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These are the AMBEST truck stops in the TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ database. Looking for a truck stop? The TruckMaster® Fuel Finder™ truck stop locator allows you to find a truck stop by entering one or more cities, and it returns all the truck stops on the route, or within 100 airmiles of a single city. You may optionally sort results by your desired amenities, distance from origin, cost per gallon, etc.

Cost per gallon figures are based on payment in cash for ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) or equivalent. Click the hyperlink to view amenities, map, and reviews for the truck stop.

Alabama (AL)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Creek Travel PlazaI-65 Ex 54Atmore, AL 7 of 10
Jacks Truck StopI-65 Ex 304Cullman, AL Rate It!
Cusseta Travel PlazaI-85 Ex 70Cusseta, AL 1 of 10
Dodge City ShellI-65 Ex 299 (Hwy69)Hanceville, AL Rate It!
Brompton Valero 2690I-20 Ex 147Moody, AL Rate It!
Moody Valero #2700I-20 Ex 147Moody, AL Rate It!
Oasis Travel CenterI-10 Ex 53 (Hwy64)Robertsdale, AL 8 of 10

Arkansas (AR)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Hilltop Travel CenterI-540N Ex 24 (Hwy282)Alma, AR Rate It!
Hazen SuperstopI-40 Ex 193 (Hwy11)Hazen, AR Rate It!
JJs Truck StopI-30 Ex 106Malvern, AR Rate It!
Morgan Shell #1032I-40 Ex 142 (Hwy365)Maumelle, AR Rate It!
The I-40 Travel CenterI-40 Ex 35Ozark, AR Rate It!

Arizona (AZ)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Little America Travel CenterI-40 Ex 198Flagstaff, AZ Rate It!
Zip Travel CenterI-10 Ex 45Salome, AZ24Rate It!

California (CA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
E Z Trip Auto Truck StopI-5 Ex 253Buttonwillow, CA Rate It!
Lucky's Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 165Cisco Grove, CA30Rate It!
Gill Sidhu Chevron Truck StopI-80 Ex 67 (Pedrick RD N)Dixon, CA 3 of 10
E-Z TripHwy99 Ex 142 (Herndon)Fresno, CA2649 of 10
Vaca Valley Travel CenterI-505 Ex 1Vacaville, CA Rate It!
Joe's Travel Plaza III-5 Ex 441Westley, CA Rate It!

Colorado (CO)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Loco Travel StopI-70 Ex 19 (Hwy340)Fruita, CO Rate It!
Ports To Plains Travel PlazaUS50/US287Lamar, CO Rate It!

Delaware (DE)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Delaware Sunoco Plaza & CenterI-95 MM 2Newark, DE 1 of 10

Florida (FL)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Florida 595 Truck StopI-595 Ex 8Davie, FL 9 of 10
Johnson & Johnson #14 (Penn Oil)I-75 Ex 460 (SR6)Jasper, FL 8 of 10
Spirit Travel PlazaI-75 Ex 321Lake Panasoffkee, FL 9 of 10
Busy Bee #25I-10 Ex 283 (US129)Live Oak, FL 9 of 10
Johnson & Johnson #5I-10 Ex 258 (FL53)Madison, FL Rate It!
Sunoco #2572US17/Hwy100Palatka, FL Rate It!
Sunoco Palm Bay #2573I-95 Ex 173Palm Bay, FL 1 of 10

Georgia (GA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Commerce Travel CenterI-85 Ex 147 (Hwy98)Commerce, GA165Rate It!
Eatonton Travel CenterUS441Eatonton, GA92Rate It!
Patco Energy Express III-95 Ex 6Kingsland, GA Rate It!
Choo Choo Truck Wash PlazaI-75 Ex 345Ringgold, GA Rate It!
Sunshine Travel PlazaI-95 Ex 14 (Hwy25)Woodbine, GA100Rate It!

