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Truck Stops In Georgia

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These are the Georgia truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ allows you to find truck stops by route, state/province, interstate, or affiliation, and returns you current prices, amenities, maps, reviews, and much more.

These truck stop listings are brought to you courtesy of TruckMaster®, providing industry leading trucking software solutions since 1990.

Costs per gallon are in US dollars, and are for ULSD where available. Click on the hyperlink to view more information on the Georgia truck stop.

NameAddressCity, STCPG PkSpRating
QuikTrip #757I-75 Ex 306 (Hwy140)Adairsville, GA  5 of 10
Rest AreaI-75N MM 308Adairsville, GA  Rate It!
Adel Truck PlazaI-75 Ex 39 (W 4th St/Hwy37)Adel, GA  7 of 10
Pilot Travel CenterHwy300 & Clark AveAlbany, GA1.959 80Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS82 Ex 8Albany, GA  Rate It!
The Road RunnerUS82Albany, GA  Rate It!
Oakridge Self ServeHwy234 & Hwy91Albany, GA  Rate It!
Road Runners Truck StopHwy32Alma, GA  Rate It!
Parker's Food MartGA32Alma, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo ExpressUS23/Hwy365/Hwy13Alto, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS280Americus, GA  Rate It!
Chevron Food Mart #1US19Americus, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75N MM 85Ashburn, GA  Rate It!
A1 Truck StopI-75 Ex 84 (Hwy159)Ashburn, GA  1 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS78 & US29Athens, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3346US29Athens, GA  2 of 10
Happy StoreI-20 Ex 49Atlanta, GA  1 of 10
Pilot Travel CenterI-285 Ex 51Atlanta, GA1.999 1003 of 10
Quick Fuel-Norcross #2201I-85N Ex 95b Or I-85S Ex 96Atlanta, GA  Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Fulton Ind #2203Hwy70Atlanta, GA  Rate It!
Quick Fuel-Clark Howell #2204I-75 Ex 237 Or I-285 Ex 58Atlanta, GA  Rate It!
QuikTrip Travel CenterI-85 Ex 96Atlanta, GA  4 of 10
Sunoco Truck StopI-20 Ex 49 (Hwy70)Atlanta, GA  Rate It!
PetroI-285 Ex 12 (US78)Atlanta, GA2.019 499 Preferred Parking >3 of 10
QuikTrip Travel Center #777Hwy70 & Hwy6Atlanta, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-520E Ex 5a Or I-520W Ex 5bAugusta, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-20 Ex 200 (Hwy104)Augusta, GA1.959 90Rate It!
C-MartI-520 Ex 9 (Hwy56)Augusta, GA  4 of 10
DLs Convenience StoreI-520 Ex 9 (Hwy56)Augusta, GA  5 of 10
Welcome CenterI-20W MM 201Augusta, GA  Rate It!
T.P.S. #25US25 Ex 7Augusta, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy232Augusta, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-20 Ex 194 (Hwy383)Augusta, GA1.959 30Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy6Austell, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Exp #3894US84 & US27Bainbridge, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3910US84 & US27Bainbridge, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3909Hwy38Bainbridge, GA  Rate It!
InlandUS84 Byp & Shotwell StBainbridge, GA  Rate It!
Mr Pips Auto Truck PlazaUS27 & US84Bainbridge, GA  Rate It!
Bainbridge Truck StopHwy84Bainbridge, GA  Rate It!
Us #1 BpUS1Baxley, GA  Rate It!
Riverside Travel CenterHwy62Blakely, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-16EBlichton, GA  Rate It!
Lucky LandUS1Blythe, GA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-75S MM 352Boynton, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-85 Ex 129 (Hwy53)Braselton, GA1.939 701 of 10
KangarooI-20 Ex 11 (US27)Bremen, GA  Rate It!
Swifti-Texaco Food Mart #7I-20 Ex 11 (US27)Bremen, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20 Ex 11 (US27 Byp)Bremen, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-20W MM 15Bremn, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-95S MM 40Broadfield, GA  7 of 10
Flying J #627I-95 Ex 29 (US17)Brunswick, GA1.959 15010 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy25Brunswick, GA  Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #405I-95 Ex 29 (US17)Brunswick, GA1.949 125Rate It!
