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These are the Roady's truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ database. Looking for a truck stop? The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator allows you to find a truck stop by entering one or more cities, and it returns all the truck stops on the route, or within 100 airmiles of a single city. You may optionally sort results by your desired amenities, distance from origin, cost per gallon, etc.

Cost per gallon figures are based on payment in cash for ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) or equivalent. Click the hyperlink to view amenities, map, and reviews for the truck stop.

Alabama (AL)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Yellow Hammer Travel CenterI-65 Ex 69 (Hwy113)Brewton, AL605 of 10
I-20 Truck StopI-20 Ex 165Lincoln, AL100Rate It!

Arkansas (AR)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Snappy Mart #19US63 Ex 39Jonesboro, AR30Rate It!

Arizona (AZ)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Crazy Fred's T/SI-40 Ex 44Kingman, AZ50Rate It!
Tucson T/T (Triple T/Mr T's)I-10 Ex 268 (Craycroft)Tucson, AZ30010 of 10

California (CA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Bruce's Truck StopHwy58 & Hwy184Bakersfield, CA1404 of 10
B&B Travel CenterI-10 Ex 232 (Mesa Dr)Blythe, CA Rate It!
Rolling Hills ChevronI-5 Ex 628Corning, CA 3 of 10
3B's Truck/Auto PlazaI-5 Ex 485 (Hwy12)Lodi, CA Rate It!

Florida (FL)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
R.O. Okeechobee CorpFL821 Ex 35 (US27/Hwy25)Hialeah, FL18Rate It!
Jimmie's Auto/Truck PlazaI-10 Ex 262Lee, FL 10 of 10

Iowa (IA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Anamosa Travel MartUS151 Ex 49 (Hwy1)Anamosa, IA Rate It!
Dewitt Travel MartHwy30 Ex 313Dewitt, IA Rate It!
Timber CityHwy61 Ex 156Maquoketa, IA100+2 of 10
Hwy 20 Auto/Truck PlazaUS20Peosta, IA40Rate It!
Riverside Travel MartHwy218 & Hwy22Riverside, IA15Rate It!

Illinois (IL)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Bunker Hill ShortstopHwy159Bunker Hill, IL Rate It!
Jack Flash FarinaI-57 Ex 135 (Hwy185)Farina, IL156 of 10
The Junction / Phillips 66I-74 Ex 51 (US150)Galesburg, IL20Rate It!
Hillsdale ExpresslaneI-88 Ex 10 (Hwy2)Hillsdale, IL50Rate It!
Fast Stop Travel CenterI-55 Ex 52 (Hwy16)Litchfield, IL75Rate It!
Gromann's I-39 Auto/Truck PlazaI-39 Ex 72 (US34)Mendota, IL94Rate It!
Colonial Pantry Travel PlazaI-74 Ex 206Oakwood, IL100Rate It!
Road RangerRockford, IL Rate It!
Road RangerRockford, IL Rate It!
Fast Stop Travel CenterI-70 Ex 61 (US40)Vandalia, IL89Rate It!
Mobil Travel PlazaI-55 Ex 240Wilmington, IL70Rate It!

Indiana (IN)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Carlisle PlazaUS41/US150Carlisle, IN Rate It!
County Line Truck PlazaI-69 Ex 109b (US30)Columbia City, IN15Rate It!
Crawfordsville Travel PlazaI-74 Ex 34 (US231)Crawfordsville, IN250Rate It!
First Call Towing & Recovery, Inc.I-69 Ex 157Fremont, IN Rate It!
Ray's Unocol 76 & Truck WashI-69N Ex 109a Or I-69S Ex 109bFt. Wayne, IN Rate It!
Markle Quick StopUS224Markle, IN Rate It!

Kansas (KS)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
On The Go Travel CenterI-435 Ex 8bEdwardsville, KS25Rate It!
Jump Start Travel CenterUS169 & US54Iola, KS60+Rate It!

Kentucky (KY)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Exit 38 Truck PlazaI-75 Ex 38 (Hwy192)London, KY Rate It!

Louisiana (LA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Tiger Truck StopI-10 Ex 139 (Hwy77)Grosse Tete, LA 4 of 10
LaPlace T/CI-10 Ex 209 Or I-55 Ex 1 (US51)LaPlace, LA120Rate It!
Palace Truck StopI-10 Ex 246 Or I-510 Ex 2cNew Orleans, LA100Rate It!
St. Rose Travel Center LLCI-310 Ex 2 (Hwy61)St. Rose, LA52Rate It!

