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Truck Stops On Interstate 80

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These are the I-80 truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ database.

Looking for a truck stop? The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator allows you to find a truck stop by entering one or more cities, and it returns all the truck stops on the route, or within 100 airmiles of a single city. You may optionally sort results by route, desired amenities, cost per gallon, etc.

Cost per gallon figures are based on payment in cash for ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) or equivalent. Click the hyperlink to view amenities, map, and reviews for the truck stop.

After you're done checking out these interstate 80 truck stops, please help out our sponsor by requesting a demo of TruckMaster® trucking software.

California (CA)

Weigh Station41YESuison Rate It!
Weigh Station41YWSuison Rate It!
Pacific Pride57 Vacaville Rate It!
Ramos Oil Co66 Dixon Rate It!
Gill Sidhu Chevron Truck Stop67 Dixon 3 of 10
West Sacramento Truck Stop81 West Sacramento 1 of 10
Sacramento 49'er Pilot #87985 Sacramento2753 of 10
Pacific Pride91 Sacramento Rate It!
Pacific Pride93 North Highlands Rate It!
Pacific Pride102 Roseville Rate It!
Pacific Pride105a NRoseville Rate It!
Penryn 76112 Penryn Rate It!
Pacific Pride120 Auburn Rate It!
Pacific Pride145 Dutch Flat Rate It!
Nyack Towing156 Emigrant Gap Rate It!
Lucky's Travel Plaza165 Cisco Grove30Rate It!

Iowa (IA)

Sapp Bros1b Council Bluffs3.859 1 of 10
Pilot Travel Center1b Council Bluffs80Rate It!
Council Bluffs Travel Center3 Council Bluffs781 of 10
Underwood Truck Stop I-8017 Underwood 5 of 10
Rest Area19YEUnderwood Rate It!
Rest Area19YWUnderwood Rate It!
Kum & Go #2323 Neola Rate It!
Love's #42634 Shelby Rate It!
Taylor Quik Pik34 Shelby Rate It!
Wings America / Pilot #89340 Avoca200Rate It!
Weigh Station44YWAvoca Rate It!
Kum & Go #4646 Walnut Rate It!
Valley Oil Company60 Atlantic Rate It!
Kum & Go #7676 Adair Rate It!
Rest Area80YWCasey Rate It!
Rest Area81YECasey Rate It!
Stuart 66 Truck Stop93 Stuart Rate It!
Casey's Travel Center93 Stuart Rate It!
Weigh Station115YEClive Rate It!
Rest Area119YWWaukee Rate It!
Rest Area119YEWaukee Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #411125 Clive250Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center126 Des Moines3501 of 10
Kum & Go #121126 Urbandale 5 of 10
Quick Fuel-Broadway #2901136 Des Moines Rate It!
QuikTrip Travel Center #562136 Des Moines Rate It!
Flying J Travel Center #913142 Altoona350Rate It!
Rest Area147YWSantiago Rate It!
Rest Area147YESantiago Rate It!
Weigh Station150YWMitchellville Rate It!
Colfax Vally Travel Center155 Colfax Rate It!
Kum & Go #32155 Colfax Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop168 Newton 1 of 10
Wal-Mart Supercenter168 Newton Rate It!
Rest Area180YENewburg Rate It!
Rest Area180YWNewburg Rate It!
Kum & Go #22182 Grinnell Rate It!
TA Brooklyn #254197 Brooklyn Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center201 Brooklyn90Rate It!
Kwik Star Travel Center #303201 Brooklyn Rate It!
Rest Area206YWCarnforth Rate It!
Rest Area208YECarnforth Rate It!
Kum & Go #443216 Williamsburg Rate It!
Casey's220 Williamsburg 8 of 10
Rest Area237YWTiffin Rate It!
Rest Area237YETiffin Rate It!
Kum & Go #201242 Coralville Rate It!
JMD Oil Inc259 West Liberty Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center265 Atalissa125Rate It!
Kum & Go #267267 Tipton Rate It!
Rest Area270YELime City Rate It!
Rest Area270YWLime City Rate It!
Iowa 80 TA Truckstop284 Walcott87010 of 10
Pilot Travel Center284 Walcott160Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #636292 Davenport1468 of 10
Love's Travel Stop #476292 Davenport Rate It!
Rest Area300YWArgo Rate It!