TA Brunswick #258I-95 Ex 29Brunswick, GA1.989  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-985 Ex 4 (Hwy20)Buford, GA  Rate It!
Byron Travel PlazaI-75 Ex 149 (Hwy49)Byron, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 146Byron, GA1.959 150Rate It!
Flash Foods #264I-75 Ex 149 (Hwy49)Byron, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS84Cairo, GA  Rate It!
Wilco Hess #3005I-75 Ex 318 (US41)Calhoun, GA1.840  5 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy53 & US41Calhoun, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3893US19Camilla, GA  Rate It!
Wal-MartUS19 & Sylvester RdCamilla, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-575 Ex 20 (Hwy515)Canton, GA  Rate It!
Flying J #628I-85 Ex 160 (Hwy51)Carnesville, GA1.939 190Rate It!
Weigh StationI-85N MM 171Carnesville, GA  Rate It!
Petro #377I-85 Ex 160Carnesville, GA 250Rate It!
Echo Truck PlazaI-85 Ex 166 (Hwy106)Carnesville, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-85N MM 160Carnesville, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-85S MM 169Carnesville, GA  Rate It!
Wilco Hess #3001I-85 Ex 166 (Hwy106)Carnesville, GA1.780  Rate It!
Chester PlazaI-85 Ex 160Carnesville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27Carrollton, GA  Rate It!
Gas N GoI-75 Ex 293 (US411)Cartersville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy20 & US41Cartersville, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy293Cartersville, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 296Cartersville, GA1.859 1004 of 10
Cartersville Travel CenterI-75 Ex 296Cartersville, GA1.889 2126 of 10
Kangaroo ExpressI-75/Hwy20 Ex 290Cartersville, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo ExpressI-75 Ex 288Cartersville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27Cedartown, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3660US411Chatsworth, GA  Rate It!
Central Pitt StopUS76Chatsworth, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS76S/US411S MM 9Chatsworth, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo ExpressUS23Clarkesville, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo ExpressUS129Cleveland, GA  Rate It!
S&P MartUS23 Byp & GA26Cochran, GA  Rate It!
Blu Truck StopI-85 Ex 69College Park, GA1.879  Rate It!
Spectrum #45I-185N Ex 3 Or I-85S Ex 4Columbus, GA  Rate It!
Circle KI-185 Ex 1aColumbus, GA  1 of 10
Spectrum Store #7Hwy280Columbus, GA  Rate It!
Wal-MartI-185 Ex 4Columbus, GA  Rate It!
Circle K / SpectrumUS80 Ex 1 (Hwy85)Columbus, GA  Rate It!
Spectrum #8I-185 Ex 8Columbus, GA  1 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-85 Ex 149 (US441)Commerce, GA  Rate It!
Flying JI-85 Ex 147 (Hwy98)Commerce, GA 165Rate It!
Commerce Travel CenterI-85 Ex 149 (US441)Commerce, GA 133Rate It!
CitgoI-285 Ex 53Conley, GA  Rate It!
Turn OutI-20E MM 79Conyers, GA  1 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 101 (US280)Cordele, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 101 (US280/Hwy30/Hwy90)Cordele, GA1.929 602 of 10
Wal-MartHwy105Cornelia, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20 Ex 93Covington, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS19 & Market PL BlvdCumming, GA  Rate It!
Cusseta Food MartHwy520 & US27Cusseta, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideDalton, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy52Dalton, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 328Dalton, GA1.859 1004 of 10
Mapco Express #3511I-75 Ex 326Dalton, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 326Dalton, GA1.859 2105 of 10
Weigh StationI-95N MM 54Darien, GA  Rate It!
El Cheapo Fuel Stop #54I-95 Ex 49 (Hwy251)Darien, GA  Rate It!
Boomerang Food & Fuel StopUS82/Hwy520Dawson, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3903Hwy520/Hwy45Dawson, GA  Rate It!
Mr Pips Auto Truck #2US84Donalsonville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS221 & US441Douglas, GA  Rate It!
Jet FoodHwy441Douglas, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20 Ex 34Douglasville, GA  Rate It!
Jet Food StoreI-16 Ex 51 (US441)Dublin, GA  Rate It!