Iowa (IA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Center Point Travel PlazaI-380 Ex 35Center Point, IA 5 of 10
Taylor Quik PikI-29 Ex 75 (US30)Missouri Valley, IA Rate It!
A & E ConvenieceUSMuscatine, IA Rate It!

Idaho (ID)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Travelers' Oasis/ Garden of EdenI-84 Ex 182 (Hwy50)Eden, ID Rate It!

Illinois (IL)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Circle K #1251I-55E Ex 160bBloomington, IL Rate It!
Circle K #6799I-55 Ex 283Bridgeview, IL Rate It!
Auburn Travel CenterI-55 Ex 82 (Hwy104)Divernon, IL Rate It!
Circle K #6703 - MokenaI-80 Ex 145Mokena, IL Rate It!
Morton Travel CenterI-74 Ex 102 (N Morton Ave)Morton, IL41Rate It!
Super Pantry #14I-39 Ex 99 (Hwy38)Rochelle, IL Rate It!
Circle K #6716Hwy71/Hwy47Yorkville, IL Rate It!

Indiana (IN)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Fuel Mart #783I-65 Ex 34 (Hwy256)Austin, IN 5 of 10
FuelMasterI-70 Ex 137 (Hwy1)Cambridge City, IN Rate It!
Sunoco #2775 Henry Schricker PlzI-80W/I-90W Ex 90Elkhart, IN Rate It!
Sunoco #2774 George Craig PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 90Elkhart, IN Rate It!
Mac Food Mart - Goshen RoadHwy33Fort Wayne, IN Rate It!
Mac Food Mart- Wayne HavenUS930Fort Wayne, IN Rate It!
Hank's Truck StopHwy30/Hwy39Hanna, IN Rate It!
Super Pantry #18I-65 Ex 168 (Hwy38)Lafayette, IN Rate It!
Sunoco #2776 Wilbur Shaw PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 56Rolling Prairie, IN Rate It!
Sunoco #2777 Knute Rockne PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 56Rolling Prairie, IN Rate It!
Circle K #65 - TaylorsvilleI-65 Ex 76Taylorsville, IN Rate It!

Kansas (KS)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Fuel ExpressoI-35 Ex 155 (US75)Lebo, KS50Rate It!
Express Lane #20Hwy54Liberal, KS Rate It!
Newell Truck PlazaI-135 Ex 31 (Hwy50)Newton, KS Rate It!
J-J Oil #6I-70 Ex 70 (US83)Oakley, KS Rate It!
Fuel Expresso #17 - OttawaI-35 Ex 187 (Hwy68)Ottawa, KS Rate It!

Kentucky (KY)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Sudden Service #62I-65 Ex 6 (Hwy100)Franklin, KY Rate It!
Circle KHwy41Henderson, KY Rate It!
London Auto/Truck CenterI-75 Ex 41 (Hwy80)London, KY Rate It!

Louisiana (LA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Silver's Travel Center/CasinoI-10/Hwy328 Ex 109Breaux Bridge, LA505 of 10
Henderson Travel PlazaI-10 Ex 115Breaux Bridge, LA Rate It!
Frog City Travel PlazaI-10 Ex 87 (LA35/Hwy98)Rayne, LA Rate It!
Purple Cow #108I-10 Ex 261Slidell, LA Rate It!

Massachusetts (MA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Pride Travel CenterI-90 Ex 6 (I-291)Chicopee, MA 2 of 10

Maryland (MD)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Maryland House Service PlazaI-95 MM 82Aberdeen, MD541 of 10
AC & T Big Pool ExxonI-70 Ex 12Big Pool, MD Rate It!
AC & T Fuel CenterI-81 Ex 5bHagerstown, MD Rate It!
AC & T Sharpsburg Pike ExxonI-70 Ex 29Hagerstown, MD Rate It!
A C & T - Garland GrohI-81 Ex 7Hagerstown, MD Rate It!
Chesapeake House SunocoI-95N MM 97North East, MD1001 of 10

Maine (ME)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Fairfield Circle KI-95 Ex 132 (Hwy139)Fairfield, ME Rate It!
Irving Kittery BluecanoeI-95 Ex 2 (Rt1)Kittery, ME 9 of 10

Minnesota (MN)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Trucker's InnI-35 Ex 59 (Hwy21)Faribault, MN2002 of 10
Olsons Truck StopI-94 Ex 183Hasty, MN Rate It!
Trucker's InnI-94 Ex 127 (US71)Sauk Centre, MN200+Rate It!
Worthington Travel PlazaI-90 Ex 45Worthington, MN Rate It!