Massachusetts (MA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Interstate Travel PlazaI-495 Ex 14a (US1)Wrentham, MA503 of 10

Maryland (MD)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
One Stop Travel PlazaUS301Newburg, MD801 of 10

Michigan (MI)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
76th Street Auto/Truck PlazaUS131 Ex 75Byron Center, MI178Rate It!
Pohl Oil Travel Plaza #2I-96 Ex 86 (Hwy100)Grand Ledge, MI22Rate It!
K-D Quik StopUS127 Ex 170 (Hwy61)Harrison, MI Rate It!
Tulip City Truck StopI-196 Ex 49 (Hwy40)Holland, MI Rate It!
M-46 Auto / Truck PlazaUS131 Ex 120 (Hwy46)Howard City, MI70Rate It!
Big Daddy's Truck StopUS23 Ex 5 (US223)Ottawa Lake, MI Rate It!
Road Trip OasisI-69 Ex 105 (Hwy52)Perry, MI1007 of 10
Dorr Truck StopUS131 Ex 68Wayland, MI Rate It!

Minnesota (MN)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Donner's CrossroadsHwy7 & Hwy23Clara City, MN100Rate It!
Lucky Seven General StoreUS53Cook, MN Rate It!
Lucky Seven One StopHwy2 & Hwy65Swan River, MN20Rate It!
Lucky Seven General StoreUS53Virginia, MN Rate It!

Missouri (MO)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Fast LaneUS63Columbia, MO50Rate It!
Fast LaneUS61 & Hwyff&dEolia, MO Rate It!
Hayti Travel CenterI-55 Ex 19 (Hwy84)Hayti, MO60Rate It!
Fast Lane MC StopI-70 Ex 148 (US54)Kingdom City, MO Rate It!
Fast LaneUS54/Hwy19Laddonia, MO Rate It!
Lamar Travel PlazaUS71 & US160Lamar, MO 9 of 10
B&D Auto/Truck PlazaI-44 Ex 127Lebanon, MO100Rate It!
Wilco Fast BreakHwy61Palmyra, MO90Rate It!
C. Barn Travel CenterUS67 & Parkway DrPark Hills, MO Rate It!
Jump Oil(Circle K)I-44 Ex 88 (MO125)Strafford, MO100Rate It!

Mississippi (MS)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
McNeill Travel PlazaI-59 Ex 15Carriere, MS502 of 10
Spaceway Truck PlazaI-20 Ex 129 (US80)Meridian, MS 9 of 10

North Carolina (NC)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Downeast Truck StopUS117Goldsboro, NC Rate It!
Monroe Oil / BP #15US74 & Rocky RiverMonroe, NC50Rate It!
Phoenix Travel PlazaI-40 Ex 408 (Hwy210)Rocky Point, NC40Rate It!

North Dakota (ND)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Shatz CrossroadsUS2Minot, ND60Rate It!

Nebraska (NE)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Nebraskaland Tire / Truck CenterI-80 Ex 237 (US283)Lexington, NE60Rate It!

New Mexico (NM)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Roadrunner Travel CenterI-25 Ex 156Lemitar, NM70Rate It!

Ohio (OH)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Wheelersburg #522 C-StoreHwy522Wheelersburg, OH Rate It!

Oklahoma (OK)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Choctaw Travel Plaza - AtokaUS75Atoka, OK Rate It!
Kanza Travel PlazaI-35 Ex 231 (US177)Braman, OK50Rate It!
Station 27I-35 Ex 137Oklahoma City, OK150Rate It!
Ed's Truck StopI-40 Ex 311 (US64)Sallisaw, OK60Rate It!

Oregon (OR)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Baker Truck CorralI-84 Ex 304Baker City, OR120Rate It!
Christmas Valley MarketChristmas Valley, OR Rate It!
Space Age Travel CenterI-84 Ex 182 (Hwy207)Hermiston, OR Rate It!
Gordy's Truck StopUS97La Pine, OR1927 of 10

Pennsylvania (PA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Emlenton Truck PlazaI-80 Ex 42Emlenton, PA7510 of 10
Howe's 84 Auto/Truck PlazaI-84 Ex 17Lake Ariel, PA200Rate It!
Somerset Travel CenterI-76 Ex 110Somerset, PA70Rate It!

South Carolina (SC)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Kents Korner #15I-20 Ex 18 (Hwy19)Aiken, SC Rate It!
Hot Spot T/S #3005US221Chesnee, SC Rate It!
Westar Travel PlazaI-85 Ex 83Cowpens, SC179 of 10
Hot Spot T/S #6004I-26 Ex 38 (Hwy146)Enoree, SC Rate It!
Kents Korner #24I-20 Ex 11 (Hwy144)Graniteville, SC 1 of 10
Hot Spot T/S #2009US25/US178Greenwood, SC Rate It!
Hot Spot T/S #2013I-26 Ex 10 (Hwy292)Inman, SC Rate It!
Hot Spot T/S #2028US76Marion, SC 7 of 10
Henry's Travel PlazaUS301Orangeburg, SC501 of 10
Hot Spot #6007I-85 Ex 80Spartanburg, SC Rate It!
Grand Central StationI-77 Ex 48 (Hwy200)Winnsboro, SC100Rate It!

Tennessee (TN)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Longtown BP Travel PlazaI-40 Ex 35 (Hwy59)Mason, TN60Rate It!