Neighbor's Express #30I-16 Ex 51 (Hwy441)Dublin, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS80Dublin, GA  1 of 10
Love's Travel StopI-16 Ex 49 (Hwy257)Dublin, GA1.949  Rate It!
Hop-In #2I-16E/I-16W Ex 51/54 (Hwy441/Hwy19)Dublin, GA  Rate It!
Friendly Gus #23I-16 Ex 54Dublin, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-16 Ex 51 (US441)Dublin, GA1.959 201 of 10
Rest AreaI-16E MM 44Dudley, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-16W MM 46Dudley, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy5East Ellijay, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS341 & Hwy117Eastman, GA  Rate It!
Eatonton Travel CenterUS441Eatonton, GA1.989 92Rate It!
Jet Food Store #44Hwy129 & Hwy441Eatonton, GA  Rate It!
Pyramid PetroGA72Elberton, GA  Rate It!
QuikTrip Travel Center #787I-675 Ex 5Ellenwood, GA  5 of 10
Love's Travel Stop #359I-75 Ex 283 (Hwy293)Emerson, GA1.789 105Rate It!
Fairburn Family Travel CenterI-85 Ex 61 (Hwy74)Fairburn, GA 200Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy85Fayetteville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS129Fitzgerald, GA  Rate It!
Friendly Express #31US1/US301Folkston, GA  Rate It!
Patriot's Travel PlazaI-75 Ex 237Forest Park, GA 2001 of 10
Wal-MartI-75 Ex 187 (Hwy83)Forsyth, GA  Rate It!
Rumble Road BPI-75 Ex 181Forsyth, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-75 MM 190Forsyth, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy2Fort Oglethorpe, GA  Rate It!
Exit 19 Auto & Truck PlazaI-85 Ex 19Fortson, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo ExpressGainesville, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3322I-985 Ex 20 (Hwy60)Gainesville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterGainesville, GA  Rate It!
Circle K Truck Stop #5346GA307Garden City, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS19 & Hwy92Griffin, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-20E MM 187Grovetown, GA  Rate It!
T.P.S. #8I-20 Ex 190Grovetown, GA  Rate It!
Big Foot Truck Stop #1I-75 Ex 29Hahira, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS29Hartwell, GA  Rate It!
American JacksUS341Hawkinsville, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS341/Hwy27Hazlehurst, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS341Hazlehurst, GA  8 of 10
Welcome CenterI-185S Ex 12Highland Pines, GA  Rate It!
El Cheapo #04I-95 Ex 87 (Hwy17)Hinesville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS84Hinesville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHiram, GA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-85/Hwy54 Ex 28Hogansville, GA1.949  Rate It!
Commisary ExpressUS84Homerville, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-20E MM 182Howell, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-20W MM 182Howell, GA  Rate It!
Hinkle Tire CenterI-75 Ex 201Jackson, GA  Rate It!
Wilco Hess #3030I-75 Ex 201 (Hwy36)Jackson, GA1.940  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-75 Ex 201 (Hwy36)Jackson, GA1.949 100Rate It!
Atlanta South Travel CenterI-75 Ex 201 (Hwy36)Jackson, GA1.969 118Rate It!
Flying J #630I-75 Ex 201Jackson, GA1.959 200Rate It!
QuikTrip Travel Center #737I-85 Ex 137 (US129)Jefferson, GA  Rate It!
Citgo Food MartI-16 Ex 24 (GA96)Jeffersonville, GA  Rate It!
96 Truck PlazaI-16 Ex 24 (Hwy96)Jeffersonville, GA  Rate It!
Friendly Express #1US84Jesup, GA  Rate It!
Friendly ExpressUS25/US301/US84Jesup, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationUS84Jesup, GA  Rate It!
Fuel Mart #638I-75 Ex 235Jonesboro, GA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-95N Ex 1Kings Bay, GA  Rate It!
PetroI-95 Ex 3Kingsland, GA1.969 136Rate It!
Wilco Hess #3060I-95 Ex 1Kingsland, GA1.940  Rate It!
Green Cedar Travel Plaza #18I-95 Ex 6Kingsland, GA 100Rate It!
Kingsland Travel PlazaI-95 Ex 6Kingsland, GA  Rate It!
Patco Energy Express III-95 Ex 6Kingsland, GA  Rate It!
