pilot #912I-80 Ex 300Wood River, NE2.399 506 of 10
Rest AreaI-80E MM 350York, NE  Rate It!
Sapp BrosI-80 Ex 353 (US81)York, NE2.349  Rate It!
CrossroadsI-80 & US81York, NE  1 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-80 Ex 353 (US81)York, NE  Rate It!
Petro YorkI-80 Ex 353 (US81)York, NE2.379 250Rate It!
Rest AreaI-80W MM 355York, NE  Rate It!