Illinois (IL)

Weigh Station2YEMoline Rate It!
Weigh Station2YEEast Moline Rate It!
Weigh Station2YWEast Moline Rate It!
Deck Oil Truck Stop19 Geneseo Rate It!
Wal-Mart19 Geneseo Rate It!
Rest Area51YWWyanet Rate It!
Rest Area51YEWyanet Rate It!
Road Ranger #22156 Princeton180Rate It!
Happy's Super Service70 Spring Valley Rate It!
Sapp Bros73 Peru3.699 Rate It!
Express Lane #56 Clock Tower75 Peru Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter75 Peru Rate It!
Flying J #64477 La Salle186Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop81 Utica Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter90 Ottawa 1 of 10
Road Ranger - Pilot # 51593 Ottawa30Rate It!
Express Lane Shell93 Ottawa Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #483112 Morris73Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter112 Morris Rate It!
Marathon112 Morris Rate It!
Morris Travel Center112 Morris2001 of 10
Rest Area117YEAux Sable Rate It!
Rest Area119YWMinooka Rate It!
Minooka Citgo122 Minooka Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center122 Minooka100Rate It!
Rockdale Citgo130a Joliet Rate It!
Thornton's Quick Cafe #302130 Joliet Rate It!
Pilot #1024132 Joliet Rate It!
Weigh Station143YEFrankfort Rate It!
Gas City #94145 Mokena Rate It!
Circle K #6703 - Mokena145 Mokena Rate It!
Weigh Station147YWFrankfort Rate It!
Lincoln Oasis159YSouth Holland Rate It!

Indiana (IN)

Pilot Travel Center2 Highland25Rate It!
Gary Travel Center6 Gary3188 of 10
Pilot Travel Center6 Gary21510 of 10
Mr Fuel - Pilot #7196 Gary1410 of 10
Petro #989a Gary425Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #4179a Gary200Rate It!
Road Ranger15a Lake Station15Rate It!
Flying J #65015b Lake Station375Rate It!
Lake Station Travel Center15b Lake Station252Rate It!
Mr. Fuel - Pilot #102015b Lake Station20Rate It!
BP22YEPortage Rate It!
BP22YEPortage Rate It!
Sunoco #2776 Wilbur Shaw Plaza56YWRolling Prairie Rate It!
Sunoco #2777 Knute Rockne Plaza56YERolling Prairie Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #3572 South Bend707 of 10
Speedway #667472 South Bend Rate It!
Sunoco #2775 Henry Schricker Plz90 WElkhart Rate It!
Sunoco #2774 George Craig Plaza90YEElkhart Rate It!
Speedway #6664101 Bristol Rate It!
American Petroleum107 Middlebury Rate It!
Mobil 7 South126 EHowe Rate It!
Mobil 7 North126YWHowe Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center144 Fremont130Rate It!
Toll Road Mobil145YWFremont Rate It!
Toll Road Mobil145YEFremont Rate It!

Nebraska (NE)