El CheapoI-95 Ex 3Kingsland, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS27La Grange, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-85N MM 22La Grange, GA  Rate It!
La Grange Travel CenterI-85 Ex 13La Grange, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-85 Ex 13 (Hwy219)LaGrange, GA1.959 60Rate It!
Lake Park Travel CenterI-75 Ex 2Lake Park, GA1.949 75Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-75N MM 3Lake Park, GA  Rate It!
Citgo Travel PlazaI-75 Ex 5 (Hwy376)Lake Park, GA 40Rate It!
Flying J #631I-75 Ex 2Lake Park, GA1.929 200Rate It!
Paper Mill CrossingHwy29Lawrenceville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy316Lawrenceville, GA  Rate It!
Lenox BpI-75 Ex 49 (Hwy547)Lenox, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS29Lilburn, GA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-185N Ex 12Lincoln Hills, GA  Rate It!
Fast Times BpUS378/GA47Lincolnton, GA  Rate It!
JP Lee RoadI-20 Ex 41Lithia Springs, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-20E MM 42Lithia Springs, GA  Rate It!
ChevronI-20 Ex 41 (CR817)Lithia Springs, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-20 Ex 71Lithonia, GA  Rate It!
CitgoI-20 Ex 75Lithonia, GA  1 of 10
Circle M Bp #12GA52 & GA365Lula, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #154Hwy19 & US341Lumber City, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-475 Ex 3 (US80)Macon, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS129Macon, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideUS129Macon, GA  Rate It!
Walthall Oil CompanyI-16 Ex 6Macon, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-20 Ex 114 (US441/US129)Madison, GA1.959 110Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS129Madison, GA  Rate It!
Madison Travel CenterI-20 Ex 114 (US441)Madison, GA 149Rate It!
Wal-MartUS41Marietta, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-575 Ex 1Marietta, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3333I-75 Ex 216Mcdonough, GA  Rate It!
Liberty Center TexacoI-75 Ex 216 (Hwy155)Mcdonough, GA  Rate It!
Neighbor'sI-75 Ex 221Mcdonough, GA  Rate It!
Jay's Fuel StopI-16 Ex 104 (Hwy121)Metter, GA  Rate It!
Metter BPI-16 Ex 98 (Hwy57)Metter, GA  Rate It!
Spectrum Store #52/ Circle KUS27 & US80Midland, GA  Rate It!
Highway 80 ChevronUS80 & Hwy22Midland, GA  Rate It!
El Cheapo Fuel Stop #50I-95 Ex 76 (US84)Midway, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS44Milledgeville, GA  Rate It!
McTeer ShellUS25Millen, GA  Rate It!
Skyland Food MarathonUS76Mineral Bluff, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS78 & Hwy138Monroe, GA  Rate It!
Walton Truck StopUS78 & Hwy83Monroe, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75S MM 118Montezuma, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy54Morrow, GA  Rate It!
D & P Food Store #6US319 & Hwy33Moultrie, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS319 & Hwy133Moultrie, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Exp #3902Hwy35Moultrie, GA  Rate It!
Suzie Q'sUS319Moultrie, GA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-95SMulberry Grove, GA  Rate It!
Greenway Store #612I-85 Ex 41 (US29)Newnan, GA 100Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-85 Ex 47 (Hwy34)Newnan, GA  1 of 10
Pilot Travel CenterI-85 Ex 41 (US29)Newnan, GA1.959 95Rate It!
Rest AreaI-475N MM 8No Macon, GA  Rate It!
Red Roof ExpressI-16 Ex 90 (Hwy1)Oakpark, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #169US129/US319Ocilla, GA  Rate It!
Palmetto ShellHwy154 & US29Palmetto, GA  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-85S MM 176Parkertown, GA  Rate It!
Patterson Truck StopUS84Patterson, GA  Rate It!
Aden's Minit MarketUS221/US441 & US82Pearson, GA  Rate It!
Four C's Fuel & LubeHwy82Pearson, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideI-75 Ex 138 (N Perry Pkwy)Perry, GA  Rate It!
Flash FoodsI-75 Ex 135 (Hwy224)Perry, GA  Rate It!
Mini FoodI-75 Ex 136Perry, GA  Rate It!