Missouri (MO)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Ayerco #35Hwy61 Ex 61Bowling Green, MO Rate It!
Shell Food MartI-35 Ex 54Cameron, MO Rate It!
Ayerco #32Hwy61 Ex pCanton, MO Rate It!
MidwestI-44 Ex 208 (Hwy19)Cuba, MO Rate It!
Pour Boy's #3I-435 Ex 55Kansas City, MO Rate It!
Lamarti's Truck StopUS71 & US160Lamar, MO 8 of 10
Signal Food Store #110UShwy60Mansfield, MO Rate It!
Signal food store MT ViewUShwy60Mountain View, MO Rate It!
Signal Food Store OzarkUS65 & HwyJOzark, MO Rate It!
Ayerco #44US36 & US24Palmyra, MO Rate It!
Prime Time Oasis Truck PlazaI-44 Ex 145 (Hwy133)Richland, MO Rate It!
Energy Express Travel CenterI-70 Ex 247Saint Louis, MO 7 of 10
Wiedmaier, Inc.I-29 Ex 44 (US169)St. Joseph, MO 1 of 10
Deerfield Travel CenterI-55 Ex 8Steele, MO Rate It!

Montana (MT)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Muralt's Travel PlazaI-90 Ex 96 (US93)Missoula, MT 3 of 10

North Carolina (NC)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Charlotte Travel PlazaI-77 Ex 16bCharlotte, NC Rate It!
Kings Mountain Truck PlazaI-85 Ex 5Kings Mountain, NC Rate It!

North Dakota (ND)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Simonson Travel CenterI-29 Ex 141 (Hwy2)Grand Forks, ND Rate It!

Nebraska (NE)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Pump & Pantry #35US183Alma, NE Rate It!
Pump and Pantry #14 - Broken BowUS2Broken Bow, NE Rate It!
Pump and Pantry #4 - CairoHwy2/Hwy11Cairo, NE Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #29Hwy30Central City, NE Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #48Hwy30Fremont, NE Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #34US20 & Hwy27Gordon, NE Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #15US30Grand Island, NE50Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #2US30/US281Grand Island, NE Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #24US6Hastings, NE50Rate It!
Pump and Pantry #23 - HoldregeUS6/Hwy183Holdrege, NE Rate It!
Shoemaker's Truck StationI-80 Ex 395Lincoln, NE 6 of 10
Shoemakers South T/SUS77Roca, NE Rate It!
Pump & Pantry #13Hwy281Saint Paul, NE Rate It!

New Jersey (NJ)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Walt Whitman Service PlazaI-95S MM 30Cherry Hill, NJ Rate It!
Molly Pitcher Service PlazaI-95S MM 71Cranbury, NJ Rate It!
Joyce Kilmer Service PlazaI-95N MM 78East Brunswick, NJ Rate It!
Woodrow Wilson Service PlazaI-95N MM 58Hamilton, NJ Rate It!
Richard Stockton Service PlazaI-95S MM 58Hamilton, NJ Rate It!
Sunoco Jamesburg #7704I-95 Ex 8aJamesburg, NJ Rate It!
Kings Mahwah Truck StopI-287 Ex 66Mahwah, NJ 5 of 10
James Cooper Service PlazaI-95N MM 39Mount Laurel, NJ Rate It!
John Fenwick Service PlazaI-95N MM 5Oldmans, NJ Rate It!
Clara Barton Service PlazaI-95S MM 5Oldmans, NJ Rate It!
Sunoco Palisades Park #7123US46/Abbott AvePalisades Park, NJ Rate It!
Vince Lombardi Service AreaI-95N MM 116 Or I-95S MM 115Ridgefield, NJ Rate It!
Alex Hamilton Service PlazaI-95S MM 111Secaucus, NJ Rate It!
Grover Cleveland Service AreaI-95N Ex 92Woodbridge, NJ 1 of 10
Thomas Edison Service PlazaI-95S MM 92Woodbridge, NJ Rate It!