Rest Area9YEBushnell Rate It!
Turn Out18YEKimball Rate It!
Rest Area25YWKimball Rate It!
Rest Area51YECabelas Inc Rate It!
Love's #62559 Sidney Rate It!
Sapp Bros59 Sidney3.799 Rate It!
Rest Area61YWColton Rate It!
Rest Area82YEChappell Rate It!
Rest Area87YWChappell Rate It!
Flying J107 Big Springs500Rate It!
Happy Jacks C-Store117 Brule Rate It!
Rest Area124YERoscoe Rate It!
Sapp Bros126 Ogallala3.649 Rate It!
Ogallala Travel Center126 Ogallala94Rate It!
Rest Area132YWRoscoe Rate It!
Rest Area159YEFlats Rate It!
Rest Area159YWFlats Rate It!
Western Gas & Convenience164 Hershey Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop #390179 North Platte Rate It!
Flying J #687179 North Platte1233 of 10
Weigh Station180YENorth Platte Rate It!
Weigh Station180YWNorth Platte Rate It!
Rest Area194YEBrady Rate It!
Rest Area194YWBrady Rate It!
I-80 Pit Stop211 Gothenburg Rate It!
Plaza Shell211 Gothenburg Rate It!
Rest Area226YEDarr Rate It!
Rest Area227YWDarr Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter237 Lexington Rate It!
Nebraskaland Tire / Truck Center237 Lexington60Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #901257 Elm Creek75Rate It!
Sapp Bros263 Elm Creek3.559 Rate It!
Rest Area269YEOdessa Rate It!
Rest Area270YWUniversity Nebraska Kearney Rate It!
Fort Kearney Trading Post279 Gibbon Rate It!
Pilot #912300 Wood River506 of 10
Get N Split305 Wood River Rate It!
Grand Island Travel Center305 Alda8210 of 10
Bosselman Travel Center312 Grand Island400Rate It!
Rest Area314YESouth Platte Rate It!
Rest Area316YWSouth Platte Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop332 Aurora Rate It!
Fuel Mart #791342 Henderson Rate It!
Rest Area350YEYork Rate It!
Sapp Bros353 York3.639 Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter353 York Rate It!
Petro York353 York250Rate It!
Rest Area355YWYork Rate It!
Satnam Fuel Express360 Waco Rate It!
Rest Area375YWGoehner Rate It!
Rest Area381YEMilford Rate It!
Shoemaker's Truck Station395 Lincoln 6 of 10
Rest Area405YWUniversity Place 1 of 10
Cubby's Greenwood T/P420 Greenwood Rate It!
Rest Area425YESouth Bend Rate It!
Rest Area431YWLinoma Beach Rate It!
Flying J #686432 Gretna150Rate It!
Sapp Bros440 Omaha3.639 7 of 10

New Jersey (NJ)

Rest Area1YWColumbia Rate It!
Rest Area1YEColumbia Rate It!
US Gas4b Delaware559 of 10
Columbia Travel Center4 Columbia1858 of 10
ACI Truck Stop4 Columbia Rate It!
ACI Truck Stop4b Columbia Rate It!
Welcome Center7YEVail Rate It!
Kingtown Truck Stop - Pilot #89127b LedgewoodLTD6 of 10

Nevada (NV)

Boomtown Hotel&Casino, Inc./CLOSED FOR REMODE4 Verdi Rate It!
Turn Out6YEVerdi Rate It!
Turn Out6YWVerdi Rate It!
Rest Area10YEWendover Rate It!
Rest Area10YWwendover Rate It!
Pacific Pride16 Reno Rate It!
Nite N Day16 Reno Rate It!
Sparks Travel Center19 Sparks200Rate It!
Petro Sparks21 Sparks400Rate It!
Turn Out27YEClark Rate It!
Golden Gate USA Parkway32 Mccarran1003 of 10
Rest Area42YWOlinghouse Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center46 Fernley1007 of 10
Love's Travel Stop46 Fernley 10 of 10
Flying J #100548 Fernley1219 of 10
Rest Area83 Toy Rate It!
Rest Area83 Toy Rate It!
Rye Patch Travel Center129 Lovelock50Rate It!
Mill City Travel Center149 EMill City152Rate It!
Mill City Travel Center151 WMill City152Rate It!
Rest Area158 Mill City Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center173 Winnemucca85Rate It!
Flying J #770176 Winnemucca105Rate It!
Pacific Pride176 Winnemucca Rate It!
Rest Area187 Golconda Rate It!
Rest Area187 Golconda Rate It!
Rest Area216 Valmy Rate It!
Broadway(f/j#966)229 Battle Mountain70Rate It!
Rest Area258YWShoshone Rate It!
Rest Area258YEShoshone Rate It!
Turn Out270YWPalisade Rate It!
Turn Out270YEPalisade Rate It!
Thomas Petroleum280 Carlin Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center280 Carlin60Rate It!
Elko Sinclair303 Elko Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop352 EWells Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop352a WWells Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #692352 Wells200Rate It!
Petro Travel Center Wells352 Wells300Rate It!
Turn Out354YEWelcome Rate It!
Rest Area373 Montello Rate It!
Rest Area373YEMontello Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center410 West Wendover125Rate It!