Flash FoodsI-75 Ex 136Perry, GA  Rate It!
Pinehurst Travel CenterI-75 Ex 117Pinehurst, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PridePooler, GA  Rate It!
Gate Petroleum #209I-95 Ex 102 (US80)Pooler, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-95 Ex 109 (Hwy21)Port Wentworth, GA1.959 1255 of 10
Grady's Truck StopI-16 Ex 111Pulaski, GA  Rate It!
Po Jo's Travel PlazaI-16 Ex 116 (US301)Register, GA  Rate It!
El Cheapo #89I-16 Ex 116 (US301)Register, GA  Rate It!
Flying J #632I-75 Ex 320Resaca, GA1.859 200Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75S MM 319Resaca, GA  Rate It!
ChevronI-675 Ex 2Rex, GA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-95 Ex 90 (Hwy144)Richmond Hill, GA1.949  Rate It!
ChevronI-95 Ex 87 (Hwy17)Richmond Hill, GA  Rate It!
Savannah Travel CenterI-95 Ex 87 (US17/Hwy25)Richmond Hill, GA1.989 186Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy21Rincon, GA  Rate It!
Cochran's Travel CenterI-75 Ex 345 (Hwy41)Ringgold, GA 877 of 10
Kangaroo ExpressI-75 Ex 348Ringgold, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideHwy151Ringgold, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3622I-75 Ex 345Ringgold, GA  6 of 10
Weigh StationI-75N MM 342Ringgold, GA  Rate It!
Choo Choo Truck Wash PlazaI-75 Ex 345Ringgold, GA1.839  Rate It!
ChevronI-75 Ex 350Ringgold, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-59 Ex 4Rising Fawn, GA1.999 150Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy85Riverdale, GA  Rate It!
Mapco Express #3527Hwy101 & US278Rockmart, GA  Rate It!
Citgo Fuel CenterGA20Rome, GA  Rate It!
Highway 411 Truck StopUS411Rome, GA  Rate It!
Evans StoreGA20Rome, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo/ PantryUS27Rome, GA  Rate It!
kangaroo/ PantryHwy20 & Redmond CRRome, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Express #3678Hwy53 & Burlington RdRome, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy20Rome, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy9Roswell, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-20E MM 103Rutledge, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-20W MM 108Rutledge, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy40Saint Marys, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #575I-95 Ex 1 (St Mary's Rd)Saint Marys, GA1.959 235Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy15Sandersville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy204 & Harry S TrumanSavannah, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-95S MM 110Savannah, GA  Rate It!
Wal-MartHwy80Savannah, GA  Rate It!
El Cheapo #041I-95/Hwy204 Ex 94Savannah, GA  Rate It!
Circle KI-95 Ex 109Savannah, GA  Rate It!
Parker's Bp #23GA21Savannah, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS17Savannah, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-16 Ex 160 (Hwy307)Savannah, GA1.959 LTD1 of 10
Kangaroos/PantryHwy53Shannon, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75S MM 179Smarr, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-285 Ex 16Smyrna, GA 452 of 10
Flash Foods #251I-16 Ex 116 (US301/US25)Statesboro, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS80Statesboro, GA  Rate It!
A to Z Truck StopUS301/Hwy73 & Vets Mem PkwyStatesboro, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 1 (Hwy138)Stockbridge, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS78Stone Mountain, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo ExpressUS27Summerville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS1Swainsboro, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75S MM 76Sycamore, GA  Rate It!
Khc Food MartI-75 Ex 80Sycamore, GA  Rate It!
Dixon's BPHwy301Sylvania, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-20 Ex 5 (Hwy100)Tallapoosa, GA1.959 90Rate It!
Nationwide Diesel & GasI-20 Ex 5Tallapoosa, GA  Rate It!
Newborn Truck StopI-20 Ex 5 (Hwy100)Tallapoosa, GA1.890 250Rate It!
TruckomatI-20 Ex 19 (Hwy113)Temple, GA  Rate It!
Flying J #634I-20 Ex 19 (HWy113)Temple, GA1.959 164Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-20/Hwy113 Ex 19Temple, GA1.959 140Rate It!
Quik MartGA15Tennille, GA  Rate It!