New Mexico (NM)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Sky City Travel CenterI-40 Ex 102Acoma, NM Rate It!
San Felipe Travel CenterI-25 Ex 252Algodones, NM 4 of 10
Russell's Endee Truck & Travel CtrI-40 Ex 369Glenrio, NM Rate It!
Stripes 250 HobbsUS180/US62 & Hwy209Hobbs, NM 3 of 10
Stripes 236 TatumUS380 & Hwy206Tatum, NM Rate It!
Stripes 150 TexicoHwy84 & Hwy70Texico, NM Rate It!

Nevada (NV)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Golden Gate USA ParkwayI-80 Ex 32Mccarran, NV1003 of 10
Terribles Truck Stop-SearchlightUS95Searchlight, NV Rate It!

New York (NY)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Jim's Truck PlazaI-90 Ex 52eBuffalo, NY 6 of 10
Canaan Super StopI-90 Ex b3 (SR22)Canaan, NY 5 of 10
Fultonville Super StopI-90 Ex 28 (NYTP)Fultonville, NY 6 of 10
Sugar Creek Stores #167I-86 Ex 37 (Hwy53)Kanona, NY 1 of 10
7-11 Stores #35115I-90 Ex 42 (Hwy14)Phelps, NY Rate It!

Ohio (OH)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Middle Ridge Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 139Amherst, OH Rate It!
Vermilion Valley Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 139/139Amherst, OH Rate It!
Great Lakes Service PlazaI-80 MM 170Broadview Heights, OH Rate It!
Towpath Service PlazaI-80E MM 170Broadview Heights, OH Rate It!
Commodore Perry Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 100Clyde, OH Rate It!
Erie Island Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 100Clyde, OH Rate It!
Blue Heron Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 76Genoa, OH Rate It!
Wyandot Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 76Genoa, OH Rate It!
Brady's Leap Service PlazaI-80E/I-90E MM 197Mantua, OH Rate It!
Portage Service PlazaI-80W/I-90W MM 197Mantua, OH Rate It!
Mahoning Valley Service PlazaI-76W MM 237New Springfield, OH Rate It!
Glacier Hills Service PlazaI-76E MM 237New Springfield, OH Rate It!
Fuel Mart # 727I-70 Ex 193 (Hwy513)Quaker City, OH Rate It!
Circle K #5357US23 & Hwy316South Bloomfield, OH Rate It!
Fuel Mart #764I-70 Ex 66South Vienna, OH Rate It!
Tiffin River Service PlazaI-80-90E MM 21West Unity, OH Rate It!
Indian Meadow Service PlazaI-80-90W MM 21West Unity, OH Rate It!

Oklahoma (OK)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Big Cabin Truck PlazaI-44 Ex 283 (US69)Big Cabin, OK Rate It!
Cimarron Travel PlazaI-35 Ex 203 (Hwy15)Billings, OK 10 of 10
Choctaw Nation Broken Bow TravelUS259/US70Broken Bow, OK15Rate It!
Choctaw Travel Plaza #2US69 & US75Calera, OK100Rate It!
Hutch's C-Store #103I-40E Ex 34Elk City, OK Rate It!
Hutch's #119I-40 Ex 40Elk City, OK Rate It!
Hutch's #114Hwy81/Southgate RdEnid, OK 7 of 10
Choctaw Travel Plaza -GrantUS271 SGrant, OK40Rate It!
Wes-T-Go Travel Center #14US54Guymon, OK 2 of 10
Sooners CornerI-35 Ex 185 (Hwy77)Perry, OK Rate It!
Choctaw Travel Plaza - PoteauUS59/US271 & Hwy112Poteau, OK20Rate It!
Choctaw Travel PlazaUS69Stringtown, OK50Rate It!
Hutch's #118Hwy281/Hwy270Watonga, OK Rate It!
Hutch's #113US412/US270/US183Woodward, OK Rate It!