Ohio (OH)

Rest Area21YWWest Unity Rate It!
Rest Area21YEWest Unity Rate It!
Turnpike Shell34 Wauseon Rate It!
Country Corral Travel Center39 Delta 10 of 10
Fallen Timbers Service Plaza49YESwanton Rate It!
Oak Openings Service Plaza49YWSwanton Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #1271 Perrysburg506 of 10
Flying J #70071 Perrysburg1508 of 10
Fuelmart Truckstop71 Stony Ridge Rate It!
Toledo Travel Center71 Perrysburg2078 of 10
Petro Perrysburg71 Perrysburg3757 of 10
Blue Heron Service Plaza76YWGenoa Rate It!
Wyandot Service Plaza76YEGenoa Rate It!
Six Gate (BP)91 Fremont Rate It!
Erie Island Service Plaza100YWClyde Rate It!
Commodore Perry Service Plaza100YEClyde Rate It!
Meggett's Strawberry Hill110 Sandusky Rate It!
Vermilion Valley Service Plaza139YEAmherst Rate It!
Middle Ridge Service Plaza139YWAmherst Rate It!
Towpath Service Plaza170YEBroadview Heights Rate It!
Great Lakes Service Plaza170YBroadview Heights Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center173 Richfield805 of 10
Brady's Leap Service Plaza197YEMantua Rate It!
Portage Service Plaza197YWMantua Rate It!
Short Stop Truck Plaza209 Leavittsburg Rate It!
Fuel Mart223 Youngstown Rate It!
Youngstown Travel Center223 Youngstown1617 of 10
Pilot Travel Center223 Austintown200Rate It!
Mr Fuel #5 - Pilot #732226 Girard 8 of 10
Pilot Travel Center226 Girard80Rate It!
Petro Girard226 Girard323Rate It!
Sheetz226 Girard Rate It!
Weigh Station232YWHubbard Rate It!
Truck World234b WHubbard3508 of 10
Truck World234a EHubbard3508 of 10
Flying J #697234 WHubbard150Rate It!
Flying J #697234b EHubbard150Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop234 WHubbard Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop234a EHubbard Rate It!
Rest Area237YWSalow Corners Rate It!

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rest Area1YEWest Middlesex Rate It!
Pacific Pride15 Mercer 2 of 10
Kwik Fill #22929 Barkeyville Rate It!
GCB Fuel Stop29 Harrisville Rate It!
Barkeyville Travel Center29 Barkeyville1125 of 10
Rest Area30YEHarrisville Rate It!
Rest Area30YWHarrisville Rate It!
Emlenton Truck Plaza42 Emlenton7510 of 10
Weigh Station56YEKnox Rate It!
Weigh Station56YWKnox Rate It!
Kwik Fill #1621462 Clarion Rate It!
Brookville Travel Center78 Brookville2197 of 10
Flying J Travel Plaza #70778 Brookville140Rate It!
Pacific Pride78 Brookville Rate It!
Rest Area87YEEmerickville Rate It!
Rest Area88YWEmerickville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center97 DuBois100Rate It!
Sheetz #19497 Falls Creek Rate It!
Sapp Bros120 Clearfield4.159 9 of 10
Pacific Pride123 Woodland Rate It!
Kwik Fill A/T Plaza #226133 Kylertown Rate It!
Rest Area146YWSnow Shoe Rate It!
Rest Area146YESnow Shoe Rate It!
Snow Shoe Auto Truck Plaza147 Snow Shoe Rate It!
Rees Truck Stop147 Snow Shoe Rate It!
Milesburg Travel Center158 Milesburg122Rate It!
Bestway Travel Center158 Milesburg Rate It!
Lamar Travel Center173 Lamar1688 of 10
Pilot Travel Center173 Mill Hall701 of 10
Flying J Travel Plaza #709173 Mill Hall155Rate It!
Pit Stop Travel Plaza192 Loganton Rate It!
Bressler's Truck Plaza192 Loganton Rate It!
Rest Area194YWCarroll Rate It!
Rest Area194YECarroll Rate It!
Weigh Station194YEClinton County Rate It!
24/7 Truck Stop210b Allenwood Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #555215 Milton3504 of 10
Bressler's Truck Plaza215 Milton Rate It!
Rest Area219YEPottsgrove Rate It!
Rest Area220YWPottsgrove Rate It!
Bloomsburg Travel Center232 Bloomsburg1907 of 10
Love's Travel Stop242 Mifflinville Rate It!
Mifflinville Travel Plaza242 Mifflinville Rate It!
Weigh Station246YWHetlerville Rate It!
Rest Area246YWHetlerville Rate It!
Rest Area246YEHetlerville Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center256 Drums60Rate It!
Rest Area270YEWhite Haven Rate It!
Hickory Run Travel Plaza274 White Haven 5 of 10
E-Fuel274 White Haven50Rate It!
Rest Area295YEScotrun Rate It!
Liberty Express Tannersville299 Tannersville Rate It!
Bartonsville Exxon302 WBartonsville Rate It!
Bartonsville Exxon302b EBartonsville Rate It!

