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Truck Stops In Ontario

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These are the Ontario truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™.

The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ allows you to find truck stops by route, state/province, interstate, or affiliation, and returns you current prices, amenities, maps, reviews, and much more.

These truck stop listings are brought to you courtesy of TruckMaster®, providing industry leading trucking software solutions since 1990.

Costs per litre are in Canadian dollars, and are for ULSD where available. Click on the hyperlink to view more information on the Ontario truck stop.

NameAddressCity, STCPL PkSpRating
Antrim Truck CentreHwy417 & White Lake RdArnprior, ON  Rate It!
Flying J #862Hwy401 Ex 258Ayr, ON 75Rate It!
ShellHwy401 Ex 825Bainsville, ON  Rate It!
Beamsville Relay StationQEW Ex 64Beamsville, ON  Rate It!
Ten Acre TruckstopHwy401 Ex 538Belleville, ON  Rate It!
Fifth Wheel Truck StopHwy401 Ex 431 (Waverly Rd)Bowmanville, ON 100Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy88 Ex 64b (Hwy400)Bradford, ON  Rate It!
Manzo's Gas BarHwy2 & Hwy53Brantford, ON  Rate It!
Garden Esso - Flying J #825Hwy403 Ex 41Brantford, ON  Rate It!
730 Truck Stop - Flying J #462Hwy401 Ex 730Cardinal, ON 125Rate It!
Bloomfield Travel PlazaHwy401 Ex 81Chatham, ON  Rate It!
Bob's Service CenterHwy17Coniston, ON  Rate It!
Fifth Wheel Truck StopHwy401 Ex 792 (McConnell Ave)Cornwall, ON 200Rate It!
Irving 24 #959Hwy401 Ex 789Cornwall, ON 24Rate It!
Petro PassHwy401 Ex 199 (Dorchester Rd)Dorchester, ON 505 of 10
Trucker's HavenHwy401 Ex 250Drumbo, ON  4 of 10
Dryden Husky Travel CentreHwy17Dryden, ON  Rate It!
Shell / Flying J #805Hwy27 & Albion RdEtobicoke, ON 10Rate It!
Pilot Travel Center #860QEW Ex 5Fort Erie, ON  Rate It!
Fifth Wheel Truck StopQEW Ex 74 (Casablanca Blv)Grimsby, ON 1007 of 10
Petro-CanadaHwy6Hamilton, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy11Hearst, ON  Rate It!
Adrienne's EssoHwy11Huntsville, ON  Rate It!
Tower Hill Truck StopHwy17 EIgnace, ON  1 of 10
Flying J #806Hwy11Kapuskasing, ON 40Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy401 Ex 632 (Joyceville Rd)Kingston, ON  Rate It!
Exit 611 Truckstop & Travel PlazaHwy401 Ex 611Kingston, ON  7 of 10
Petro CanadaHwy401 Ex 611Kingston, ON  Rate It!
Sunoco Commercial CardlockHwy22 & Hwy17Komoka, ON  Rate It!
Curry Hill - Flying J #833Hwy401 Ex 825Lancaster, ON 100Rate It!
Real's Truck Stop - ShellHwy401 Ex 825 (Old Hwy2)Lancaster, ON  Rate It!
Flying J #852Hwy401 Ex 814Lancaster, ON 71Rate It!
Johnny's Gas Barroute34/Talbot ST WLeamington, ON  Rate It!
Flying M Truck Stop/Davis fuelLondon, ON  Rate It!
Flying J #789Hwy401 Ex 189 (Highbury Ave)London, ON 2008 of 10
Husky Travel CentreHwy401 Ex 195 (Hwy74)London, ON 1509 of 10
Fifth Wheel Truck StopHwy401 Ex 320 (Hwy25)Milton, ON 100Rate It!
Truck Town TerminalHwy401 Ex 324 (Steeles Ave)Milton, ON  Rate It!
Shell Dixie F/J #807Hwy401Mississauga, ON 65Rate It!
Shawson Esso Gas StationHwy401 Ex 346Mississauga, ON  Rate It!
401 Esso CardlockHwy401 Ex 346Mississauga, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy401 Ex 344 (Kennedy Rd)Mississauga, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy401 Ex 346 (Dixie)Mississauga, ON 120Rate It!
ShellHwy401 Ex 299 (Hwy46)Morriston, ON  Rate It!
Rainbow Truck StopHwy17Nairn Centre, ON  Rate It!
Flying J #790CR401 Ex 579 (CR41)Napanee, ON 165Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy11New Liskeard, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy11 & Hwy17Nipigon, ON  Rate It!
Fifth Wheel Truck StopHwy11 & Lakeshore RdNorth Bay, ON  Rate It!
Flying J Terminal #987Oakville, ON  Rate It!
Oldcastle Gas Bar(Esso)Oldcastle, ON  Rate It!
Noone's Travel PlazaHwy115Orono, ON  Rate It!
Teviotdale Esso Truck StopHwy23 & Hwy9Palmerston, ON  Rate It!
Esso Pass Lake Plaza-FlyingJ 866Hwy11/Hwy17Pass Lake, ON 70Rate It!
Pickering Husky - Pilot #865Hwy401 Ex 399 (Brock Rd)Pickering, ON 50Rate It!
UltramarHwy401 Ex 464 (Hwy28)Port Hope, ON  Rate It!
Daniel's Service CentreHwy401 Ex 109 (Hwy21)Ridgetown, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreQEWW Ex 38 (Glendale Ave) Or QEWE Ex 38bSaint Catharines, ON  Rate It!
Niagra on the LakeSaint Catharines, ON  Rate It!
Petro PassHwy22/london LineSarnia, ON  Rate It!
Esso 402 Service CentreHwy22/London LineSarnia, ON  Rate It!
Flying J #853Hwy17Sault Ste Marie, ON  Rate It!
Bye Loe Service StationHwy17Sault Ste Marie, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy17B & Hwy550Sault Ste Marie, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy17Sault Ste Marie, ON 50Rate It!
Shell F/J CardlockHwy17Sault Ste. Marie, ON  Rate It!
Shell F/J Cardlock #836Hwy17Schreiber, ON  Rate It!
Angelo's Travel StopHwy401 Ex 721bSpencerville, ON  Rate It!
Mcrobert FuelsHwy22 & Hwy39Strathroy, ON  Rate It!
Shell F/J Cardlock #837Sudbury, ON  Rate It!
Santorelli Truck StopHwy11Thunder Bay, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy11/Hwy17 & Alloy DrThunder Bay, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy11/Hwy17 & Arthur StThunder Bay, ON  Rate It!
Pilot Travel CenterHwy401 Ex 56Tilbury, ON 100Rate It!
18 Wheeler Truck StopHwy401 Ex 56Tilbury, ON  Rate It!
Esso Truck StopHwy101Timmins, ON  Rate It!
G&G Canop ServiceHwy17Upsala, ON  Rate It!
Albert's & Sons HuskyHwy17White River, ON  Rate It!
Husky Travel CentreHwy401 Ex 14Windsor, ON  Rate It!
Orio's Truck StopHwy27Woodbridge, ON  Rate It!
Woodstock 230 Travel CentreHwy401 Ex 230 (Hwy12)Woodstock, ON 2229 of 10
Oxford Truck StopHwy401 Ex 238a (Hwy2)Woodstock, ON  Rate It!
Sarnia Service Center-Pilot #463Hwy402 Ex 25Wyoming, ON 1008 of 10