Oregon (OR)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Seven Feathers Truck & TravelI-5 Ex 99Canyonville, OR 10 of 10
Crater Lake Junctiin Travel CentHwy97/Hwy62Chiloquin, OR Rate It!
Eddie's Truck & Auto CenterUS20/US395Hines, OR50+Rate It!
Arrowhead Travel PlazaI-84 Ex 216Pendleton, OR Rate It!
Jubitz Travel CenterI-5 Ex 307Portland, OR Rate It!

Pennsylvania (PA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
North Midway Service PlazaI-76W MM 150Bedford, PA Rate It!
Blue Mountain Serv. Plaza #7081I-76W MM 203Blue Mountain, PA Rate It!
Bowmansville Service PlazaI-76E MM 290Bowmansville, PA Rate It!
Liberty Travel PlazaUS11/US15Duncannon, PA Rate It!
Martin's Trailside ExpressRt897 & Rt322East Earl, PA20Rate It!
Peter J. Camiel Service PlazaI-76W MM 305Elverson, PA Rate It!
Gouldsboro Travel PlazaI-380 Ex 13Gouldsboro, PA Rate It!
Lakewood Oil Co Truck StopI-84 Ex 20Greentown, PA Rate It!
Liberty Truck CenterI-81 Ex 217 (Hwy547)Harford, PA 7 of 10
Penn-Can Restaurant/Truck StopI-81 Ex 217 (Hwy547)Harford, PA 7 of 10
Highspire Service PlazaI-76E MM 250Highspire, PA Rate It!
Hickory Run Service PlazaI-476 MM 86Jim Thorpe, PA Rate It!
King of Prussia Service PlazaI-276W MM 328King Of Prussia, PA Rate It!
Mt Cobb Travel PlazaI-84 Ex 8Lake Ariel, PA Rate It!
Lawn Service Plaza #7091I-76W MM 259Lawn, PA Rate It!
South Midway Service PlazaI-76E MM 148Midway, PA Rate It!
Muncy Truck StopI-180 Ex 15Muncy, PA Rate It!
Gibson Travel PlazaI-81 Ex 219New Milford, PA Rate It!
New Stanton Service Plaza #7089I-76W MM 77.6New Stanton, PA Rate It!
Oakmont Plum Service PlazaI-76E MM 49Oakmont, PA Rate It!
Raceway Truck StopI-81 Ex 104Pine Grove, PA Rate It!
Cumberland Service Plaza #7082I-76E MM 219Plainfield, PA Rate It!
Lancaster Travel PlazaUS30/Lincoln HwyRonks, PA Rate It!
Sideling Hill Serv. Plaza #7080I-76 MM 172Sideling Hill, PA Rate It!
S. Summerset Service Plaza #7076I-70E/I-76 MM 112Somerset, PA Rate It!
N. Somerset Service Plaza #7077I-70W/I-76 MM 112Somerset, PA Rate It!
Promised Land Fuel StopI-84 Ex 26 (Hwy390)Tafton, PA Rate It!
Valley Forge Service PlazaI-76 MM 380Valley Forge, PA Rate It!
Allentown Service PlazaI-476N/I-476S MM 55/55Wescosville, PA Rate It!
Hickory Run Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 274 (Hwy534)White Haven, PA 5 of 10

South Carolina (SC)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
E-Z Shop #10US21 & US78Branchville, SC Rate It!
E-Z Shop #23US301/US601Cope, SC Rate It!
Sunoco Hardeeville #2656I-95 Ex 5 (Hwy17)Hardeeville, SC Rate It!
E-Z Shop Travel Center #27I-26 Ex 172a (US15)Harleyville, SC50Rate It!