Utah (UT)

R Place Truckers Plaza1 WWendover Rate It!
Weigh Station3YEWendover Rate It!
Weigh Station3YWWendover Rate It!
Wendover Truck Stop4 Wendover 8 of 10
Bonus Star Mart4 Wendover Rate It!
Flying J #74617 West Valley City110Rate It!
Rest Area54YWClive Rate It!
Rest Area54YEClive Rate It!
Delle City Station70 Grantsville Rate It!
Tooele Travel Center #6099 Salt Lake City1915 of 10
Flying J Travel Plaza #74299 Lake Point1301 of 10
Love's Travel Stop #436118 Salt Lake City Rate It!
Bell's Silver Creek Junction146 Park City Rate It!
Holiday Hills162 Coalville Rate It!
Welcome Center170YWEcho Rate It!
Rest Area170YEEcho Rate It!
Weigh Station180YWEcho Rate It!
Welcome Center410YEPartoun Rate It!
R Place Truckers Plaza410 EWendover Rate It!

Wyoming (WY)

Weigh Station1YEEvanston Rate It!
Flying J Travel Plaza #7613 Evanston80Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center6 Evanston75Rate It!
Welcome Center6YEBear River Rate It!
Sinclair6 Evanston Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter6 Evanston Rate It!
Turn Out27YWFort Bridger Rate It!
Ft. Bridger Travel Center30 Ft. Bridger165Rate It!
Turn Out33YEFort Bridger Rate It!
Rest Area41 Urie Rate It!
Rest Area41 Urie Rate It!
Little America Fuel Center68 Little America 10 of 10
Cruel Jack's Travel Plaza99 Rock Springs Rate It!
Wal-Mart Supercenter102 Rock Springs Rate It!
Sunmart #586104 Rock Springs 8 of 10
Flying J #764104 Rock Springs848 of 10
Rest Area143YWBitter Creek Rate It!
Rest Area144YEBitter Creek Rate It!
Wamsutter Phillips 66173 Wamsutter Rate It!
Love's Travel Stop173 Wamsutter Rate It!
Rest Area187 Elk Mountain Rate It!
Turn Out189YECreston Junction Rate It!
Turn Out190YWCreston Junction Rate It!
Flying J #763209 Rawlins200Rate It!
Weigh Station209YWRawlins Rate It!
West End Sinclair211 RAWLINS Rate It!
West End Sinclair211 RAWLINS Rate It!
TA Rawlins #234214 Rawlins1885 of 10
Kum & Go #966215 Rawlins Rate It!
I-80 Travel Plaza221 Sinclair75Rate It!
Rest Area228YWalcott Rate It!
Turn Out262YWElk Mountain Rate It!
Rest Area267 Elk Mountain Rate It!
Turn Out307YEWest Laramie Rate It!
Turn Out307YWWest Laramie Rate It!
Diamond Shamrock310 Laramie Rate It!
Petro Laramie310 Laramie236Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center310 Laramie100Rate It!
High Country Sportsman311 Laramie Rate It!
Rest Area323 Red Buttes Rate It!
Rest Area323YEMountain Home Rate It!
Turn Out333YWSherman Rate It!
Turn Out333YESherman Rate It!
Turn Out341YEGranite Canon Rate It!
Turn Out341YWGranite Canon Rate It!
Little America Travel Center358 Cheyenne 1 of 10
Big D Oil358 Cheyenne Rate It!
Diamond Shamrock #4550362 Cheyenne Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center367 Cheyenne90Rate It!
Sapp Bros370 Cheyenne Rate It!
Weigh Station371YWCheyenne Rate It!
Cheyenne Travel Center377 Cheyenne140Rate It!
Antelope Truck Stop386 Burns 10 of 10
Pine Bluffs Sinclair401 Pine Bluffs Rate It!
Welcome Center401YWLindbergh Rate It!