Kelly's Truck StopGA36 & US19Thomaston, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #134US19Thomaston, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS19Thomaston, GA  Rate It!
Kangaroo Exp #3897US84Thomasville, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS19Thomasville, GA  Rate It!
Parkway JunctionUS319Thomasville, GA  Rate It!
Hud's #3US319Thomasville, GA  Rate It!
Susie Q'sUS319 & Hwy122Thomasville, GA  Rate It!
Susie Q'sUS19 & Hwy202Thomasville, GA  1 of 10
Thomasville Travel CenterUS84 Bypass & Hwy3Thomasville, GA 50Rate It!
ShellI-20 Ex 172 (US78)Thomson, GA  Rate It!
Circle KI-20 Ex 172 (Hwy78)Thomson, GA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-20 Ex 172 (US78)Thomson, GA1.949 80Rate It!
ChevronI-20 Ex 175 (Hwy150)Thomson, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 60Tifton, GA1.929 200Rate It!
Flash Foods #166I-75 Ex 62 (US319)Tifton, GA  Rate It!
Griffin Foods-Shell Travel PlazaI-75 Ex 61Tifton, GA  Rate It!
Route 82 Truck StopUS82Tifton, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS82Tifton, GA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-75 Ex 59Tifton, GA1.919 100Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy17Toccoa, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy27Trion, GA  Rate It!
All State Truck StopI-75 Ex 121 (US41)Unadilla, GA  9 of 10
Flash Foods #168US41Unadilla, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-85 Ex 64 (Hwy138)Union City, GA  1 of 10
Flying J #633I-20 Ex 138 (Hwy77)Union Point, GA1.959 189Rate It!
Wilco Hess #3050I-75 Ex 11 (Hwy31)Valdosta, GA1.910  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterI-75 Ex 16 (US84)Valdosta, GA  Rate It!
Weigh StationI-75S MM 23Valdosta, GA  Rate It!
Big Foot Travel Center #2I-75 Ex 16 (US221/US84)Valdosta, GA 401 of 10
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 11 (Hwy31)Valdosta, GA1.929 90Rate It!
ShellI-75 Ex 16 (US84)Valdosta, GA  Rate It!
Pacific PrideVidalia, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #290Hwy292Vidalia, GA  1 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS280Vidalia, GA  Rate It!
Rachel's BPI-75 Ex 112 (Hwy27)Vienna, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75N MM 108Vienna, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-75 Ex 109 (Hwy215)Vienna, GA1.929 100Rate It!
Wilco Hess #3010I-20 Ex 26Villa Rica, GA1.940  Rate It!
Welcome CenterI-20E MM 1Waco, GA  Rate It!
Love's Travel StopI-20 Ex 9Waco, GA1.949 80Rate It!
Shake Rag ExpressUS1Wadley, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75N MM 47Wagon Wheel, GA  Rate It!
Rest AreaI-75S MM 48Wagon Wheel, GA  Rate It!
Highway Heaven Truck StopUS82 & Lovett RdWaresboro, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #252US129 & Russell PkwyWarner Robins, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy247cWarner Robins, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #256US129 & Russell PkwyWarner Robins, GA  Rate It!
T.P.S. #11Hwy78Washington, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #258Hwy82Waycross, GA  Rate It!
Pa Pa's Deli & ConvenienceUS82Waycross, GA  Rate It!
Flash Foods #27US1/US23Waycross, GA  Rate It!
Whitesburg BPUS27Whitesburg, GA  Rate It!
Mapco #3524I-24 Ex 169 (Hwy299)Wildwood, GA  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterI-24 Ex 169 (Hwy299)Wildwood, GA1.999 20Rate It!
Aden's Minit MarketUS82Willacoochee, GA  Rate It!
Citgo Food MartHwy85 Ex 316Winder, GA  Rate It!
Shell Food MartHwy316Winder, GA  Rate It!
Wal-Mart SupercenterUS29Winder, GA  Rate It!
Sunshine Travel PlazaI-95 Ex 14 (Hwy25)Woodbine, GA 100Rate It!
Flash Foods #195I-95 Ex 7Woodbine, GA  8 of 10
Wal-Mart SupercenterHwy92Woodstock, GA  Rate It!
Jet Food Store #17US1Wrens, GA  Rate It!