South Dakota (SD)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Fuel Mart #645I-90 Ex 353Spencer, SD Rate It!

Tennessee (TN)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Weigel's Store 64I-75 Ex 122Clinton, TN Rate It!
Daily's Tri-Star Exp #6603I-65 Ex 97Goodlettsville, TN Rate It!
Daily's #8046I-24 Ex 31Joelton, TN Rate It!
Daily's #8087I-40 Ex 238 (Hwy231)Lebanon, TN Rate It!
Dailys #6604I-24/I-40 Ex 212Nashville, TN 1 of 10
Greenwave Service PlazaI-40 Ex 338Rockwood, TN Rate It!
Daily's Travel Center #6130I-24 Ex 70Smyrna, TN Rate It!

Texas (TX)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Top-18I-20 Ex 278Abilene, TX Rate It!
Stripes #281US385Andrews, TX Rate It!
Drivers Travel MartUS75 Ex 48Anna, TX Rate It!
Stripes #208US67Ballinger, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1062TX35 bayou drBay City, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2414US181Beeville, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2269US67Big Lake, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2290US281Blanco, TX Rate It!
Stripes #101US87/US190Brady, TX Rate It!
Stripes #114US277Bronte, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2191FM511Brownsville, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2473US377Brownwood, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2432US281Burnet, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2280US83Carrizo Springs, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2422US67Comanche, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2242I-69ETX107Combes, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2415I-35 Ex 68Cotulla, TX Rate It!
Stripes 2456 CueroUShwy183Cuero, TX Rate It!
Toot n Totum 104US87Dalhart, TX 10 of 10
Stripes #1060Hwy99Dayton, TX Rate It!
Stripes #210Hwy239Del Rio, TX Rate It!
Toot n Totum 107US287Dumas, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2484TX480Eagle Pass, TX Rate It!
Stripes #9125I-69C BYP281Edinburg, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2214Hwy107Edinburg, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2450US59El Campo, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2180Hwy281 & FM285Falfurrias, TX Rate It!
Stripes 2476 FalfurriasUShwy281Falfurrias, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2271I-10 Ex 257Fort Stockton, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2140US59/Hwy44 & Hwy16Freer, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2446US37 Ex 56George West, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2190 George WestI-37 Ex 56George West, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2264US380/US277Haskell, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2209Hwy16Hebbronville, TX Rate It!
Stripes #211Hwy60Hereford, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1054I-45Houston, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2286I-45 Ex 63Houston, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1042I-10 Ex 778aHouston, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1068US90 Sheldon RDHouston, TX Rate It!
Hitchin' Post Truck TerminalI-45 Ex 118 (Hwy75)Huntsville, TX Rate It!
Stripes 2417 Karnes CityUShwy181Karnes City, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2423US183Lampasas, TX Rate It!
Stripes 2409 LaredoCR1472Laredo, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1065US90Liberty, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2464TX71Llano, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2196US281Los Indios, TX Rate It!
Rip Griffin Travel CenterI-27 Ex 1c (50th Ave)Lubbock, TX110Rate It!
Trainer Hale Truck StopI-10 Ex 593Marion, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1526TX21/CR150Maxwell, TX Rate It!
Stripes #9131Mcallen, TX Rate It!
Stripes #122I-20 Ex 134Midland, TX Rate It!
Stripes #107I-20 Ex 138Midland, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2285I-20 Ex 138Midland, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2220I-2Mission, TX Rate It!
Stripes #82I-20 Ex 80Monahans, TX Rate It!
Stripes 2486 NixonUShwy87Nixon, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2458 - OdemUS77Odem, TX Rate It!
Stripes #105I-20 Ex 115 (Ranch Rd2227)Odessa, TX Rate It!
Stripes #104TX338Odessa, TX Rate It!
Stripes #9136US77/US83Olmito, TX Rate It!
Stripes #7134Hwy359 & 624Farm MarketOrange Grove, TX Rate It!
Circle Bar Truck CorralI-10 Ex 372Ozona, TX Rate It!
Stripes 2219 PalmviewUS83Palmview, TX Rate It!
Stripes 9111 Palmview2920wexpwy83Palmview, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2267I-20 Ex 42Pecos, TX Rate It!
Toot N Totum #100 - PerrytonHwy58/Main StPerryton, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2200US281/Cage Blvd & W Military HwyPharr, TX Rate It!
Stripes #9101UShwy83Pharr, TX Rate It!
Stripes #9142S Jackson Rd & W Dicker DRPharr, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2288US77Refugio, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2206US83Rio Grande City, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2437Alto BonitoUShwy83Rio Grande City, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2201US77Riviera, TX Rate It!
Stripes #119Hwy87San Angelo, TX Rate It!
Stripes #179Hwy67/Hwy277San Angelo, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2494I-10 Ex 550San Antonio, TX Rate It!
Stripes #9115US83/US77San Benito, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2434I-20 Ex 386Santo, TX Rate It!
Stripes #209I-20 Ex 156 (Hwy137)Stanton, TX Rate It!
Stripes #144US87Sterling City, TX Rate It!
Wes-T-Go Truck StopI-20 Ex 278Tye, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2266US190 Main StreetUvalde, TX Rate It!
Stripes #1005 VictoriaUS59 & Hwy185Victoria, TX Rate It!
Stripes #2448 WacoHwy6Woodway, TX Rate It!