Texas (TX)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Star Travel CenterUS287Bowie, TX80Rate It!
Zipps #2I-45 Ex 90Conroe, TX Rate It!
San Antonio Travel CenterI-10 Ex 585Converse, TX70Rate It!
Tetco #70I-35 Ex 67Cotulla, TX Rate It!
Knox Super StopDallas, TX Rate It!
Decatur Shell Truck stopUS380Decatur, TX50Rate It!
Flatonia Travel CenterI-10 Ex 661 (Hwy95)Flatonia, TX209 of 10
Knox Super StopUS80 & FM460Forney, TX20Rate It!
Sheldon Travel CenterUS90 & Sheldon RdHouston, TX50Rate It!
Texas Travel PlazaUS59 & Green's RdHumble, TX55Rate It!
Junction Country StoreI-10 Ex 456 (US83/US377)Junction, TX70Rate It!
Port Auto Truck StopTX146 & Barbours CtLa Porte, TX80Rate It!
Laredo Fuel ExpressI-35 Ex 8Laredo, TX6Rate It!
Rosenberg Travel CenterUS59 & CottonwoodRosenberg, TX97Rate It!
Jud's #5I-10/Hwy123 Ex 610Seguin, TX100Rate It!
Dew Truck StopI-45 Ex 189 (Hwy179)Teague, TX50Rate It!
Plateau Truck StopI-10 Ex 159Van Horn, TX2004 of 10
Chevron Truck StopI-10 Ex 138Van Horn, TX Rate It!
Big Vic's Truck stopUS87 & US59Victoria, TX90Rate It!
Tetco(Valero)I-35 Ex 144 (Fisher)Von Ormy, TX Rate It!

Virginia (VA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Stop In T/S #142I-81 Ex 101Dublin, VA50Rate It!
Stop In T/S #144I-81 Ex 128Elliston, VA509 of 10
Stop In T/S #143US460/US221Montvale, VA Rate It!
Thrift Mart Travel PlazaI-85 Ex 63a (US1)Petersburg, VA28Rate It!

Washington (WA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Ernie's Truck StopI-5 Ex 142b (Hwy18)Federal Way, WA Rate It!
Gee Cee's Truck StopI-5 Ex 57Toledo, WA150Rate It!

Wisconsin (WI)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Abrams ShellUS41 Ex 185Abrams, WI10Rate It!
West WisconsinUS41 Ex 138 (Hwy96)Appleton, WI Rate It!
Belmont Travel CenterUS151 Ex 26 (1st Capitol Dr)Belmont, WI112Rate It!
Super 29 ShellHwy29 Ex 132 (Hwy13)Colby, WI10Rate It!
Columbus West T/CUS151 Ex 118 (Hwy16)Columbus, WI55Rate It!
Trucker's InnI-90/I-94/I-39 Ex 132 (US51)De Forest, WI100+Rate It!
Country ExpressI-43 Ex 180 (Hwy172)De Pere, WI100Rate It!
DePere SuperStoreUS41 Ex 163De Pere, WI20Rate It!
Eau Claire Travel CenterHwy29 Ex 69 (Co Rd T)Eau Claire, WI30Rate It!
Rolling Meadows Travel PlazaUS41 Ex 97Fond du Lac, WI10Rate It!
Francis Creek Travel PlazaI-43 Ex 157Francis Creek, WI508 of 10
Fremont Citgo Travel PlazaHwy110 & Hwy96Fremont, WI5Rate It!
Maplewood Shell Travel PlazaHwy29Green Bay, WI15Rate It!
Moasis Travel PlazaHwy41 Ex 146Little Chute, WI50Rate It!
Lomira ShellUS41 Ex 85 (Hwy67)Lomira, WI15Rate It!
Manitowoc ShellI-43 Ex 149 (US151)Manitowoc, WI20Rate It!
Bunkhouse Enterprises IncI-90/I-94 Ex 61 (Hwy80)New Lisbon, WI70Rate It!
Planeview Travel PlazaUS41 Ex 113 (Hwy26)Oshkosh, WI150Rate It!
Golden Express T/PI-94 Ex 88Osseo, WI125Rate It!
Eagle Express T/SHwy41Peshtigo, WI100Rate It!
Plainfield Travel PlazaI-39 Ex 136 (Hwy73)Plainfield, WI5010 of 10
Super 39 ShellI-39 Ex 151 (Hwy54)Plover, WI125Rate It!
Krachey's BP Truck StopUS18 & Hwy35Prairie du Chien, WI20+Rate It!
Richfield Truck StopHwy41 & Hwy167Richfield, WI80Rate It!
Western Shores Truck StopI-43 Ex 120Sheboygan, WI155 of 10
Sparta Travel CenterI-90/Hwy16 Ex 28Sparta, WI65Rate It!
Citgo Auto Travel PlazaI-94/Hwy20 Ex 333Sturtevant, WI40Rate It!

West Virginia (WV)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Jane Lew Truck StopI-79 Ex 105Jane Lew, WV7010 of 10