Utah (UT)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Ernie's Truck PlazaI-15 Ex 112Beaver, UT 10 of 10
Circle C Top StopI-15 Ex 222Nephi, UT Rate It!
Bell's Silver Creek JunctionI-80 Ex 146 (Silver CReekRd)Park City, UT Rate It!
RJ's Fuel StopI-15 Ex 379 Or I-84 Ex 40Tremonton, UT Rate It!
Millers Travel CenterUS6 & US191Wellington, UT Rate It!
R Place Truckers PlazaI-80W/I-80E Ex 1/410Wendover, UT Rate It!

Virginia (VA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Davis Travel CenterI-95 Ex 33 (Hwy602)Stony Creek, VA 5 of 10
Big Charlies Truck PlazaI-64 Ex 282Virginia Beach, VA 8 of 10
Davis Travel Center #108I-85 Ex 39 (Old Stage Rd)Warfield, VA 7 of 10

Washington (WA)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Arlington Fuel StopI-5 Ex 208Arlington, WA Rate It!
George's Country Place TruckStopI-90 Ex 149George, WA 1 of 10
Ameristar Travel Plaza #120I-82 Ex 80Prosser, WA Rate It!
Ameristar Travel Plaza #101I-82 Ex 69Sunnyside, WA Rate It!
Petersons Diesel FuelingI-5 Ex 156Tukwila, WA Rate It!
Gearjammer Truck PlazaI-82 Ex 36 (US97)Union Gap, WA Rate It!

Wisconsin (WI)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Abbyland Truck StopHwy29 Ex 127Curtiss, WI Rate It!
GCS Lineville Shell Travel PlazaI-43 Ex 178Green Bay, WI10Rate It!
GCS Bay Beach ShellI-43 Ex 187Green Bay, WI Rate It!
North Point PlazaI-90 Ex 115Poynette, WI 7 of 10
Lloyd's Travel PlazaI-90 Ex 12West Salem, WI Rate It!

West Virginia (WV)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
A C & T Falling Waters ExonI-81 Ex 23Falling Waters, WV Rate It!

Wyoming (WY)

NameAddressCity, STPkSpRating
Little America Travel CenterI-25 Ex 9 (US30) Or I-80 Ex 358Cheyenne, WY 1 of 10
Eastgate Travel PlazaI-25 Ex 182Evansville, WY 9 of 10
Little America Fuel CenterI-80 Ex 68Little America, WY 10 of 10
I-80 Travel PlazaI-80 Ex 221 (Hwy76)Sinclair, WY75Rate It!